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Queen Califia….The Real Amazon

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Queen Califia (Calafia) is the name of A Legacy- A Myth and The Truth.

Queen Calafia-2She was large, and Black as the ace of clubs. But the prejudice of color did not then exist even among the most brazen-faced, or the most copper-headed. For, as you shall learn, she was reputed the most Beautiful of Women; and it was she, O California! who accomplished great deeds, she was valiant and courageous and ardent with a brave heart, and had ambitions to execute nobler actions than had been performed by any other ruler……Queen Califia.

Queen Califia was a Black Virgin Amazon Warrior associated with the mythical Island of California. See: Origin of the Name California.

The Amazons: Spirited Courage and Great Strength.

Queen CalifaThey had beautiful robust bodies, Spirited Courage and Great Strength. Their island was the most impregnable in the world with its cliffs and headlands and rocky coasts. Their weapons were all of gold, “…because in all the island there was no metal except gold.”  And there ruled over that island of California a queen of majestic proportions, more beautiful than all others, and in the very vigor of her womanhood. She was not Petite, nor Blond, nor Golden-haired.

See: Media Release (May 24, 2012)

The Legend of Queen Califia appears to date back to the novel Los Sergas de Esplandian (The Adventures of Esplandian), written around 1500 by the Spanish writer Garci Rodriguez de Montalvo:

He described the island in this passage:

“Know, that on the right hand of the Indies there is an island called California very close to the side of the Terrestrial Paradise; and it is peopled by black women, without any man among them, for they live in the manner of Amazons.”

Califia’s Life and Land, as described by Garci Rodriguez de Montalvo. To some extent, this document helped to precipitate the Spanish hunt for gold in North America. In fact, some thirty years later, 1536 when the explorer Hernán Cortés landed with his crew in what is known today as Baja, it is said that he announced to his men (of which 300 were of African descent) that they had arrived in Califia’s land.

Amerique Septentrionale


Sanson’s 1650 Map of California- until nearly the end of the 17th century [up to the Reconstruction Era] California was believed to be an Island.





Sanson’s showing North America (with California depicted as an island). Note: Sanson gave lessons in geography to both Kings, Louis XIII and Louis XIV.

The Room of the Dons

Room of the Dons (Nobels)-Queen Califa

By 1770, the entire Pacific coast controlled by Spain had been given the name California, and the Spanish-speaking people who lived there were called Californios. A portion of the original of this document was translated by Edward Everett Hale for The Antiquarian Society, and the story was printed in the Atlantic Monthly magazine in 1864. The best known depictions of Queen Califia are murals done by well-known artists.

One seven-foot high panel showing Califia as a Black woman with her Amazons in The Room of the Dons at the Mark Hopkins CalifiaIntercontinental Hotel in San Francisco, and was created for the opening of the hotel in 1926, by Maynard Dixon and Frank Von Sloun.
(Note: Don (Spanish origin) is a title reserved for Royalty.)

Another famous depiction, created by Louise Lloyd and entitled “The Naming of California”, can be seen in Sacramento in the Senate Rules Committee Hearing Chamber on the 4th floor of the State Building. Could Queen Califia’s legend possibly bear seeds of truth regarding her True  identity?

First image can be found here:

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One comment on “Queen Califia….The Real Amazon

  1. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    September 19, 2014


    [Regarding 23 and Me DNA testing (or any other Blood donation/samples]

    Do NOT Give Them Your DNA!

    Someone said, they need your DNA to trace your indigenous bloodline. Remember, they work by CONSENT. They know who everybody REALLY is. (Particularly those involved in their Black Budget Projects, like Oaktree.)

    So why the new interest, if they’ve been stealing all along? Because ALL CONTRACTS (agreements) ARE UP! However, they believe they can still leech off of you using your DNA which is changing.

    So-called “White” people, you too must not give them your DNA (blood sample). You are used as a connecting agent (conduit) for them. So you too must be weary and aware of their games.

    See videos 1 and 2 of Meta Gene Factor.

    Do Not Allow these “people” to have your consent for anything! They ARE using it for nefarious purposes. Do Not Register for anything, or sign anything! Because they Will use that consent (example, Library card) for other things. It will most often be listed as “sharing” inter-departmental information.

    Be Aware of their Games

    Video: Transmutation-The Meta Gene

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