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Beneath the Pyramids of Giza “Campbell’s Tomb”


Clan Campbell motto, Ne obliviscaris (‘Never forget’)


 This information  relates directly to you.  It is your higher SELF which understands the mechanism behind it all….
ALL you need to know is this….All those ancient scripts that talk about a downtrodden people, that will be exalted to the highest level in the last days are talking about YOU. It has to do with America, and the Real First People.

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Isn’t it strange how things just come together. I find myself saying that a lot lately, I mean A LOT!

Here’s why:

imagesI have always worked in Midtown (Manhattan). Although I would occasionally venture to Wall Street as I worked primarily (in those days) with investment banking firms…DLJ, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, Deutche Bank, and many other private banking institutions.

Campbells-Apt-764x1024The Campbell Apartment is located near all NYC subways, NJ Trains and Commuter Buses.

I am not sure how I discovered Campbell’s Apartment (located in Grand Central Station), but it was one of a few places that was nice to go to afterwork. Normally, I would read paperwork and relax as it was very quite, secluded, and not too busy. People came there with colleagues, or to impress a client; however most would simply go there for a brief cocktail before commuting out of the city.

CampbellAptI however would read, in the dim light, and relax. No one would ever bothered you there; it wasn’t that sort of place. So I fully enjoyed the little hideaway.

But, there was one time, only one time, that a man, sat down adjacent to me and said the strangest thing. Well,  strange because I thought it was a dumb line (if that was his intention). He said, “I bet you I can guess your age?” I put down my paper and turned to see a middle-age white male, and after a while of observing him (I thought he was crazy), I dryly said, “Okay.”

[I should add, I have always looked young. More than merely young for your age, as the saying goes.]

I thought I would play along, my paperwork was getting boring and I was going to leave soon. Anyway, do you know what he said?! HE CAME VERY CLOSE TO IT! I mean extremely close.  And if that wasn’t strange enough, the next thing he said took the cake! He said, “And you will never look more beautiful”.

And with that, he stood up and walked away. I sat there confused. Thinking, “What the hell is that suppose to mean?”

I never thought about Campbell’s Apartment apart from a place to occasionally go afterwork. That is until now….
Grand Central Station-NYC
click to see video of images inside Campbell’s Apartment and Grand Central Station. 

News clip-City of the World's First Queen

Hidden Underneath the Sands of Giza,  Underground Passages, Subways, Tunnels, Burial Chambers and a secret Egyptian city.

The above news clipping from 1935, notes the discovery of subway tunnels leading  into treasure chambers. However, these chambers were noticeably absent of treasure.  To discover why we must look back 100 years to uncover what had taken place in Egypt, and England for that matter.

In Egypt, on December 29, 1835, Colonel Richard Howard Vyse, an officers of Her “Majesty’s” Army and had become well-known as an antiquarian (later called archaeologists).

Archaeologist were becoming famous during this period, reading papers to distinguished societies, receiving public accolades, and notability receiving appointments by the Queen.

It is not known whether Vyse went to Egypt with fame in mind or a duty to her “Majesty”, but once there he was  caught by the fever of daily discoveries by many scholars, and laymen of treasures, mummies and tombs. The fever for discoveries were at such a pitch you could liken it to the Gold Rush in America, which took place interestingly around the same period.

But in Egypt, and perhaps in America too, there were stories, legends and theories being shared about hidden chambers inside the Great Pyramid.

Within days of his arrival, Vyse offered to fund, Giovanni Battista Caviglia’s dig, who had been searching for a hidden chamber inside the Great Pyramid, if he would accept Vyse as a co-discoverer. Caviglia immediately rejected his offer and Vyse left Egypt for Beirut in February 1836, only to return in October the same year, even more determined to make a discovery.

During his earlier visit, Vyse had befriended a copper mill superintendent,  J. R. Hill, known for his crafty dealings; and lead Vyse to someone who could find him a Firman (a concession decree) for Egyptian government giving him sole excavation rights at Giza.

With this, Vyse went to the British Consul Col. Campbell (later created/appointed, not original), for the necessary documentation. To his unfortunate discovery , the Firman gave the British Consul Campbell and Sloane as the co-permitees, and designated Caviglia as the works’ supervisor.

Outlined by Vyse in  Operations Carried on at the Pyramids of Gizeh in 1837, he supposedly paid Caviglia 200 dollars on November 2, 1836, his first subscription, and left Giza for a sightseeing tour.

When Vyse returned to Giza on January 24, 1837, he was outraged to find Caviglia and his workmen busy digging up mummies from tombs around the pyramids. Vyse’s fury subsided only when Caviglia asserted he had something important to show him, writing by the pyramids’ builders!

Questioning Marks:

The excavations at the tombs showed that the ancient masons sometimes marked the pre-cut stones with red paint, and such markings, Caviglia proclaimed, was found at the base of the Second Pyramid. However, when examined later, the “red paint” was said to be natural discolorations in the stone.

However, Caviglia did discover “air channels” leading from the “King’s Chamber,” and he was convinced there were secret chambers higher up, reachable via a (crawl space) crawlway. 

King's Chamber-fig143

Although,  Caviglia and Col. Campbell were more interested in finding mummies (which was what every museum wanted), Vyse demanded work be concentrated there. Vyse notes in his journal that Caviglia had even gone so far as to name a large tomb he found “Campbell’s Tomb”.

The Naming of a Tombcampbell-apartment nyc(Campbell’s Apartment, NYC)

It should be noted, names are never spoken nor given haphazardly by those of secret societies. The same is true for the construction of monuments and buildings; which are given considerable thought to detail, aligned geometrically, to evoke spirit.

Hence, naming something which it is not Suppose to BE, is never done for extreme circumstances will undoubtedly ensue.

campbellstombvyse1(Campbell’s Tomb, Egypt)

Noted by Dr. Selim Hassan in the 1935 news article , “It is called Campbell’s Tomb, on Masonic and Rosicrucian planscampbellstombvyse and that shaft complex ended in a spacious room, in the centre of which was another shaft that descended to a roomy court flanked with seven side chambers”.

The knowledge of the mystery schools was strengthened by a series of remarkable discoveries in 1935 that provided proof of
additional passageways and chambers interlacing the area below the Pyramids. The Giza complex showed major elements of being a purposely built, uniting structure with the Sphinx, the Great Pyramid and the Temple of the Solar-men directly related to each other, above and below the ground.

campbell-apartment05The walls are beautifully sculpted with scenes, inscriptions and emblems of particularly the lotus flower.” (Speaking of Campbell’s Tomb. Image from Campbell’s Apartment). “The descriptions of alabaster vessels and the emblematic lotus flower have remarkable parallels with what was found in the temple-workshop on the summit of Mt Sinai/Horeb by Sir William Petrie in 1904“. —Dr. Selim Hassan, wrote an extensive report which was published in 1944, under the title Excavations at Giza (10 Volumes). 

There were additional underground rooms, chambers, temples and hallways discovered, some with vertical circular stone support columns, and others with wall carvings of delicate figures of goddesses clothed in beautiful apparel. Dr Selim Hassan’s report described other magnificently carved figures and many beautifully colored friezes.  Author and Researcher, Rosicrucian H. Spencer Lewis recorded that he was “deeply impressed” with the images. It is not known where the rare specimens of art and relics are today, but some were rumored to have been smuggled out of Egypt by private collectors.

Arguments, Questionable Markings, Strange Behavior…smells like a Treasure to me!

After the discovery of Campbell’s Tomb, Vyse was determined to run his own show and  moved from Cairo to the site of the pyramids. “I naturally [italic mine] wished to make some discoveries before I returned to England,” he admitted in his journal on January 27, 1837.

In the following weeks, the rift between Caviglia and Vyse widened, with Vyse making various accusations of Caviglia. Then, on February 11, the two had a violent argument. On the 12th, Caviglia made major discoveries in Campbell’s Tomb: a sarcophagus inscribed with hieroglyphs and masons’ red-paint markings on the stone walls of the tomb.

On the 13th, Vyse discharged Caviglia and ordered him away from the site. 

Caviglia returned only once, on the 15th, to pick up his belongings. For years to follow, he made “dishonorable accusations” against Vyse. Why?

Vyse own journal list Caviglia as the discover of Campbell’s Tomb, although Vyse is later credited with it. But perhaps the real issue has to do with the actions that followed.

Vyse secretly entered the Great Pyramid on the night of February 12, accompanied by John Perringan engineer with the Egyptian Public Works Department and dabbler in Egyptologywhom Vyse met through (the crafty) Mr. Hill. The two examined an intriguing crevice that had developed in a granite block above Davison’s Chamber; when a reed was pushed in, it went through unbent; there was obviously space beyond that point.

What schemes did the two concoct during that secret night visit?

We can only guess from future events. The facts are that Vyse dismissed Caviglia the next morning and put Perring on his payroll. In his journal, Vyse confided: “I am determined to carry on the excavations above the roof of (Davison’s) Chamber, where I expect to find a sepulchral apartment.”

Vyse put more men and money behind the search, while royalty and other dignitaries came to inspect the finds at Campbell’s Tomb. Vyse ordered his men to bore into the shoulder of the Sphinx, hoping to find its masons’ markings. Unsuccessful, he refocused his attention on the Hidden Chamber.

By mid-March, Vyse faced a new problem: other projects were luring away his workmen. He doubled their pay, if only they would work day and night: time, he realized, was running out. In desperation, Vyse threw caution to the winds, and ordered the use of explosives to blast his way through the stones that blocked his progress.

By March 27, the workmen managed to cut a small hole through the granite slabs. Thereafter, Vyse discharged the foreman and on the following day, Vyse wrote, “I inserted a candle at the end of a rod through a small hole that had been made in the chamber above Davison’s, and I had the mortification of finding that it was a chamber of construction like that below it.” He had found the Hidden Chamber!

King's Chamber-fig144

Using gunpowder to enlarge the hole, Vyse entered the newly discovered chamber on March 30accompanied by Mr. Hill. They

both examined it thoroughly. It was hermetically sealed (definition below), with no opening whatsoever. Its floor consisted of the rough side of the large granite slabs that formed the ceiling of Davison’s Chamber below.

Hermetically Sealed“A black sediment was equally distributed all over the floor, showing each footstep.” (The nature of this black powder, which was “accumulated to some depth,” has never been ascertained.) “The ceiling was beautifully polished and had the finest joints.”

Vyse attest, The chamber, it was clear, had never been entered before; yet it contained neither sarcophagus nor treasure. It was barecompletely empty.”

Vyse ordered the hole enlarged, and sent a message to the British Consul announcing that he had (by way of orders) named the new compartment “Wellington’s Chamber.”

In the evening, “Mr. Perring and Mr. Mash having arrived, we went into Wellington’s Chamber and took various measurements, and in doing so we found the quarry marks.”

What a sudden stroke of luck

They were similar to the red-painted quarry marks found in tombs outside the pyramid. Somehow, Vyse and Hill missed them entirely when they thoroughly inspected the chamber by themselves. But joined by Mr. Perring and by Mr. Masha civil engineer who was present at Perring’s invitationthere were four witnesses to the unique discovery.

The fact that Wellington’s Chamber was almost identical to Davison’s led Vyse to suspect that there was yet another chamber above it. For no given reason Vyse dismissed on April 4 the remaining foreman. On April 14, the British Consul and the Austrian Consul General visited the site. They requested that copies be made of the masons’ markings. Vyse put Perring and Mash to workbut instructed them to copy first the earlier-discovered markings in Campbell’s tomb; the unique ones inside the Great Pyramid could somehow wait.

With liberal use of gunpowder, the compartment above Wellington’s (Vyse named it after Lord Nelson) was broken into on April 25. It was as empty as the others (or so they say…), its floor also covered with the mysterious black dust. Vyse reported that he found “several quarry marks inscribed in red upon the blocks, particularly on the west side.”

All along, Mr. Hill was going in and out of the newly found chambers. On the 27th Mr. Hillnot Perring or Mashcopied the quarry marks. Vyse reproduced the ones from Nelson’s Chamber (though not the ones from Wellington’s) in his book.

On May 7, the way was blasted through into one more chamber above Nelson’s, which Vyse named temporarily after Lady Arbuthnot.

Interestingly, his journal entry makes no mention of any quarry marks, although they were later found there in profusion. What was striking about the new markings was that they included cartoucheswhich could only mean royal namesin profusion.

On May 18, a Dr. Walni “applied for copies of the characters found in the Great Pyramid, in order to send them to Mr. Rosellini,” an Egyptologist who had specialized in the decipherment of royal names. Vyse turned the request down outrightly.

The next day, in the company of Lord Arbuthnot, Mr. Brethel and Mr. Raven, Vyse entered Lady Arbuthnot’s Chamber and the four “compared Mr. Hill’s drawings with the quarry marks in the Great Pyramid; and “we afterward signed an attestation to their accuracy.” Soon thereafter, the final vaulted chamber was broken into, and more mark-ingsincluding a royal cartouchewere found.” Vyse then proceeded to Cairo and submitted the authenticated copies of the writings on the stones to the British Embassy, for official forwarding to London.

The Authenticity of the ‘quarry-marks’

As one might almost expect, these inscriptions have become a point of contention, as it was been claimed that they contain spelling errors from a well known book on hieroglyphics that Col. Vyse was known to have had with him when he made the discoveries. Other findings by Col. Vyse have also been questioned over their authenticity, and therefore possibly discredit him. It was also suggested by the grandson of Humphries Brewer, the master mason who was engaged by Vsye to blow his way into the pyramid, and who was witness to the cartouches being painted. He objected, and was expelled from the site for disagreeing with the action. (Ref: Sitchin, Stairway to Heaven, Table  146 a,b, page. 301)

Discovering a PharaohPharaoh, Those to Come

The impact of Vyse’s discoveries was great, and his acceptance assured, after he managed to quickly obtain a confirmation from the experts of the British Museum in London.

When the facsimiles made by Mr. Hill reached the Museum (when exactly their analysis reached Vyse, is not clear); but he made the Museum’s opinion (by the hand of its hieroglyphics expert Samuel Birch) part of his chronicle of May 27, 1837.

On the face of it, the long analysis confirmed Vyse’s expectations: the names in the cartouches could be read as Khufu or variations thereof: just as Herodotus had written, Cheops was the builder of the Great Pyramid.

But in the excitement which followed, little attention was paid to the many if’s and but’s in the Museum’s opinion. It also contained the clue that tipped us off to the forgery: the forger’s clumsy mistake.

To begin with, Mr. Birch was uneasy about the orthography and script of the many markings. He writes:

“The symbols or hieroglpyhs traced in red by the sculptor, or mason, upon the stones in the chambers of the Great Pyramid are apparently quarry marks,” he observed in his opening paragraph; the qualification at once followed: “Although not very legible, owing to their having been written in semi-hieratic or linear-hieroglyphic characters, they possess points of considerable interest… . ”

What puzzled Mr. Birch was that markings presumably from the beginning of the Fourth Dynasty were made in a script that started to appear only centuries later. Originating as pictographs—”written pictures”—the writing of hieroglyphic symbols required great skill and long training; so, in time, in commercial transactions, a more quickly written and simpler, more linear script referred to as hieratic came into use. The hieroglyphic symbols discovered by Vyse thus belonged to another period.

They were also very indistinct and Mr. Birch had great difficulty in reading them:
“The meaning of the hieroglyphics following the prenomen in the same linear hand as the cartouche, is not very obvious… . The symbols following the name are very indistinct.”
Many of them looked to him “written in characters very nearly hieratic”—from an even much later period than the semi-hieratic characters. Some of the symbols were very unusual, never seen in any other inscription in Egypt:

“The cartouche of Suphis” (Cheops), he wrote, “is followed by a hieroglyphic to which it would be difficult to find a parallel.”

Other symbols were “equally difficult to solution”. Mr. Birch was also puzzled by “a curious sequence of symbols” in the upper-most, vaulted chamber (named by Vyse “Campbell’s Chamber”). There, the hieroglyphic symbol for “good, gracious” was used as a numeral—a usage never discovered before or since. Those unusually written numerals were assumed to mean “eighteenth year” (of Khufu’s reign).

 No less puzzling to him were the symbols which followed the royal cartouche and which were “in the same linear hand as the cartouche.” He assumed that they spelled out a royal title, such as “Mighty in Upper and Lower Egypt.” The only similarity that he could find to this row of symbols was that of “a title that appears on the coffin of the queen of Amasis” of the Saitic period. He saw no need to stress that the Pharaoh Amasis had reigned in the sixth century B.C.—more than 2,000 years after Khufu!

Whoever daubed the red-paint markings reported by Vyse had thus employed a writing method (linear), scripts (semi-hieratic and hieratic) and titles from various periods—but none from the time of Khufu, and all from later periods. Their writer was also not too literate: many of his hieroglyphs were either unclear, incomplete, out of place, erroneously employed or completely unknown.

Turning to the main issue on which he was requested to give an opinion—the identity of the Pharaoh named in the inscriptions—Birch threw a bombshell: there were two, and not just one, royal names within the pyramid!

Was it possible that two kings had built the same pyramid? And if so, who were they?

The Giza Cover up – What they don’t want you to know

Also see: Secrets of Grand Central, Hidden Passageways and Tunnels.

Egyptology has been polarized into two primary Camps, Modern Day Camp and the Oral Tradition Camp.

The Orthodox camp follows the standard version of history
 that claims the Great Pyramid was utilized as a tomb by Khufu. Yet, no one has ever found any signs of a non-intrusive burial within any pyramid. The only sign that the Great Pyramid was even related to Khufu is a glyph in an upper chamber that was most likely forged by Perring. They view the entire subterranean section as a mistake. They believe the 1,200 square foot subterranean chamber was unfinished and left abandoned. They acknowledge that the “Queen’s chamber” has nothing to do with any Queen, and The granite box of the so called “King’s chamber” had no lid.

Modern-day Camp: Physicists and engineers view the Great Pyramid as a machine.
They show physical evidence to reinforce their claim:

  • The shape has been shown to have dramatic energizing effects. An example
    being water does not freeze at – 40° C. within a pyramid structure.
  • The King‘s chamber has been expanded and the granite ceiling beams are
    fractured due to some type of massive internal explosion.
  • The granite coffer has changed from pink to brown due to high temperatures.
  • The granite coffer and many remnants around the Giza plateau had been
    machined with some type of triple axis mill, an advanced machine.
  • Acoustic engineers are demonstrating that the King‘s chamber and the coffer
    are actually tuned to resonate at a specific frequency – 440Hz.2,3,10
  • The Queen‘s chamber had an inch of salt encrustation on the walls and ceiling
    possibly due to a chemical reactions within the room.

Alternate Camp: Indigenous Teachers, engineers, physicists, mathematicians,
and architects.The oral indigenous teachings state:

  • The pyramids were never intended as tombs.
  • The pyramids are some type of sonic machines.
  • The pyramids were in existence long before the time of the Pharaohs.
  • Dynastic Egyptians merely lived in the presence of the pyramids just as we do today.

Did these buildings actually come from an earlier time of a more
advanced civilization?

And yet there is a Third “Subcamp”, which may explain Vyse’s behavior:
The so-called Mystery schools: (Masons, Rosicruscians, Templars, etc.)

view the building (and its chambers) as a sonic initiation machine that leads to
higher knowledge.

Beneath the Sphinx: Who Were They?

thus is!

The Egyptians called  “The First Times”, a mysterious group of “gods” that appeared to initiate the survivors in the rudiments of civilization.

From Thoth and Osiris in Egypt, to Quetzacoatal and Viracocha in the Americas, traditions worldwide subscribe the origins of civilization to an evolved group, which evidence from around the world, indicates these people were the HEIRS; survivors of previous civilizations.


Here is what modern society would have us believe to be the meaning of the these words. 

Heir: A person who inherits or is entitled by law or by the terms of a will to inherit the estate of another. 2. A person who succeeds or is in line to succeed.

Hier: shortened for hieroglyphics; but also Hierarchy, a system in which members of an organization or society are ranked according to relative status or authority.

And to a lesser degree these “meanings” are correct.

But could the Scientific meaning be closer to the truth?
(courtesy of Wikipedia) 

High Energy Ionizing Radiation High energy (inner-chi) physics, a branch of physics dealing with subatomic particles and ionizing radiation.

Ionizing Radiation, radiation composed of particles that individually carry enough kinetic energy to liberate an electron from an atom or molecule, ionizing it.  An acceleration of charged particles by the electromagnetic fields produced by natural processes, from lightning to supernova explosions.

Particle physics is a branch of physics which studies the nature of particles that are the constituents of what is usually referred to as matter. Particles are excitations of quantum fields, and interact following their dynamics.

Although the word “particle” can be used in reference to many objects (e.g. a proton, a gas particle, or even household dust), the term “particle physics” usually refers to the study of the fundamental objects of the universe.

Fields that must be defined (in order to explain the observed particles); which cannot be defined.

The Language of the Shining Ones

Careful scientific examination of the world’s key pyramid sites, reveal them to be sophisticated harmonic structures, not only mirroring positions of the planets and stellar systems but, designed to mimic the chakras and harmonic cavities of the human body. Even each stone within the Great Pyramid is harmonically tuned to a specific frequency or musical tone. The sarcophagus in the centre of the Great Pyramid is tuned to the frequency of the human heart beat.

Experiments, conducted by Dr. Hurtak and colleagues at the Great Pyramid (and other sites in the South Americas), demonstrate the pyramids to be voice-activated.

Intoning specific ancient sounds, the scientific team produced visible standing waves of light, above and within the pyramids and were even able to penetrate, hitherto, inaccessible chambers. Subsequent discoveries indicate the ancient priest-scientists employed some sort of harmonic sound technology within the temple structures.

The lost Enochian knowledge reveals the mother tongue as a “language of Light”.  It is the primal seed language, introduced at the beginning of this time cycle. Modern research confirms, the most ancient form Hebrew to be a natural language, the alphabetic forms emerging from the phosphene flare patterns of the brain. The same shapes, in fact, born of a spinning vortex.

Encoding the natural waveform geometries of the physical world, is a harmonic language, mimicking the waveform properties of light. The “keys” Enoch speaks of, turn out to be sound keys, keys to be vibratory matrix of reality itself, the mythic “Power of the World”. The Enochian knowledge describes sonic equations, encoded within the ancient mantras and god names, capable of directly affect the nervous system and producing profound effect of healing and higher consciousness states.

As the ancient texts declare, “If you would speak with the gods you must first learn the language of the gods.”

The ancient cabalistic “Tree Of Life” is now coming to be viewed as a live vibrating structure, rather than a fixed tape recording. Many modern scientists, regard DNA as a shimmering, waveform configuration, able to be modified by light, radiation, magnetic fields or sonic pulses. The legacy of Thoth/Enoch suggests this “language of Light”, the harmonic science of the ancients, actually affect DNA.

We, are born with an instinctive knowledge of Everything. It is in your Bloodline (Lineage). It is the keys, the (DNA) spiral within your genetic make-up which unlocks the gateway to the stars.

We all are starting to Remember

IMPORTANT Press Release:

The landmass and all its regions are now called Northern Lands, a sovereign (non-state) under the authority of Indigenous Land Owner, Ancient Royalty Sovereign Crown Denderah.

Email / Fax  Press Release to Media outlets, Newspapers, Companies, Websites to update the regions listings.

*Norwegians Evacuation and Removal Announcement
– February 25, 2015

Northern Lands Sovereign Crown Denderah Issues EditFebruary 20, 2015

A Compass Change for Norway: New role for Norwegians February 16, 2015

*Norwegian Government ShutdownFebruary 13, 2015

Indigenous Land Owner Repossess Norway –January 26, 2015

Norway Ordered to Stop Drilling January 21, 2015

Norway loses $860 Billion Sovereign Wealth Fund to
Indigenous Land Owner
November 13, 2015

Norway Forfeits All Lands and All Resources November 07, 2014

Nazi Experiments leads to Decolonization of Norway October 30, 2014

Decolonization Declared (video)October 23, 2014

The Final Sol-Evolution* 
The United Nations and Decolonization (Notice)
A Clear Call for Separation (Pdf)

[See Comment Section for further details]

Use the below material as your guide to innerSTAND ALL, and ALL Which Needs To Be Done.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth: Read it in a relaxed state, walking or still. It is Rhythmic, and its flow will naturally manifest from within you. You WILL be able to manifest a rhythmic poem so keep a pen and paper handy, or just scribble it into the margins.

Sidenote, I wrote a poem after reading only the first few pages. I never wrote a poem before (I did write a Buddhist stanza once). The poem I wrote had to do with, it seems, what I was working on at the time; the article, The Germ that infected the World. The poem which manifest was:

Looking, seeking, to be
What he is not
A Heart that Beats,
Not With The Rhythm of a Clock

Simplistic, yes. And that is the way it should be. You are in fact using your magic. You should use this in all your interactions. The words matters not, it is the intention behind them that counts. This ancient element has been used against you; indoctrinating you to use it against yourself. Now Change it, Now Flip it. Now use it to free one SELF!

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth (Pdf)

This information comes from a person describing himself as Doreal of the “White Lodge”. What is evident is it does not come from him, nor did he “discover” it. Some elements within has been changed to conceal its true meaning, don’t worry, your inner wisdom with guide you and you will just know. For example when it says, Ancient Atlantis it means LeMuria. And when it says Light it really means Dark, however there are times when Light means illumination, but again you will just know. The last part, XIV Supplementary and XV Secrets of Secrets, were added later. In any event, the information should be looked upon as your own, and a small piece of ancient wisdom left behind for you!

See: Make Your Own Ark…Merkabah!


Beneath the Pyramids of Giza, Heirs on the Stone “Campbell’s Tomb”


Photos and Drawing of the Chambers from Guardian’s Giza, Edgar Brothers, and GPG-RA:

Tony Bushby: The Secret in the Bible (PDF)
Tony Bushby – The Secret in the Bible

More on Campbell’s Apartment, Grand Central Station
( and The N.Y.S. Department of Commerce)

Helmsley Building with MetLife-ny_central

John Williams Campbell was, as his wife once said, “a showman.”  [ in more ways than one.]

Born in Brooklyn, Campbell never attended college.  Instead, in 1898 at the age of 18, he entered his father’s firm, the Credit Clearing House.  Little by little he worked his way up until by the 1920s he was president of the company and was appointed to the board of the New York Central Railroad.

Campbell rented the space to be closer to the hub of the New York Central Railroad (Cornelius Vanderbilt’s train empire), of which he was a major stockholder.

History of the Clearing House:
A historical perspective is helpful for understanding the economics of clearinghouses and the implications of their operations for financial stability. The first important clearinghouse in the United States, the New York Clearing House, was founded by New York City’s commercial banks in 1853 to streamline the clearing and settling of checks. By one account, before the New York Clearing House was set up, the clearing and settlement process involved employees from 60 banks crisscrossing each other’s paths through the city streets to present checks, a time-consuming process filled with “confusion, disputes and unavoidable blunders.”
The establishment of the clearinghouse improved the situation almost immediately, resulting in significant savings in time, effort, and financial costs. By the late 19th century, check clearinghouses had been established across the United States.

The Pan Am Building, before the name was changed to Met Life


Grand Central Station Pan Am Building HistoryIn 1958, the joint owners of the area located between the Grand Central Terminal and the New York Central Building – the New York Central Railways and the New Haven Railways – decided to develop the area. Emery Roth & Sons were chosen as the architects for the Grand Central City as the project was called. Their first plan, which would not have blocked the view on Park Avenue, was considered too modest by Erwin Wolfson, the constructor. Richard Roth then consulted Walter Gropius and Pietro Belluschi, two of the most renowned architects of their time, who decided to completely review the plan and create an octagonal building. The original north-south alignment was replaced by an east-west alignment, thus blocking the view on Park Avenue. Gropius also planned to have the New York Central building torn down to create a park next to the tower.

The design is inspired by a never built Metlife towering over Grand Central Terminal project from Le Corbusier and by the slender Pirelli Tower in Milan (Gio Ponti and Pier Luigi Nervi, 1959). It consisted of a tower of 49 stories resting on a 10 story base. The exterior is covered with concrete panels to strengthen the building visually. The 246 meter / 808ft tall building was completed in 1963 and incorporates an immense 390,700 m2 office space.

Metlife (Pan Am) Building

Originally the project was called Grand Central City, but was renamed in 1960 after its main tenant, the Pan American Airways. In 1981 the building was sold to Metlife insurance company for $400 million and is since called Metlife Building.

The New York State Department of Commerce


While researching  Campbell’s Apartment, and Grand Central Station. I thought it was strange how the area, (Midtown) 42nd Street and Grand Central Station, has always been in my life! Even as a young girl,  14 yrs old, I worked as a summer intern for 3 years consecutively at the New York State Department of Commerce (pictured above), located in the Helmsley Building 230 Park Ave (north side of Grand Central Station) .
The NYS Department of Commerce had 5 divisions, Motion Pictures, Tourism (they produced those
I Love New York Commercials back in the day), Small Business,  Import and Export, Minority and Women’s Business divisions.

Helmsley Building

Here is a picture inside of the lobby, all decked-out in gold!

The Helmsley Building is a 35-story building located at 230 Park Avenue between East 45th and East 287px-Helmsley_Building_detail46th Streets in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, which was built in 1929 as the New York Central Building, and was designed by Warren & Wetmore, the architects of Grand Central Terminal, in the Beaux-Arts style. Before the erection of the Pan Am Building – now the MetLife Building – this building stood out over the city’s second most prestigious avenue as the tallest structure in the great “Terminal City” complex around Grand Central.

 Portal_to_Park_AvenueTraffic exits and enters the Park Avenue Viaduct through the building, through two portals, one for uptown traffic and one for downtown. They connect to Park Avenue at East 46th Street.


72 comments on “Beneath the Pyramids of Giza “Campbell’s Tomb”

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  2. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    September 14, 2014
  3. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    October 6, 2014

    Download Do More Good Deeds Videos…
    and repost, Thank you ♥

    The Tim Wise Lecture, per the notice, was posted 2yrs ago! at a University. This notice is on the heels of posting the above video which notes the involvement of ALL secret societies in child abduction, genocide, and countless other crimes against Humanity.

    Their Biggest hold over you is your Fear!

  4. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    October 12, 2014

    You can’t claim anything as a “Person”, under their system. But the real question is, does It have inheritable blood? Challenge their Sovereignty.

    subscribe to the above youtube account

  5. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    November 2, 2014

    Postliminium Declared- November 01, 2014

  6. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    November 8, 2014

    PRESS RELEASE: Norway Forfeits All Land and All Resources

    Friday, November 7, 2014

  7. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    November 13, 2014

    PRESS RELEASE Norway Loses $860 Billion Sovereign Wealth Fund to Indigenous Land Owner

    Northern Lands (formerly Oslo, Norway) – Thursday, 13 November 2014

  8. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    November 28, 2014

    Press Release -Public Notice -Public Record

    “Well, you know We (Norwegians) believe the Vikings were Indians from America”. —Norwegian Bus Driver (Nov. 24, 2014)

    Read the backstory:Eire, Erie……Sherie Irie!

    You are all hereby Deputized as Public Notaries

    Definition: deputize To temporarily act or speak on behalf of someone else. See About page.

    Please advise/ inform your community of the actions transcribed in the Press Release; this will ensure the record IS recorded and filed in the Public domain (by the Public itself) and not beholden to the former Private Bar Guild to act on our behalf.

    All Matters Pertaining to and relating to the aforementioned Press Release are for PUBLIC NOTICE- PUBLIC AWARENESS AND FILING.

    I AM, Sovereign Crown Denderah-Cherokee-Washitaw-Brothers: EL, Creator, God, ELOHIM
    [So It Is]

    History of Notaries, excerpt:
    The history of notaries is set out in detail in Chapter 1 of Brooke’s Notary (13th edition)

    The office of a public notary is a public office. It has a long and distinguished history. The office has its origin in the civil institutions of ancient Rome. Public officials, called scribae, that is to say, scribes, rose in rank from being mere recorders of facts and judicial proceedings, copiers and transcribers to a learned profession prominent in private and public affairs. Some were permanent officials attached to the Senate and courts of law whose duties were to record public proceedings, transcribe state papers, supply magistrates with legal forms, and register the decrees and judgments of magistrates.

    Traditionally, notaries recorded matters of judicial importance as well as private transactions or events where an officially authenticated record or a document drawn up with professional skill or knowledge was required.

    What are Civil law notary, Notary Public.

  9. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    December 3, 2014

    Special Note: December 3, 2014

    I have been receiving considerable pushback, more than usual, since the posting of the article The Aryan Question as well as information relative to the REAL Vikings and Indigenous People of the Region.

    Why is that?(you ask). Because if they are not the indigenous “Aryan” phenotype portrayed in their history books (and it is actually You) then they have no leg to stand on.

    From challenges comes Songs!??? Confusing as it may sound its true. While enduring some serious opposition a song (out of the blue) popped into my mind, “Don’t Give Up On Us Baby”. Yes, that don’t give up on us baby from the 1970s (I had to look it up)by David Soul of Starky and Hutch fame. [if you’ve seen my I NEED Candy video you will probably know why]

    I guess Truth was (is) REALLY Written in the Stone.

  10. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    December 14, 2014

    They will tell you, but will send it straight to video and you will never hear about it again.
    Best review ever! (questions asked are answers:

    Janteloven (Law of Jante)
    These laws became social customs in the Nordic countries right around the time of the rise of the Nazis.

    Back in 2012, someone translated them to me. While she read them, I asked her who was Us? She said that it referred to everybody, the people. I asked her, to read them again…this time slowly. Once she finished, I noted that You seems to refer to everybody, but Us seems to refer to someone totally different.

    The Ten Rules state:

    1. You are not to think you are anything special.
    2. You are not to think you are as good as us.
    3. You are not to think you are smarter than us.
    4. You are not to convince yourself that you are better than us.
    5. You are not to think you know more than us.
    6. You are not to think you are more important than us.
    7. You are not to think you are good at anything.
    8. You are not to laugh at us.
    9. You are not to think anyone cares about you.
    10. You are not to think you can teach us anything.

    These social customs (unspoken laws) where modeled after the book, A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks (1933) by Aksel Sandemose.

    These ten principles, or commandments, are often claimed to form the “Jante’s Shield” of the Scandinavian people. In the book, the Janters who transgress this unwritten law are regarded with suspicion and some hostility, as it goes against the town’s communal desire to preserve harmony, social stability and uniformity.

    related articles:
    *Secret Societies Biggest Fear: The Meta Gene
    *Cloned Nation, Synthetic Cities (Body Snatchers)
    *No Inheritable Blood…The Aryan Question
    *Human is a Form, Not a Race
    *The Germ that Infected the World
    *Hate Me But Love My Genes

  11. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    January 8, 2015

    Don’t Let Them Hide…Exposing Historical Lies

    Last year someone asked me, “when are you going back to America?” I was so tired of this question by random people I just blurted-out, “How do you know this isn’t America!”.

    Well here is an excerpt from the book, 1814-2014 Norwegian Constitution. American Inspiration (Red, White and Blue)

    In the Westerns there is frequently a scene in which one of the heroes walks into a bar, prompting a couple of scary-looking men to stand up and say: “You guys ain’t from here, are ya?” From then on our heroes need to let their fist do the talking.

    This scene took place for me personally when, as a young employee at the Norwegian Embassy in Washington, D.C., I was in meetings in the Midwest. A co-worker and I were on our way to meet some colleagues at a bar, which turned out to have the same name as a truck-stop bar on the outskirts of Minneapolis. This resulted in the cab leaving us in a neighbourhood where it was not a good idea to be late at night.

    As fine Norwegian adventurers, we thought that we might as well drop in for a beer before we left for home. It was then that we heard the famous line from the Western- just as ten tough-looking men rose up from their stools. It was obvious to us that two men in suits didn’t belong there. What we didn’t expect was the answer we stuttered in response in reality proved the opposite, “No, we’re from Norway.”

    (Cont’d from book) Who are these Norwegian Americans? My grandfather’s Brother was one of them. He first settled in the Norwegian District of Brooklyn, in Julekake (Christmas cookie) Avenue. Much was unknown. He was especially anxious about Meeting those he caleled “burned Stavanger boys”, who today are known as African Americans.

    Who is a Bodhisattva Warrior? You Are!

  12. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    January 8, 2015

    Thank you all for the many visits. I really appreciate it!

    The most wondered question…(and yes, I can hear your thoughts.) “who are these songs for?” “Is she sending messages to someone?” Is she in love? Did the person die?….” No, These songs, and This love is For You.

    A writer put it very nicely when he was away from the one he loved, he said.

    “No Wind, No Rain, Nor Winter’s Cold, Can Stop Me Baby. If You’re My Goal”

  13. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    January 17, 2015

    You cannot fight them on their terms, using their methods; war, dissention, bestiality, perversion, lies – all things they used to build their society.

    You have to Go Where They Can Not Go…The Heart!

    Lone Feather 144,000/ Between Worlds
    “…so this time we are trying a different approach. No more prophets, saviors & avatars that they can use to create religions. This time we are sending in thousands – actually hundreds of thousands – of ordinary light beings with only two assignments:
    1) Stay in your heart. Regardless of what happens, stay in your heart.
    2) Remember who you are, why you are here and what this is all about.”

    They cannot hold on to that frequency! I was listening to love songs as I was working…then all of a sudden creepers started leaving. Where the Hell are you going!??? I guess love must be a yucky feeling for them. Is it a cure? Sure does seem like it. See, Found A Cure!

  14. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    January 22, 2015

    Norwegians Trillion-Dollar Oil Problem just got Deeper. Norway Ordered to Stop Drilling!

    Northern Lands (formerly Oslo, Norway) – January 21, 2015

  15. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    January 28, 2015


    Indigenous Land Owner Repossess Norway

    Northern Lands (formerly Oslo, Norway)– January 26, 2015

  16. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    January 29, 2015

    It allows them to hide.

    (print, email and distribute in your communities. YOU must Make it an Issue, if not they will continue to hide.)

    Norwegians Trillion Dollar Problem Just Got Deeper
    Indigenous Land Owner Repossess Norway

    The Hague, International Court of Justice

  17. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    February 13, 2015

    Norwegian Government Shutdown-February 13,2015 (Pdf)


    Northern Lands – February 13, 2015

    FINAL DECISION: All courts of law, government offices and legal structures administered by the Norwegian Government cease operations. Must Be Shared.

  18. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    February 18, 2015

    New Roles for Norwegians-16Feb15 (Pdf)


    Northern Lands – February 16, 2015

    Sovereign Crown Denderah, issued new roles for the Norwegians to follow for continued land use.

  19. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    February 21, 2015

    Please, pay attention. As strange and simple as it may seem,
    You MUST Dance!

    See Article: Time Has Come At Last!

    You MUST REMOVE THEM! Knights of Malta, Secret Societies, Nazis (working under the guise of Military and Police) all working for Hidden “People” and Invading energy forces who All Hide Behind Technology. You MUST REMOVE THEM!

  20. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    February 22, 2015

    Northern Lands – February 20, 2015 – From Beginningless Time

    “You must remove yourself from their concept of “Time”, that is a Trap.
    Their cycle (Time) is over!”

  21. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    February 26, 2015

    Click on the playlist and download the videos.
    It ALL starts with Lebensborn (The Holocaust, Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments); and what they set-out to Create. The Real birthing centers were in fact underground.

    Worlds Deadliest Drug – Used to disorientate you, make you more compliant.

    Remove (Flush) Toxins from the Body – Protect yourself
    Meta Gene – Know who you are, and fight them

    Hate Me, But Love My Genes – Secret Birthing Centers. Millions of toddlers and teens (world-wide), yet no parents

    Weapons Disguised as Headlights – Used to immobilize. Particle discharge

    It ALL should have Started with The Aryan Question. They use cellphones (advance technologies) to track you, harness your energy, and Hide.

    Don’t Let Them Do That to You!

  22. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    March 20, 2015

    Sun, Moon, Stars… Polaris
    Polaris- in motion, emotion
    Polaris, In Motion-Emotion

    Keep on dancing!!!

    See, The Coming Race

  23. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    May 7, 2015

    “…whether created from moisture of womb, magic , or machine I deem them Free from any implied ownership.”


  24. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    May 10, 2015

    Ports are trade agreements for moving cargo, vessels and products from one port to another. Passports (pass, enter the port (shipment) for commerce) is your agreed participation to be used, shared and exchanged. A vessel.

    Quickly get up to speed, so you can get away from them!

    We (The People) Don’t Need YOU!

  25. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 4, 2015

    Announced: JFK Told to Remove Structural Damage…NY & NJ Port Authority
    Block their frequencies. THEY KNOW THE TRUE PURPOSE OF THAT STRUCTURE. Today the security prevented me from seeing the management team at Terminal 1, John F. Kennedy Airport. Delivering vendor notifications,

    Please Refer to Announcements listed in the Press Release-Public Notice – Public Record

    Questions to demand of THEM:
    Is there a sovereign heir on the land?
    Yes, Sovereign Crown Denderah Cherokee Washitaw Brothers EL (ELOHIM)

    Did the sovereign heir reclaim the land they are currently using?
    Yes, through Postliminium (announced, Nov.1, 2014-Beginningless Time), The Return of All Power and Authority to Sovereign Authority, Sovereign Crown Denderah (announced May 21 (End Time ) – Beginningless Time) the Official Order Terminate All Functions Held by Port Authority of New York & New Jersey.

    DId the sovereign establish Law?
    Yes, The RESURRECTION and reestablishment of Divine Law, The Law of MA’AT (announced September 11, 2014 from Beginningless Time)

    Did the soveregn give them permission to use the property? Or has a new agreement been issued? No

    Therefore, they have no right to use her property, and no rights to Any Land.

    Definition Land

    The term ‘land’ includes all physical elements in the wealth of a nation bestowed by nature; such as climate, environment, fields, forests, minerals, mountains, lakes, streams, seas, and animals. As an asset, it inludes anything (1) onthe ground, (such as , buildings, crops, fences, trees, water), (2) above the ground (air and space rights), and (3) under the ground (mineral rights) down to th enter of the Earth.


    See articles:
    I AM The Authorty of ALL PORTS
    Take A Stand…Its Your Land
    No Inheritable Blood

    You are all hereby Deputized as Public Notaries

    Definition: deputize To temporarily act or speak on behalf of someone else. See About page.

    Please advise/ inform your community of the actions transcribed in the Press Release; this will ensure the record IS recorded and filed in the Public domain (by the Public itself) and not beholden to the former Private Bar Guild, or their agents to act on our behalf.

    All Matters Pertaining to and relating to the aforementioned Press Release are for PUBLIC NOTICE- PUBLIC AWARENESS AND FILING.

    I AM, Sovereign Crown Denderah-Cherokee-Washitaw-Brothers: EL, Creator, God, ELOHIM
    [So It Is, Thus thus]

    Port of Authority NY & NJ, did you know they manage and their headquaters is located at the World Trade Center?
    Things that make you say, GET THE FUCK OUT!
    Their Time is Over. (I have been at JFK Airport for over 2 months, they (both Port of Authorty and the All Terminal management groups) know who I AM and information has been in public view (announced) at Starbucks in the food area.)

    Send them the announcements listed in the Press Release after April 25 End Time, as well as the newly annonced June 1 (End Time).

  26. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 8, 2015

    Compassion the New name of the Game

    Listen to the terminology they use.THIS IS KEY
    When asked, “Do you want to buy (purchase) something?” Tell them , No, I want it for free.”

  27. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 12, 2015

    The dollar has already collapsed. Their system is operating on auto-pilot.

    You must claim yourSELF, and create your own Sovereign Community (see, CEASE and DESIST). Everything is Free and has been reclaimed, you just have to act on it.

    (image: the fare box on the bus illustrates that, the dollar is crossed out, and the coins show no amount on them, and the image is very, very, very light.

    Tell the driver, “Can I get a ride to…” He is oblige to say yes. Why?Because you own your communities, you just haven’t Stood-Up yet!

  28. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    September 10, 2015

    I Declare FREEDOM!

    I won’t let you down.
    I will not give you up.
    Got to have some Faith in the Sound, it’s the one good thing that I got!

    Their Rules are for another Person, Everyone’s got themselves.
    I don’t belong to you, and you don’t belong to me!

    Jamaica Hospital Medical Center
    Held me under a false identity and refuse to correct their records to be in compliance with their states (U.N.) court orders which illustrate I AM not a part of their Jurisdiction, I AM Sovereign, I AM Indigenous and I AM Stateless. See: Joint Commission

    All We have to do is take these Lies (History) and make them True (Expose).
    That’s What YOU Get!

  29. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    October 10, 2015

    “The Universe operates off laws. It is the violations and absence of law on this Planet that has allowed these things to happen. People must be reinstructed on universal law, and remove themselves from this lawless system.”

  30. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    October 12, 2015

    While I was being held Against My Will at Jamaica Hospital, I was asked who was my next of kin, not emergency contact but next of kin. It was clear they knew what I was saying was true and were attempting to circumvent a way to prevent it.

    Public Record – Public Notice:
    “I, Denderah Cherokee Washitaw Brothers El, do not have a next of kin. Thus, anyone claiming to be my family (Facebook, any other social media or document), should be avoided. Only those who are Indigenous, Stateless, and a Non-Person do I claim as family. All others are agents for the State and Citizens.”

    This movie shows how the Indians were conquered through Religion (and discord).

    Set in 1634 New France (North America) during the period of conflicts known as the Beaver Wars, the film begins in the settlement that will one day become Quebec City. Jesuit (Church/ State) Missionaries try to encourage the local Algonquin Indians to accept Christianity by using deception and conflict with other tribes.

    400 years later their tactics have changed very little. They use the same methods to conquer- Religion, Entertainment, Education and Medicine.

    Raise Your Frequency and all Spirits will work with you to Re-establish Justice.

  31. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    October 30, 2015

    Movie: Thank God It’s Friday
    “A movie that shows how truly splendid man can be when he is Free and Natural.”

    Find those that are like you vibrationally. Live together, support one another.
    This is the mass culling because They can’t take your frequency.

  32. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    November 22, 2015


    Whether you vote for something, or against it. Your action of voting means you are in agreement. They do not want you to know you consent to your own mistreatment.

    See Related Article for details:

  33. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    December 25, 2015

    (Chart) Is it Really about taxes? In an attempt to combat the increasing U.S. renunciation, the State Department has raised their fee from $450.00 to $2,350.00!

    The Fraud,the Birth Certificate

    Collapse The Trust-Nobody Can Be You

  34. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    February 22, 2016

    IMPORTANT: Stand Up Heirs to the Land (hidden inside other peoples families)

    I have been conducting a fact-finding weekend into how the governments (States) usurped the land from the original land owners. l discovered many of their agents married into the family of the land owners and stole the land through agreements. An example is the state-issued name on the Birth Certificate. The birth NAME is an agreed-upon lie by people working on behalf of the State to help them claim land. Your physical body is also property. Like a Title Loan the all caps YOU is the collateral borrowed against for State Operations. Your particpation is required for them to take the land and you through your State ID (Passport, Driver’s License, Social Security number).

    Do NOT Vote —Stay Out of Their System!

    You may have to separate from family members that have agreements with Governments.Family members will work against you for personal gain, benefits and profits. Just because you were raised with/or by someone does not mean they are your family and are like you. It has to do with the heart vibration.

    We Stood-Up!
    I need your help to get the below document out, with the first few pages of the U.S. Embassy (Norway) Affidavit Dec. 22, 2011 found at American Relinquish IMPLIED U.S. Citizenship to Save Lives to all court houses and tell them TO FILE. They will give it a miscellaneous file number in their court records. The complete document was also hand delivered to the United Nations Indigenous Issues Dept on April 20, 2015.

    Send it to all county court houses by Fax, Email, Certified Mail, or Return Receipt. Especially those small impoverished southern towns like Dillon County, Scotsland County, Marion County, Mullins County in South Carolina and North Carolina.

    Help Us To Stand Together

    stateless document return land to The People

    Take A Stand…Its Your Land

    All Constitutions Are Trust!

    You are not alone anymore


  35. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    April 6, 2016

    Collapse the Trusts, Transfer the Deeds.

    I do not have a “Mother” or a “Father”, both are terms to denote State citizens and property through the Birth Certificate. I AM Stateless and the Indigenous Heir to the Lands and all its resources.

    Share this,

  36. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    May 21, 2016
  37. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 4, 2016

    This information Must Be Taken Serious. And ACT!

    You Are Being Replaced in Record Numbers, stealing eggs to manufacture their people. These creatures and those that help them must be Destroyed.Pay attention to these overly smart Toddlers.

    They are created in underground basements and special areas of hospitals.

    See: Stealing Eggs the new way to conceive?

    Human is a Form, Not a Race

    You Must Say (Invoke)
    “Anything that was created using my essence (blood, urine, feces, eggs, sperm, energy, etc.) without my full knowledge and consent Must Be Destroyed. Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust They All Fall Down! So It Is.”

    All Their Efforts Are Futile, THEIR FUTURE ENDS HERE.

  38. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 24, 2016


    Worldwide Announcement: Landmass formerly known as the United States, is offically called Morena, Sovereign Land.

    The People of the Land Morena renounced their United States citizenship and stayed on Sovereign’s Land. Read more:

  39. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 26, 2016


    Recently I have been told to leave property I have occupied for over a month. The person had full knowledge of my Landowner status and Stateless/Sovereign standing. Thus it is important to send the below linked announcements, and the following notice.

    America Reclaimed BY Indigenous Land Owner-
    I Claim Jurisdiction Over the United States –

    Royal Decree-The United States Forfeits Land-

    Please send by Fax, Email, return receipt or express mail to all Foreign Departments, State Departments, Local administrative offices, Courts, Bailiffs, U.N. Dept of Indigenous issues and the Dept of Interior for filing under Public Notice-Public Record. Thank you for your prompt attention.
    Affidavit of Fact

    Adverse Repossession By Landowner and Sovereign Authority.

    I, Sovereign Crown Denderah- Cherokee-Washitaw-Brothers:El, adverse repossess the land dwelling, fixtures and furnituring at 35.28376 latitude and -80.865773 longitude respectively.

    Repossession becomes an act of necessity and is a “self-help” type of action in which the party having right of ownership of the property in question takes the property back from the party who took it possession of it (or its acting representative) without invoking courts.

    [Note: Courts cannot rule or make judgments when they lack jurisdiction.]

    Fee Simple Definition: Land ownership status in which the owner holds title and control of property. The owner make decisions about the land use, sell the land without government oversight.

    As the Indigenous Heir to these lands whose history and inheritance is tied to the land I claim these lands and property. Property repossessed by the indigenous landowner is both legal and lawful.

    Thus, Adverse Repossession measures as interpreted by courts, states and state citizens are not applicable to landowners. Landowners simply possess the land or declare their property as informed consent.

    [Decreed on June 24, 2016 From Beginningless Time]


    To acknowledge the contribution of the Iroquois Confederacy of Nations to the development of the United States Constitution and to reaffirm the continuing government-to-government relationship between Indian tribes and the United States established in the Constitution.

    Whereas the original framers of the Constitution, including, most notably, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, are known to have greatly admired the concepts of the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy;

    Whereas the confederation of the original Thirteen Colonies into one republic was influenced by the political system developed by the Iroquois Confederacy as were many of the democratic principles which were incorporated into the Constitution itself;

    Reaffirms the government-to-government relationship between the United States and Indian tribes.

    Reaffirms the trust responsibility and obligation of the Government to Indian tribes, including Alaska Natives.

    Read the full Resolution: house resolution 331

  40. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 27, 2016

    Thank you all for standing by me.

    On June 27, 2016 [End Time] the above press releases were given to the City Clerks office to file. It is noted on their website they serve as the historian to the community and their history goes back to the 11th century (1200’s). So It was equally as important these documents get filed there.

    Initially I was told maybe it should go to another department. But I knew from the information on their website it was the right place as it pre-dates current history. In the end I left with stamped copies and they had theirs in hand as I walked out the door.

    Next I met with the Recorder of Deeds, and spoke to their supervisor. She read over the Affidavit of Fact and assisted in getting it immediately in their records as Public Notice.

    The documents consisted of the Affidavit of Fact, the first page of the Affidavit of Truth from June 27, 2011, and the above Press Releases. So it is in their system and is Informed Consent.

    I will update this information to the Press Release- Public Notice-Public Record. Thank you all for your help in getting this information out and to the general public. .

    The People of the Land, Morena. Borderless, Countryless, Stateless. A Land of Sovereign Communities.

  41. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    September 27, 2016

    Accessible and Free For All.

    Ancient history should not be limited to a select few. It should be available for all, and Free For All.

    The indigenous people of this planet have been left in such a dismal condition they lack the knowledge of their True Roots, former brilliance and potential.

    Investigating history is a right that must be expressed by all. It is a tool that can be used to pull indigenous people out of their current condition; and awaken them to the truth of who they are.

    I am not a political activist, not a Muslim, or any other terminology used to separate people. I am simply a Sentient Being practicing the Bodhisattva Way.

    I will leave you with this interesting note. A comedian noticed two Native Americans sitting in the audience while delivering his stand-up routine. He said (addressing the audience), “Hey we got some Native Americans in the audience tonight.” The two people turned towards the audience, waving and smiling (Yes, we are Native Americans). The comedian continued, “Can I ask you a question. “What was America called before it was called America?”

    The people known as Negros were not from “Africa”, they were from here. I like the below speech because it asks the listener to question the world around them.

    To raise the vibration of this planet we all must help. Pass along any information you find on this website. Print it and leave it for others to read, question and awaken. Thank you.

  42. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    September 27, 2016
  43. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    October 5, 2016
  44. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    October 9, 2016

    There are many out there helping. Our inner-chi is much stronger and faster than any technology they can create.

    Simply Create a Better World For Everyone. Where needs are met without agreements (i.e. social security/ insurance) and without the need for money. From the movie Beautiful Green, No More Buying, No More Power. What Could the Police Do. [They Cannot Force You To Consume]

    The “Green Planet” belongs to another solar system.

    Earth is considered too polluted and too dangerous, and no one wants to volunteer to go there. Except one lady alone, who goes there to help.

    Beautiful Green In Spanish

    Beautiful Green, in French (with Budapest subtitles)

    Youtube has removed the English subtitled version. Please continue to upload this film on Youtube and other video channels. Thank you, Amituofo!

    A Place where there’s Peace, Quiet, and Serenity

  45. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    November 10, 2016

    When I first arrived in the Northen Lands (so-called Norway) , I was so overjoyed and excited! I remember saying outloud to myself, I’m back! (Eventhou I had never been there before).

    A few months later I started my research into the Vikings. After a year or so, the evidence was so overwhelming (to the true identity of these people) I begin to mention it in passing to those who asked, What Are You Doing In Norway?

    As my research became known, the question quickly changed to, So when are you going back to America? By this time I had already become Stateless, and reclaimed my Indigenous status. And subsequently begin reclaiming my inheritance. (As all governments know, to be considered sovereign you must have Land, Natural Resources and/or Funds).

    The Norwegian Government Caught A-tude
    Oh Hell No! “You’re not going to come to my “country”, claim land, take our sovereign wealth fund, Sue us, say the Vikings were American Indians (Blacks!)…Niggers from the Bronx no less.” (They tried to beat the living hell out of me).

    Freyja – Norse Goddess… One of her names is Valfreyja, the “Lady of the Slain” (or “Freyja of the Slain”). It relates to her role as chief of the Valkyries, and keeper of Sessrúmnir, her feast hall in Fólkvangr. This is where half of those slain in battle are sent. The others are sent to Odin to reside in Valhalla.

    Freyja Goddess in Norse Mythology, Het-Heru (Sekhmet) in Egyptian Mythology and countless other Legends.

    Your ancestors never intended to let you down. They left clues so you could find yourself.

  46. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    January 12, 2017

    BE Good.
    when I’m good I’m bad…Know this!

    2 years ago I asked, Who is the Sovereign of “New York”? There was silence. No one spoke or laid claim.

    It wasn’t until I begin explaining to someone the number of companies; investment banking firms, pharmaceutical companies, law firms, advertising agencies, did I realize it was me.

    As I told them, “I have worked in every industry in this “city”. They should have never let me in.”

    See articles:
    * The Year of the Lord’s Favor
    * You Must Not Forgive Them.

  47. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    January 16, 2017

    INTERNATIONAL NOTICE Reestablish Sovereign Republic

    Immediate Release

    There is a 30 day period within your government between the election of your president and their term ceremony, whereby someone with historical continuity to the land (the original Republic) gives notice to your government to inform them the land has been reestablished by an heir to the land who is in their proper status and standing (Indigenous and Stateless). I AM here today to give such notice. —Sovereign Crown Denderah


  48. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    February 21, 2017


    Global Economic Reset, Reclaim Your Inheritance.
    As many of you know, in 2014 I attended a series of meeting in the Northern Lands (“Norway”) on Land Restitution. (See the comment section in Six Nations). During the meeting Nation-States proposed methods to continue their use of land (and resources).

    I suspect this is what their Global Economic Reset is all about.

    The below affidavit although written while in the Northern Lands (“Norway”) reflects all Nations, States and their respective governments. Documents were also given to their courts along with their Court Order pertaining to my Stateless status and Indigenous standing. These documents are also housed at the United Nations Department of Indigenous Issues.


  49. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    March 16, 2017


    The whole world is watching to see if the so-called African-Americans (American Indians) will wake up in time.

    [Please Note: I am being harassed and threatened by the Police for exposing the Slavery Lie. Please share this Link. Thank you.]

  50. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    March 23, 2017

    ARE YOU A DEBTOR OR A CREDITOR? (It Matters Now More than Ever)


    “In international law, statelessness is the lack of citizenship. A stateless person is someone who is not considered as a national by any state under the operation of its law.”

    *The United States is one of a small number of countries which will allow its “citizens” to renounce their citizenship even if they do not hold any other.

    Read More:

    *See, Renunciation, It Is A Must!

  51. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    April 6, 2017

    One man’s god, is another man’s devil (demon). Listen carefully.

  52. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    April 16, 2017


    See, Divine Destiny

  53. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    April 26, 2017

    Untold amounts of Indigenous People of “America” were murdered, lynched and threatened to never speak about their heritage, and connection to the land.

    Many present-day incarcerations, premeditated set-ups by law enforcement, and murders are committed to keep these true land owners unaware of their inheritance, and dependent upon state and federal subsidies for their survival.

    Their story has never been told…


    We all must face the lies that formed this crumbling society, and return these rightful heirs (those to whom you call Black) to their proper position without state intrusion.

    Some of the Crimes committed by Federal agencies, State agents, and their citizens against these indigenous heirs include: Killing for land, Forced sterilization, Medical experiments, Missing men, women and children, Human organ trafficking.


    The Hauge
    (International City of Peace and Justice Working towards a Better World)

    International Court of Justice (World Court)
    Peace Palace – The Netherlands

    Inform them of the situation in “America” – Missing People, Killing for Land, Forced Displacement (Human Trafficking)

  54. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 4, 2017

    InnerSTAND yourself. The Last of one Kind, the beginning of another
    Xanadu (1980), and LOST HORIZON (1937) and (1973). Lost Horizon has a very interesting and complex story (mystery) surrounding it – A three (3) hour movie cut down to 80 minutes in later years. Missing (destroyed) first two reels and the director Frank Capra, said he doesn’t recall what was on them. All thou he describes Lost Horizon as his best film out of all his other directorial masterpieces.

    Recalibrate the Land, A Return to Eden.

    Someone please upload the movies so everyone can See them. Thank you!

    Xanadu Film Page:
    Lost Horizon Film Page:

  55. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    July 14, 2017

    Share this Everywhere!


    The security of “Israel” (Isis, Ra, and El), the Children of the Sun, is an enforceable action under the Law of Ma’at and must be upheld by “Nations” “States” and “Countries”.

  56. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    August 7, 2017
  57. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    September 4, 2017

    Conducting this research and investigation, into the missing people,is extremely difficult(and painful) because you know the outcome; but must (attempt) to tell the story of what happened to a people that no longer exist. (photo from 1990’s)

  58. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    December 29, 2017

    Thank you World!

  59. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    January 7, 2018

    Welcoming a New Eon

    Remember My Name- Its Your New Exchange from New Beginnings on Vimeo.

    The Sovereign Land of Morena

    The Dawn of a new eon is upon us. All you need to do is look around to see the former system built on Greed, Scarcity and Hate being removed by unseen forces greater than anyone could have ever foretold.

    The western system and its ideology which was built upon displacement, history of lies, corruption, severe human abuses and modern-day technology is coming to an end. And with it the welcomed removal of those who benefited and profited from generational human abuses and thief of land resources. The former way of life is being uprooted, torn apart and discarded from its Educational and Religious systems to its Monuments and Buildings. This eon brings A New Way of Being, one that focuses on the development of the spirit and soul matrix, and not physical wealth. Giving everyone a chance at living in harmony without being interfered with and separated by appearance, class or age.

    All you need to do to experience this new eon is reverse your conventional thinking, and you are almost there.

    The Dawning of a New Eon where there is no ‘dog eat dog world’, glass ceilings, labels, classes or degrees. Just people living in community, working to sustain their community, together in harmony.

  60. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    January 22, 2018


    Sovereign Empire (formerly known as New York) – January 22, 2018 [New Beginnings] – Beginningless Time
    Worldwide Announcement – Ancient Royalty Claims the World Throne

    The foundation of indigenous people is their connection to the stars and their stellar lineage. Each indigenous group carries within their genetics knowledge from their celestial ancestors.

    All indigenous people are interconnected through a harmonic frequency. As I ascend to the throne, I am honored to welcome this new Harmonic field upon the planet.

    Our New Beginnings see a return to these Universal forces. Let us embrace this New Eon of Great Bliss, by creating a World where we all realize our unlimited potential.

    Thus; as the indigenous royalty to all lands, I, Denderah-Cherokee-Washitaw-Brothers:EL, claim the throne and accept it on behalf of the World.

    [So it is. Thus, thus]
    Decreed on January 22, 2018 From Beginningless Time

    I AM, Sovereign Crown Denderah-Cherokee-Washitaw-Brothers:EL,Creator, God, ELOHIM

    I AM Coming Out – I Want the World to Know from New Beginnings on Vimeo.

  61. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 23, 2018

    Please note: There is an order for evacuation and removal of Citizens and Residence that refuse to publicize the information ordered. Please send the above announcement to Community Houses worldwide to have placed on Community Bulletin Boards.

  62. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    January 16, 2019

    I’m BACK!
    Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. I could feel your love and concern. I was taken by the police and held at a facility for the homeless. I was not allowed to leave unless someone came to vouch for me that had an address. My research, external hard-drive, flash drives and other material were all stole out of my belongings. It will take me some time to recapture that lost research, much cannot be replaced as it was a video journal. I’m BACK!

  63. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    January 16, 2019

    Video Made in July 2018 prior to being held

    Please share this link to the story:

    This was in the The Journal News of Westchester County, on Wednesday July 25:

    (It must be noted, it was listed on the back page in the IN BRIEF column near the Obituaries.)

    Car Mechanic gets 7 years in prison for kidnap-killing plot
    “NEW-YORK” – A New Jersey car mechanic has been sentenced to seven years in prison in a plot to kidnap, torture and kill women and girls.

    The sentence announced by a New York judge Tuesday means Michael Van Hise will spend about six months more in prison.

    He has been incarcerated for more than five years after he was charged in a case that also resulted in the arrests of a New York police officer, a school librarian and a former Massachusetts police chief.

    the police officer, Gilberto Valle, was convicted in a cannibalism plot, but U.S. District Judge Paul Gardephe rejected the jury verdict.

    The ex-police chief was sentenced to 10 years in prison and the librarian received a 150-year term

    Garderphe noted Van Hise has cooperated with the FBI.

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