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The Lesson of Sweep Clean

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Do you know of this forgetful and sorrowful grass?
The ancient people passed it down;
if anyone ate this grass by mistake,
their memories will be reduced.
Why is that?
It is because very long time ago in far away country, there is a monk with serious memory loss.
After this monk passed away,
around his grave grew an inconceivable grass.
It is the forgetful and sorrowful grass.
Therefore, if anyone ate this forgetful and sorrowful grass,
their memory loss will increase.
The source of this legend came from a disciple of the Buddha,
his name is Śuddhipanthaka.
This time, we will tell a story about Śuddhipanthaka.
The Two Brothers of Panthaka and the Lesson of Sweep Clean
More than 2,600 years ago,
at the Śrāvastī City of kingdom Kauśala in India,
there lived two brothers.
The big brother’s name is Mahāpanthaka.
His memory is especially great.
When he was younger, he was called as a great learner.
He would be at his home to accept many students to pass down the knowledge.
But his little brother, Śuddhipanthaka,
his memory is especially low.
Whenever he does anything, it always end up in failure
and always became a subject for everyone to laugh at.
Everything in the world is created from
metal, wood, water, fire and earth.
These five elements are combined together to create.
The first element is metal.
Metal is not cold or hot
and have a fixed form.
Next, the second element is wood.
Wood will change when contact with hot and doesn’t have a fixed form.
No, no, don’t go there, stop!
Yes, big brother!
What are you doing down there?
I want to save it.
It’s very pitiful.
Saving who?
Saving this earth worm!
If it comes into contact with the sunlight, you will die, go quickly!
You are truly not suitable to study,
go to another place to play!
If you are here, you will obstruct others.
I won’t obstruct others.
Just if you are here than you will obstruct others.
I also want to have knowledge and be great like you, big brother!
Don’t say anymore!
Quickly go to another place,
you temporary can’t come back here.
Next, the third element is water.
Water is neither cold nor hot.
I also want to have knowledge and to be great like my big brother.
You say it can’t be?
There is no other ways I can be like my big brother right?
If so, then I can be less than my big brother a little, would that be okay?
Big brother!
It’s dark already.
Let’s go home!
About the matter a moment ago, I’m sorry.
I said many harsh words.
Said many harsh words, what words?
You forgot about it already!
What a waste of time and energy!
A waste of time and energy!
Before our dad passed away,
he told me to take care of you.
Looks like our father guessed right about what will happened later.
Our father predicted right?
At that time, the Buddha came to Jeta Grove Vihāra, located near Śrāvastī.
There were many people that came to take refuge and become his disciples.
Due to the advice of friends, Mahāpanthaka also went to go listen to the Dharma.
After that, he made a resolve to become a disciple of the Buddha.
I also want to go.
You stay here!
I also want to go and become a disciple of the person called…
Dharma of the Buddha is very hard.
You won’t have any ways to fathom it.
I don’t care, I also want to go.
Cultivation is very strict and tough.
In my view, you won’t have any ways to accomplish it.
Even if I can’t accomplish it, I still want to go.
Be as you want!
So, I’ll be whatever I want.
Because of the last words of his father, Mahāpanthaka has no other ways.
He must bring along his little brother to Jeta Grove Vihāra.
World Honored One! I am Mahāpanthaka.
This is my little brother, Śuddhipanthaka.
Quickly, bow down!
Please allow me, Mahāpanthaka,
and also my little brother, Śuddhipanthaka,
to become your disciples.
Would it be possible?
World Honored One!
The big brother is super smart
but he has a little stupid brother
that everyone in the city all know.
That little brother,
I think we should better to refuse in order gets rid of troubles.
Yes, World Honored One!
We are, as human, can’t possibly just look at their outside.
Yes, World Honored One! But…
In my Dharma it never select any subjects.
It always will open a door for everyone.
I allow you two to leave home.
Thank you!
It hurts!
Let’s wait and see!
And so, the two brothers of Panthaka together become disciples of the Buddha and diligently practice every day.
The cultivation of the big brother, Mahāpanthaka, advances in great step.
But on the other hand, the cultivation of little brother, Śuddhipanthaka, was super slow.
As disciples of the Buddha, one must follow 250 precepts,
but Śuddhipanthaka, can’t even remember one!
Start from the beginning, listen carefully!
No killing animal!
No stealing!
No lying!
Quickly and say it!
I’ll remind you, animal, animal!
Uh… uh… animal!
Animal is lovely!
This can’t be done!
What are you saying, venerable?
You want to expel my little brother?
If he is here,
we will become a laughable subject for everyone.
That’s right!
Saying so right!
Later, it will also affect the image of the Buddha.
I’m begging all of you!
At least let’s wait until the next meeting.
Would that be okay?
Wait until the next meeting?
After that! Then what?
Until then, I will report the cultivation progress of my little brother.
His cultivation progress?
That’s impossible!
If there are no other ways,
I will expel him myself.
Please wait until that day,
I’m begging all of you!
Guard the speech, mindful the mind, and the action not violate.
Not to create any afflictions for living beings.
Non-beneficial ascetic practices should stay far away.
Cultivator like this can skillfully save the world.
At the next meeting,
you recite this verse for everyone to listen.
Uh, me?
If you recite this verse, everyone will acknowledge your cultivation.
I don’t know if I can do it or not!
If you can’t remember, you cannot stay here anymore.
Until then, I will expel you.
Let me try, let me try!
So, you read after me.
First is,
guard the speech, mindful the mind, and the action not violate.
The word first is just extra!
The word first is just extra!
Pay attention and read follow me.
Guard the speech, mindful the mind, and the action not violate.
Guard the speech…
guard the speech…
guard the speech…
mindful the mind, and the action…
Not violate!
Not violate!
You forgot again!
Think it quickly!
Guard the speech, mindful the mind, and the action not violate.
Not to create any afflictions for living beings
Non-beneficial ascetic practices should stay far away
Cultivator like this can skillfully save the world
From morning till now, I was listening to it all the time.
Unexpectedly, I remembered without knowing it.
You are so good!
You are truly a talented person.
No, no, no, I’m not a talented person.
Venerable, please don’t make fun of me.
Oh my heavens!
As promised, now I will report the cultivation progress of my little brother.
He will recite the verse that the Buddha often taught.
Recite it!
Bee, fly somewhere else!
I forgot it!
His cultivation progress is very shocking, isn’t it?
That’s right!
Right, right, right!
You idiot!
Big brother!
I cannot forgive you anymore.
I cannot let a foolish one like you to stay here.
Now, you can go where ever you want,
go, you go for me…
Am I foolish?
Am I stupid?
Please tell me,
please tell me,
What are you sad about?
World Honored One!
Let’s tell it to me!
I… I was expelled by my big brother and is not allowed to stay here.
Also, I cannot go home and don’t have any place to go.
If there is no place go,
then let’s come to my place.
Come to your place?
What’s the matter?
Are you not my disciple?
But my big brother said that I’m very dumb and I cannot become your disciple.
How do you feel?
Do you feel that you are very dumb?
My big brother said so.
Everyone also said so.
I’m like an idiot!
When you have such feelings,
then you are not a dumb person anymore.
The one who discovered they are dumb,
they by themselves are not dumb anymore.
Come here.
Now, let’s start from the point where you can remember.
You just recite, “sweep clean”,
that would be enough!
Let me try!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
From now on,
you take this broom and clean the vihāra.
Recite it every day while you are sweeping.
Thus, you won’t forget it.
Yes, I know!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
He’s still here?
It seems that the Buddha allowed him to stay.
What a waste of time and energy!
Right, saying so right!
You sweep and endure much of hardships!
Endure much of hardships!
Endure much of hardships!
There are still some leaves over there!
Also there are some over here!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Every day, Śuddhipanthaka never stop sweeping the Jeta Grove Vihāra.
Besides, in his mouth, he always recite the words of what the Buddha taught.
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Finally the broom of Śuddhipanthaka got dirty.
Lots of grass falling off like this!
I’d just tap several times and already a lots of dust would fall off!
It’s really dirty!
So dirty like my body!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
My body is very dirty
but my mind is even dirtier.
I understand now!
The Buddha told me to sweep the dust inside the mind,
sweep the dirt in the mind.
I had understood!
I had understood!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
Sweep clean!
In the east side of the Jeta Grove Vihāra has a vihāra for Bhikṣuṇīs to dwell.
Every day the Buddha tells a good disciple to give a Dharma lecture for them.
World Honored One!
Today, you will tell who to come to the east side vihāra?
Let Śuddhipanthaka go there!
That cannot be!
World Honored One!
I think my little brother won’t able to do it.
No, I won’t able to do it.
The Bhikṣuṇīs will laugh to death.
No, no, they will be angry!
That’s right!
You can do it!
You certainly can do it!
Don’t be like others,
just say for fun.
You have your own skills.
Relax your body and mind!
Whatever you think, you speak it naturally.
Do you get it?
Let me try!
You come with Śuddhipanthaka.
I really don’t know what they are up to!
Finally they have come!
Who is behind Ānanda?
That is Śuddhipanthaka, isn’t it?
That is the Bhikṣu with memory loss!
Why has he come here?
Do you know why?
Holding a broom in his hand,
he must be doing the cleaning for us.
Today, Śuddhipanthaka will give a Dharma lecture of the Buddha.
Why is that?
This is the one the Buddha assigned.
Please be silent and respectfully listen to the lecture.
Truly hateful,
don’t know what the Buddha is thinking!
This really looks down on us!
That’s right, must be it!
Don’t worry everyone!
Later I will certainly ask this matter with the Buddha.
The more I look at this person, the dirtier he gets.
Saying so right!
My body is very dirty
but my mind is even dirtier.
The Buddha gave me this broom
and told me to recite “sweep clean” while sweeping.
About this, I did it.
Everyday I never stop to recite while sweeping.
Until one day,
I saw my broom worn out.
Suddenly I discovered,
what is dust?
What is dirt?
It is the dust inside my mind.
It is the dirt inside my mind.
My mind is full of desire,
full of aversion.
The thing that the Buddha told me to sweep,
it is the dirty dust inside my mind,
desire disappeared for me,
hatred stays off of me,
and aversion went away immediately.
I just keep sweeping.
Every day I never failed to take my broom to sweep.
But no matter how much I swept,
I can’t clean them all
and the dust just keep flying up everywhere.
The dirty dust inside my mind also is like that, flying up everywhere.
So, what should I do?
Should I forget to sweep the dust and clean the dirt?
No, not correct.
Even though the dirty dust is not swept all, I still must sweep.
Because I haven’t swept all, so I need to keep sweeping.
I… I just can do that,
just about that much.
His words are so moving!
The Dharma lecture of Śuddhipanthaka was printed deeply into the heart of Bhikṣuṇīs.
Everyone was so happy and bursted into tears.
Śuddhipanthaka has attained awakening from the words “sweep clean.”
This is very great.
The power of human has its limit;
therefore one must rely on the wisdom of the Buddha for guidance and to save.
Yes, World Honored One!
Thank you!
All disciples also must pay attention.
Awakening to the Way, it is not necessary to learn so much.
Even with only a sentence,
if one can properly understand its deep meaning,
one still can walk on the Proper Way.
It is like the situation of Śuddhipanthaka.
It is because having met Śuddhipanthaka,
therefore I can have a chance to use different method than average people to teach the truth for him.
Thank you, World Honored One!
Everyone has a road to walk.
Isn’t that right?
World Honored One! I’m sorry!
Our thinking was wrong.
We were wrong!
Little brother!
I was wrong!
Please forgive your big brother for many things I did before.
Big brother!
And so, Śuddhipanthaka was recognized and respected by disciples of the Buddha,
but the people in the city still laugh at him as a dumb person.
One day, the king of this country requests the Sangha of the Buddha to come into the palace for offering.
You are Śuddhipanthaka, aren’t you?
This is not the place you can come.
By what rights those guards to say so.
No problem, I don’t mind.
Say what?
You want to scare them?
Why must do that?
Today I’m very delight that the Buddha has come.
World Honored One and venerable ones, please let’s eat!
Great King!
I have a disciple that still has not come yet.
Now, he’s outside of the gate.
This is so impolite.
Chief of guard!
Is this true?
No, Your Majesty!
Outside, there is no one that look like a disciple of the Buddha.
Now he’s in the forest outside of the gate.
That’s impossible!
So impolite!
The Buddha said so,
why don’t you hurry to go there and check?
Yes, Your Majesty!
Chief of guard!
Must we really find Śuddhipanthaka?
Are you kidding?
If you saw him, order him to go away,
then come back and tell the king
that there is no one in the forest.
What this kind of person is he?
I’m Śuddhipanthaka.
I’m also Śuddhipanthaka.
I’m also Śuddhipanthaka.
I’m also Śuddhipanthaka.
I’m too.
I’m too.
There are many disciples of the Buddha in the forest,
but all of them look alike.
All of them look alike?
Don’t know which kind of sage from where?
Everyone seem very confused, right?
How can that be, World Honored One?
I will tell you a method.
You ask his name
and the first person in there answered,
it is him.
Your name is…
My name is Śuddhipanthaka.
Venerable… you are Śuddhipanthaka.
Please forgive for my impolite behavior moment ago!
This way, please!
From that day on,
all the people in the kingdom, no one would laugh at Śuddhipanthaka anymore.
Later, the two brothers of Panthaka diligently practice together.
Even more, the name of the two brothers is still to be heard forever later.


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