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Unlawful Detainment and Kidnapping- U.N. Violations

On January 14, (thru Jan. 17) 2013 I was Kidnapped and Detainment by the Immigration Police and held at a Station in Grønland. They stated I over-stayed my “Visa”. These Immigration Police Officers then went to the U. S. Embassy in Oslo, and retrieved the document (U.S. Passport) that was returned (relinquished) to them in June 2011. (see video, Tellin on the Nazis of Norway)

Original documents (and reference material) I always keep with me, were stolen from my bag while I was being held Against My Will . With the removal of documents and Their possession of others (i.e. passport they retrieved from US Embassy in Oslo); the burden of proof, which lies upon you, becomes difficult to substantiate.

While there I was not given the proper care I requested, not allowed to make a phone call nor shower until just a couple of hours before I was to leave.

Detained at Grenland politistasjon
Postadresse : Postboks 47
3701 Skien
Besøksadresse : Myren 7, Skien
Telefon : 02800
35 90 64 00
Telefaks : 35 90 65 17
Nettsted :
E-post :
Engelsk navn : Grenland Police Station

From January 17 (thru 19), 2013 I was detained at The Norwegian Holding Center at Trandum (about 1 hour outside of Oslo near the Airport). At Trandum I was able to use the phones, but was told the phones (system) were not working properly, as to the reason I was not able to make contact with anyone outside.

January 24, 2013, Kidnapped Again by The police at the Immigration office at Christian Kroghs gt 32 ( I informed the officer, Morten Urdal Johnsen, I was making a SPECIAL APPEARANCE under the Title, Denderah Cherokee Washitaw Brothers El; he signed (and dated) my paperwork to which copies were provided on January 21st.  The officer then proceeded to try detain me under the fictitious name, Deondrea BROTHERS BOULANGE, (the name on the passport his office took from the U.S. Embassy in Oslo).

Officer Johnsen then proceeded to produce a paper written in Norwegian, and told me, Denderah Cherokee Washitaw Brothers El, he was taking me to Trandum to be deported to the USA. He and another officer proceeded to  physically move me into a side room, and took my belongings. He called other officers and they proceeded to physically move me out of the building into a waiting car and took me against my will to Trandum.

Evidence Produced: Although information was produced showing my stateless status (i.e. the relinquishing of the implied U.S. Citizenship, etc.), the Immigration agents were determined to make me say the passport they had in their possession was me. Later stated by an officer at Trandum,  “…something was Wrong with the passport and we can not deport you until it is “FIXED”. I was escorted out of their facility to a waiting Taxi Cab, which took me back to Oslo on January 24, 2013 at 6:00pm.

Regarding Trandum Offier’s statement, “there is something Wrong with the passport”.

Yes, there is:

1. It is NOT me, myself, or I, Denderah Cherokee Washitaw Brothers El. It, Deondrea BROTHERS BOULANGE, is an artificial fictitious vessel belonging to the U.S. Federal Government Corporation (and their International Partners). Which again, is NOT Me.

2. Any implied association (by using said instrument) was relinquished One (1) 1/2 years ago (June 2011). By returning their document to the U.S. Embassy in Oslo. Which has since expired as of December 2012.

considered alien by their terminology and I AM Foreign to their Jurisdiction.

Thus, I AM An Original, Indigenous, Autochthon BEing, commonly thought of as American Indian. However, this is not what we called ourselves. (See article: Six Nations, where congress (Joint House Resolution 331) gives thanks to us for helping them form their original thirteen colonies/ government.)

Press Release:

Extreme Coercive Charges:

1. Inhumane treatment at police station, Jan 15-17, 2013

2. Retrieving the (relinquished and implied US Citizenship) Passport from the U.S. Embassy in Oslo; an illegal Obstruction of Process.

3. Registering my bodily fingerprints under a fictitious character and Status; thus not complying with the orders of their Judge, Ingeborg Kristin Sunde. (To whom I made a Special Appearance on January 17, 2013, and provided evidence of my Stateless Status and Name Correction, Saksnr:13-010570ENE-OTIR/05)

4.Preventing (and delaying) phone calls at the police station, and the detention center.

5.  Immigration Police officer harassment* and extreme berating (he said, he would say I was crazy if I did not accept the passport; and told me he would make notes to “authorities” in other countries of such.)

*Special Note: This is not the first time I have been threatened by the Immigration Police. In January 2012, while trying to apply for asylum, I was told they would not accept me for asylum, and he (a different Officer) would take me to the border, where I would never be heard from again. (see video, Tell’in on the Nazis in Norway)

Due to the use of Extreme Coercive Measures, the UN need to be alerted of Treaty and Human Rights Violations by the Norwegian “Authorities”:

Human Rights Treaties Division (HRTD)(click for Website)

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)

Palais Wilson
52, rue des Pâquis
CH-1201 Geneva (Switzerland)

 *Note: Norway has signed treaties to protect Stateless Persons (1954) and Indigenous People (2007).

Further Information:

Convention on Statelessness (1954)

  • … For the Purpose of this Convention, the term “stateless person” means a person who is not considered as a national by any State under the operation of its law.
  • …Convention upholds the right to freedom of movement for stateless persons
    lawfully on the territory, and requires States to provide them with identity
    papers and travel documents.

  1. UN Convention of Statelessness (Pay particular attention to Pg 25 -35. These were recently added to stop the harassment of Stateless people by “authorities”.)
  2. Original document.

Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2007):

  • … collective rights of indigenous people, as well as their rights to culture, identity, language and other issues.
  • Articles 1–40 include state obligations to protect or fulfil those rights
  1. Frequently asked Questions on the Rights of Indigenous People,


Universal Law of  Creation
Universal recognition of the inalienable right to self-determination


As an Indigenous Original BEing I cannot be considered a constitutionalist, patriot or any other name associated with/to the Europeans that came and settled in America. Their constitution does not apply to me, nor my kind, the Original Autochthon Indigenous People of the Land. These concepts of land (and humanity) ownership were established by men whose concepts, beliefs and practices are vastly different from our indigenous ways. 

Therefore, I, Denderah-Cherokee-Washitaw-Brothers:El (Muir), do not (will not) fulfil the obligations of the corporate fictitious character, Deondrea BROTHERS BOULANGE. Any implied association, with said entity, was relinquished to the U.S. Embassy in Oslo with the return of their Passport in June 2011; and further with the written, announced and published Affidavits of December 2011.

So It Is-Denderah-Cherokee-Washitaw-Brothers:El (Muir)

Declared, January 2013

OVERstand and Innerstand this!
A stateless person is someone who is “not considered as a national by any state under the operation of its law”

*The causes of statelessness around the world are numerous. In most cases, there is an underlying issue of discrimination – usually on the basis of race or ethnicity

*Two factors are of particular importance:  Is the nationality in question acquired automatically, or through some form of registration;– If nationality is acquired automatically, then the person is a national regardless of documentation status.-THIS IS KEY: If registration is required then the person is not a national until that has been completed.

*The United States, which was not an original signatory to the 1954 Convention on the Status of Stateless Persons (However, Norway is an original signatory (bound by signed agreement) to that Treaty), the United States is one of a small number of countries which will allow its “citizens” to renounce their citizenship even if they do not hold any other.

Propaganda Is Key

The key to any successful infiltration is through the use of misinformation, propaganda, lies; as well as with the help of the general public.

During the time of the  Nazi Occupation, Norway’s own citizens assisted the SS in many of their activities to disenfranchise their fellow country men. These same tactics are used today with the aid of  University Students (see comment section below), Professors, Civil service workers and shop keepers. However today they are suited with new technologies, and government compliance, through the formation of new agencies such as the Schengen Act/Agreement. This agreement among European countries, is a tracking and information sharing system of “goods and property”. It is exclusively managed by law enforcement which information is channeled.

For further reading on how this is being misused for nefarious purposes see attached links in the source section at the end of this report.

In relation to the above, this information comes from U.S. Department of State website, it states:

Regional Human Rights Court DecisionsThere are no barriers to access to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) by citizens. During the year through October, the ECHR found for the government in its two cases involving the country. In 2009 the ECHR issued one judgment against the state which found the country had violated the right to respect for private and family life as provided under the European Convention on Human Rights. The government complied with the ECHR judgment by paying the damages assessed.

Civil Judicial Procedures and Remedies

There is an independent and impartial judiciary in civil matters that can adjudicate cases involving human rights violations.

f. Arbitrary Interference with Privacy, Family, Home, or Correspondence

The constitution and law prohibit such actions, and the government generally respected these prohibitions in practice.

Section 2 Respect for Civil Liberties, Including:

a. Freedom of Speech and Press

The constitution and law provide for freedom of speech and of the press, and the government generally respected these rights in practice. An independent press, an effective judiciary, and a functioning democratic political system combined to ensure freedom of speech and of the press.

The law prohibits “discriminatory or hateful expressions,” defined as “threatening or insulting anyone, or inciting hatred or persecution of or contempt for anyone because of his or her: a) skin color or national or ethnic origin, b) religion or life stance, or c) homosexuality, lifestyle, or orientation.” Violators are subject to a fine or imprisonment not to exceed three years. There were no reported charges or convictions for violating the hate speech law during the year.

Internet Freedom

There were no government restrictions on access to the Internet or reports that the government monitored e-mail or Internet chat rooms or attempted to collect personally identifiable information. Individuals and groups could engage in the peaceful expression of views via the Internet, including by e-mail. As of the second quarter of the year, according to Statistics Norway, approximately 90 percent of households had Internet access, and 81percent of the population used the Internet daily.

Academic Freedom and Cultural Events

There were no government restrictions on academic freedom or cultural events.

b. Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Association

The constitution and law provide for freedom of assembly and association, and the government generally respected these rights in practice.

c. Freedom of Religion

For a complete description of religious freedom, see the 2010 International Religious Freedom Report at

d. Freedom of Movement, Internally Displaced Persons, Protection of Refugees, and Stateless Persons

The law provides for freedom of movement within the country, foreign travel, emigration, and repatriation, and the government generally respected these rights in practice. The government cooperated with the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and other humanitarian organizations in providing protection and assistance to refugees, asylum seekers, stateless persons, and other persons of concern.

The law prohibits forced exile, and the government did not employ it.

Protection of Refugees

The law provides for the granting of asylum or refugee status, and the government established a system for providing protection to refugees.

The country is party to the Dublin II regulation, which allows the government to return refugees and asylum seekers to the first country they entered that is also a party to the regulation. As of October the country returned 255 refugees and asylum seekers to Greece, which is a Dublin II regulation country, only on a case-by-case basis. Following a written request by the ECHR in October, the Immigration Appeals Board issued a press release, stating that it would suspend the deportation of asylum seekers to Greece under the Dublin II regulation until the ECHR ruled on the issue in a pending case involving another European country.

In practice the government provided protection against the expulsion or return of refugees to countries where their lives or freedom would be threatened on account of their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. The government granted refugee status or asylum and accepted refugees for resettlement. NGOs expressed concern, however, regarding the government’s increasing tendency to return persons to areas the UNHCR deemed unsafe, against UNHCR advice. The media reported that, as of the second quarter of the year, authorities had returned 207 refugees to Greece, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka, reportedly against UNHCR advice. The government responded that it met regularly with the UNHCR and followed most guidelines, but it reviewed each case individually and, following careful research, in some instances did not follow UNHCR advice.

According to the Norwegian Directorate for Immigration (UDI), the government also provided temporary protection to individuals who might not qualify as refugees and provided it to 2,060 persons.

Stateless Persons

According to UNHCR statistics, there were 2,860 stateless persons in the country as of the end of 2009.

Citizenship is derived from one’s parents; children born in the country do not automatically become citizens. According to government authorities, 95 percent of stateless persons in the country were of Palestinian origin.

Others are mostly from the Baltic countries, where there are unresolved nationality issues for some residents. The law authorizes revocation of Norwegian citizenship granted on the basis of false identity information.

Since the law requires applicants for Norwegian citizenship to renounce their original citizenship, revoking Norwegian citizenship can result in statelessness if the person’s original citizenship is not reinstated.

The government effectively implemented laws and policies to provide stateless persons the opportunity to gain nationality on a nondiscriminatory basis.

[It should be noted the above has no bearing on me. As an Indigenous (Autochthon) BEing, you can never be citizen of a Nation/State/Government.]

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  3. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    November 28, 2014

    Press Release -Public Notice -Public Record

    “Well, you know We (Norwegians) believe the Vikings were Indians from America”. —Norwegian Bus Driver (Nov. 24, 2014)

    Read the backstory:Eire, Erie……Sherie Irie!

    You are all hereby Deputized as Public Notaries

    Definition: deputize To temporarily act or speak on behalf of someone else. See About page.

    Please advise/ inform your community of the actions transcribed in the Press Release; this will ensure the record IS recorded and filed in the Public domain (by the Public itself) and not beholden to the former Private Bar Guild to act on our behalf.

    All Matters Pertaining to and relating to the aforementioned Press Release are for PUBLIC NOTICE- PUBLIC AWARENESS AND FILING.

    I AM, Sovereign Crown Denderah-Cherokee-Washitaw-Brothers: EL, Creator, God, ELOHIM
    [So It Is]

    History of Notaries, excerpt:
    The history of notaries is set out in detail in Chapter 1 of Brooke’s Notary (13th edition)

    The office of a public notary is a public office. It has a long and distinguished history. The office has its origin in the civil institutions of ancient Rome. Public officials, called scribae, that is to say, scribes, rose in rank from being mere recorders of facts and judicial proceedings, copiers and transcribers to a learned profession prominent in private and public affairs. Some were permanent officials attached to the Senate and courts of law whose duties were to record public proceedings, transcribe state papers, supply magistrates with legal forms, and register the decrees and judgments of magistrates.

    Traditionally, notaries recorded matters of judicial importance as well as private transactions or events where an officially authenticated record or a document drawn up with professional skill or knowledge was required.

    What are Civil law notary, Notary Public.

  4. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    January 29, 2015

    Norwegians Trillion-Dollar Oil Problem just got Deeper. Norway Ordered to Stop Drilling!

    Northern Lands (formerly Oslo, Norway) – January 21, 2015

  5. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    January 29, 2015


    Indigenous Land Owner Repossess Norway

    Northern Lands (formerly Oslo, Norway)– January 26, 2015

  6. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    February 13, 2015

    Norwegian Government Shutdown-February 13,2015 (Pdf)


    Northern Lands – February 13, 2015

    FINAL DECISION: All courts of law, government offices and legal structures administered by the Norwegian Government cease operations. Must Be Shared.

  7. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    February 18, 2015

    New Roles for Norwegians-16Feb15 (Pdf)


    Northern Lands – February 16, 2015

    Sovereign Crown Denderah, issued new roles for the Norwegians to follow for continued land use.

    Northern Lands – February 20, 2015 – From Beginningless Time

    “You must remove yourself from their concept of “Time”, that is a Trap.
    Their cycle (Time) is over!”

  8. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    April 4, 2015

    Thank you whomever has viewed this article today.
    On March 26 thru March 30 I was kidnapped by the Norwegian Police who were trying to (once again) align me with the artifical (ALL CAPS) person, which is the state property passport.

    [Note: I was held and moved all through the use false documents. They created a passport under the fraudulent ALL CAPS character, l heard them say photoshop and passport. The officers involved were from Gronland Police station, Immigration and Trandum. They were working in tandem for the Schengen agreement, which is in part a commerce (goods) based agreement. So do they break their own laws. Because I am worth a lot, and so are You!]

    During the time I was being held (hidden and moved) I was grabbed and thrown (Knocking my back out of place and lying on the floor unable to move for about 28 Hours.) I was assulted, grabbed and beaten by these “people”. In one incident, one of the male Schengen (agreement) agent told the two women agents to leave.Once gone he kneed my stomach repeatedly by bracing himsellf between two head rest, lifting himself up and raming his knee into my stomach over and over and over trying to force my back to bend into the car seat, while the other male agent held my arms.

    They took me by plane to JFK, and left me there at 1:00AM
    . No phone, no money, and I dont know anyone here. An officer at JFK was nice enoght to make some suggestions that got me a safe ride into the city, but once here I still had no place to go.

    Why would they do this?
    Because I AM the Origibal Land Owner of ALL Lands, A Global Empire. As I said before, if one of Us is Free from their system We Can Stop Them!

    *Two factors of particular importance: Is the nationality in question acquired automatically, or through some form of registration;– If nationality is acquired automatically, then the person is a national regardless of documentation status.-

    THIS IS KEY: If registration is required then the person is not a national until that has been completed.

    In other words, certain people can NEVER be a national or citizen because they existed before the construct of nations, states and were the grantors that gave foreigners permission to establish colonies (Trading post, Commerce).

    If you are Free you can stop them! They rely on your agreements and participation in their system.

  9. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    May 7, 2015

    “…whether created from moisture of womb, magic , or machine I deem them Free from any implied ownership.”


  10. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    May 10, 2015

    Ports are trade agreements for moving cargo, vessels and products from one port to another. Passports (pass, enter the port (shipment) for commerce) is your agreed participation to be used, shared and exchanged. A vessel.

    Quickly get up to speed, so you can get away from them!

    We (The People) Don’t Need YOU!

  11. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 4, 2015

    Announced: JFK Told to Remove Structural Damage…NY & NJ Port Authority
    Block their frequencies. THEY KNOW THE TRUE PURPOSE OF THAT STRUCTURE. Today the security prevented me from seeing the management team at Terminal 1, John F. Kennedy Airport. Delivering vendor notifications, public view of announcements, meet with Terminal 1 management group.

    Please Refer to Announcements listed in the Press Release-Public Notice – Public Record

    Questions to demand of THEM:
    Is there a sovereign heir on the land?
    Yes, Sovereign Crown Denderah Cherokee Washitaw Brothers EL (ELOHIM)

    Did the sovereign heir reclaim the land they are currently using?
    Yes, through Postliminium (announced, Nov.1, 2014-Beginningless Time), The Return of All Power and Authority to Sovereign Authority, Sovereign Crown Denderah (announced May 21 (End Time ) – Beginningless Time) the Official Order Terminate All Functions Held by Port Authority of New York & New Jersey.

    DId the sovereign establish Law?
    Yes, The RESURRECTION and reestablishment of Divine Law, The Law of MA’AT (announced September 11, 2014 from Beginningless Time)

    Did the soveregn give them permission to use the property? Or has a new agreement been issued? No

    Therefore, they have no right to use her property, and no rights to Any Land.

    Definition Land

    The term ‘land’ includes all physical elements in the wealth of a nation bestowed by nature; such as climate, environment, fields, forests, minerals, mountains, lakes, streams, seas, and animals. As an asset, it inludes anything (1) onthe ground, (such as , buildings, crops, fences, trees, water), (2) above the ground (air and space rights), and (3) under the ground (mineral rights) down to th enter of the Earth.


    See articles:
    I AM The Authorty of ALL PORTS
    Take A Stand…Its Your Land
    No Inheritable Blood

    You are all hereby Deputized as Public Notaries

    Definition: deputize To temporarily act or speak on behalf of someone else. See About page.

    Please advise/ inform your community of the actions transcribed in the Press Release; this will ensure the record IS recorded and filed in the Public domain (by the Public itself) and not beholden to the former Private Bar Guild, or their agents to act on our behalf.

    All Matters Pertaining to and relating to the aforementioned Press Release are for PUBLIC NOTICE- PUBLIC AWARENESS AND FILING.

    I AM, Sovereign Crown Denderah-Cherokee-Washitaw-Brothers: EL, Creator, God, ELOHIM
    [So It Is, Thus thus]

    Port of Authority NY & NJ, did you know they manage and their headquaters is located at the World Trade Center?
    Things that make you say, GET THE FUCK OUT!
    Their Time is Over. (I have been at JFK Airport for over 2 months, they (both Port of Authorty and the All Terminal management groups) know who I AM and information has been in public view (announced) at Starbucks in the food area.)

    Send them the announcements listed in the Press Release after April 25 End Time, as well as the newly annonced June 1 (End Time).

  12. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 8, 2015

    Compassion the New name of the Game

    When asked, “Do you want to buy (purchase) something?” Tell them , “No, I want it for free.”

  13. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 12, 2015

    The dollar has already collapsed. Their system is operating on auto-pilot.

    You must claim yourSELF, and create your own Sovereign Community (see, CEASE and DESIST). Everything is Free and has been reclaimed, you just have to act on it.

    (image: the fare box on the bus illustrates that, the dollar is crossed out, and the coins show no amount on them, and the image is very, very, very light.

    Tell the driver, “Can I get a ride to…” He is oblige to say yes. Why?Because you own your communities, you just haven’t Stood-Up yet!

  14. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    September 9, 2015

    I Declare FREEDOM!

    I won’t let you down.
    I will not give you up.
    Got to have some Faith in the Sound, it’s the one good thing that I got!

    Their Rules are for another Person, Everyone’s got themselves.
    I don’t belong to you, and you don’t belong to me!

    Jamaica Hospital Medical Center
    Held me under a false identity and refuse to correct their records to be in compliance with their states (U.N.) court orders which illustrate I AM not a part of their Jurisdiction, I AM Sovereign, I AM Indigenous and I AM Stateless. See: Joint Commission

    All We have to do is take these Lies (History) and make them True (Expose).
    That’s What YOU Get!

  15. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    October 10, 2015

    “The Universe operates off laws. It is the violations and absence of law on this Planet that has allowed these things to happen. People must be reinstructed on universal law, and remove themselves from this lawless system.”

  16. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    October 12, 2015

    While I was being held Against My Will at Jamaica Hospital, I was asked who was my next of kin, not emergency contact but next of kin. It was clear they knew what I was saying was true and were attempting to circumvent a way to prevent it.

    Public Record – Public Notice:
    “I, Denderah Cherokee Washitaw Brothers El (or any other misnomer used by governments), do not have a next of kin. Thus, anyone claiming to be my family (Facebook, any other social media or document), should be avoided. Only those who are Indigenous, Stateless, and a Non-Person do I claim as family. All others are agents for the State and Citizens.”

    This movie shows how the Indians were conquered through Religion (and discord).

    Set in 1634 New France (North America) during the period of conflicts known as the Beaver Wars, the film begins in the settlement that will one day become Quebec City. Jesuit (Church/ State) Missionaries try to encourage the local Algonquin Indians to accept Christianity by using deception and conflict with other tribes.

    400 years later their tactics have changed very little. They use the same methods to conquer- Religion, Entertainment, Education and Medicine.

    Raise Your Frequency and all Spirits will work with you to Re-establish Justice.

  17. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    October 30, 2015

    Movie: Thank God It’s Friday
    “A movie that shows how truly splendid man can be when he is Free and Natural.”

    Find those that are like you vibrationally. Live together, support one another.
    This is the mass culling because They can’t take your frequency.

  18. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    November 22, 2015


    Whether you vote for something, or against it. Your action of voting means you are in agreement. They do not want you to know you consent to your own mistreatment.

    See Related Article for details:

  19. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    December 25, 2015

    (Chart) Is it Really about taxes? In an attempt to combat the increasing U.S. renunciation, the State Department has raised their fee from $450.00 to $2,350.00!

    The Fraud, the Birth Certificate

    Collapse The Trust-Nobody Can Be You

  20. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    February 24, 2016

    IMPORTANT: Stand Up Heirs to the Land (hidden inside other peoples families)

    I have been conducting a fact-finding weekend into how the governments (States) usurped the land from the original land owners. l discovered many of their agents married into the family of the land owners and stole the land through agreements. An example is the state-issued name on the Birth Certificate. The birth NAME is an agreed-upon lie by people working on behalf of the State to help them claim land. Your physical body is also property. Like a Title Loan the all caps YOU is the collateral borrowed against for State Operations. Your particpation is required for them to take the land and you through your State ID (Passport, Driver’s License, Social Security number).

    Do NOT Vote —Stay Out of Their System!

    You may have to separate from family members that have agreements with Governments.Family members will work against you for personal gain, benefits and profits. Just because you were raised with/or by someone does not mean they are your family and are like you. It has to do with the heart vibration.

    We Stood-Up!
    I need your help to get the below document out, with the first few pages of the U.S. Embassy (Norway) Affidavit Dec. 22, 2011 found at American Relinquish IMPLIED U.S. Citizenship to Save Lives to all court houses and tell them TO FILE. They will give it a miscellaneous file number in their court records. The complete document was also hand delivered to the United Nations Indigenous Issues Dept on April 20, 2015.

    Help Us To Stand Together

    Send it to all county court houses by Fax, Email, Certified Mail, or Return Receipt. Especially those small impoverished southern towns like Dillon County, Scotsland County, Marion County, Mullins County in South Carolina and North Carolina.

    stateless document return land to The People

    Take A Stand…Its Your Land

    All Constitutions Are Trust!

    You are not alone anymore


  21. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 24, 2016


    Worldwide Announcement: Landmass formerly known as the United States, is offically called Morena, Sovereign Land.

    The People of the Land Morena renounced their United States citizenship and stayed on Sovereign’s Land. Read more:

  22. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 30, 2016

    Thank you all for standing by me.

    On June 27, 2016 [End Time] the above press releases were given to the City Clerks office to file. It is noted on their website they serve as the historian to the community and their history goes back to the 11th century (1200’s). So It was equally as important these documents get filed there.

    Initially I was told maybe it should go to another department. But I knew from the information on their website it was the right place as it pre-dates current history. In the end I left with stamped copies and they had theirs in hand as I walked out the door.

    Next I met with the Recorder of Deeds, and spoke to their supervisor. She read over the Affidavit of Fact and assisted in getting it immediately in their records as Public Notice.

    The documents consisted of the Affidavit of Fact, the first page of the Affidavit of Truth from June 27, 2011, and the above Press Releases. So it is in their system and is Informed Consent.

    I will update this information to the Press Release- Public Notice-Public Record. Thank you all for your help in getting this information out and to the general public. .

    The People of the Land, Morena. Borderless, Countryless, Stateless. A Land of Sovereign Communities.

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