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No Inheritable Blood…The Aryan Question

eugenics project, S.S. leader Heinrich Himmler
But where was the home of the Aryans? When did it come into “creation” and Who is behind it?

The Aryan Question?

  • Does it have inheritable blood?
  • Where is the home of the “Aryan”?
  • What were they called prior to being known as Aryan?
  • Does Ancient Literature speak of such a race of people?
  • What is the Turanid Race, which was known during the early centuries as a Europid subtype? Was this a progenitor to the Aryan race?

These questions were posed 200 years ago right around the same time as Charles Darwin, Creation Theory.

Excerpt from The Origins of the Aryan,(1889)

 In the 1800’s Germany devoted  several works exclusively to the subject, but no English book has yet appeared giving an account of the state of the controversy.

Thirty years ago (1859) this question as to the cradle of the Aryan race was deemed a reasonable question to ask, and a possible one to answer.

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Creating a lineage:

(A girl getting her face measured: the Nazis wanted “racially and genetically valuable children.”)

In the mid 19th century (1800’s) , scientific racism developed the theory of Aryanism, holding that Europeans (“Aryans”) are an innately superior branch of humanity, responsible for most of its greatest achievements. Aryanism was derived from the idea that the original speakers of the Indo-European languages constituted a distinctive race of people.

Scholars were agreeing with the notion of an “Aryan ideal”. But most nineteenth-century ( 1800) race-theorists like Arthur de Gobineau, Otto Ammon, Georges Vacher de Lapouge, and Houston Stewart Chamberlain still preferred to speak of “Aryans,” “Teutons,” and “Indo-Europeans” instead of “Nordic Race”.

Aryan…modern representativeIts principal proponent, Arthur de Gobineau in his Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races (1855), did not equate Nordic people with Aryans.  He argued that Germanic people were the best modern representatives of the Aryan race.  Adapting the comments of Tacitus and other Roman writers, he argued that “pure” Northerners regenerated Europe after the Roman empire declined due to racial “dilution” of its leadership.

1933-1939__Public_domain_credit_USHMM_Nazi Project-Fear of a weaker raceGerman Nazism subscribed to theories of racial hierarchy and social Darwinism, asserted the superiority of an Aryan master race, and criticised both capitalism and Marxism for being associated with Jewish materialism. It aimed to overcome social divisions, with all parts of a racially homogenous society cooperating for national unity and regeneration and to secure territorial enlargement at the expense of supposedly inferior neighbouring nations.  Social Darwinism is a modern name given to various theories of society that emerged in the United States and Europe in the 1870s, and which sought to apply biological concepts of natural selection and survival of the fittest to sociology and politics

By the 1880s a number of linguists and anthropologists continued the theorizing and argued that the Aryans themselves had originated somewhere in northern Europe, Scandinavia.

It needs to be insisted upon, that identity of speech does not imply identity of race or common ancestry. Any more than diversity of speech implies diversity of race. For example, the language of Cornwall is the same as the language of Essex, but the blood is Celtic in the one case, and Teutonic in the other….get it?  No? Well how about this example, which is a little closer to home. The language of America is the same as the language of the Cherokee, but the blood [of America] is Indigenous in the one case,  and Teutonic in the other. Lets proceed with the masquerade…

It was the work of sociologist/economist William Z. Ripley which popularized the idea of three biological European races. Ripley advocated a simplified racial view and proposed a single Teutonic race linked to geographic areas where Nordic-like characteristics predominate.

But Ripley borrowed Joseph Deniker’s terminology of Nordic (when he had previously used the term “Teuton”);  his division of the European races relied on a variety of anthropometric measurements, but focused especially on their cephalic index (head size) and stature.

 children of Akhenaten and Nerfertiti elongated headThe children of  the Pharaohs, Akhenaten and Nefertiti all had one distinctive feature in common, elongated skulls.

In the book, The Aryan Race (1888) Charles Morris argued that the original Aryans could be identified by their “blond” hair and other Nordic features, such  as dolichocephaly (long skull).

chestnut hair colorBlonde Hair: when looking at ancient terms, it is best to locate the root, word origin to discover its true meaning. Example, “Fair” by today’s standards the term largely refers to a light-coloured hair, skin or eyes.  However in its ancient use, “Fair” meant Beautiful. Thus, Blonde in its ancient (original use) meant Dyed (burnt), Chestnut, and Gold-dusted hair. When dark hair receives a considerable amount of sunlight it becomes sun-kissed with highlights of  golden, reddish, and Gold-dusted hair strands. The word “blond” is first attested in English in 1481 and derives from Old French blund, blont meaning “a colour midway between golden and light chestnut. Similarly in ancient text, today’sblonde hair” was referred to as Yellow-hair or White-hair.

But it was the British German, Houston Stewart Chamberlain who considered the Nordic race to be made up of Celtic and Germanic peoples; as well as some Slaves. Chamberlain called those people Celt-Germanic peoples, and his ideas would influence Adolf Hitler’s Nazi ideology.

By the early 20th century (1900’s), Ripley’s tripartite Nordic/Alpine/Mediterranean model was well established.

Only in the 1920s did a strong partiality for “Nordic” begin to reveal itself, and for a while the term was used almost interchangeably with Aryan.

Blonde Hair and Blue eyes were not the norm for any region in Europe. In fact it was looked upon as an irregularity. Discovering the underlining reason for these particular markers (yellow-hair, pale eyes, pink/white skin) and the Nazi’s desire to reproduce it, you will likely uncover the true reasons behind these experiments.

A Literary Agreement!?

The Scandinavian Scientist Conferences was a series of meetings from  1839-1936 for scientists and physicists from Denmark, Norway and Sweden, later also Finland and Iceland, in the era of Scandinavism.

The scientific community in Scandinavia were small and scattered, but collectively by the 1830s attained the critical mass for meeting at conferences. The inspiration came from Germany, where the scientists since 1822 had held conferences to improve communication in the fragmented geo-political landscape. From the start, the Scandinavian Scientist Conferences became an outlet for important scientific results.

(Image: A 19th-century poster image of (from left to right) Norwegian, Danish and Swedish soldiers joining hands.)

Scandinavism  is a literary and political movements that support various degrees of cooperation among the Scandinavian or Nordic countries. Scandinavism and Nordism are interchangeable terms for the literary, linguistic and cultural movement that focuses on promoting a shared Nordic past, a shared cultural heritage, a common Nordic mythology and a common linguistic root in Old Norse, and which led to the formation of joint periodicals and societies in support of Scandinavian literature and languages.

The Nazis
Doctors of DeathNazi Human Experiments

Throughout Germany, doctors were being trained in “race hygiene.” They were identifying and zealously reporting those in their communities who had any of the so-called genetic diseases and would be candidates for sterilization. The Nazis and Nazi doctors also were promoting the eugenics strategy of “selective breeding” as a way to rebuild the nation’s population, specifically its Aryan population.   

It was a series of medical experiments on large numbers of prisoners, mainly Jews (including Jewish children) from across Europe, but also in some cases Romani, ethnic Poles, Soviet POWs and disabled non-Jewish Germans, by Nazi Germany in its concentration camps mainly in the early 1940s, during World War II and the Holocaust.

Prisoners were coerced into participating; they did not willingly volunteer and there was never informed consent. Most of the experiments resulted in death, disfigurement or permanent disability, and as such are considered as examples of medical torture.

The Below Excerpts are from: Doctors of Death, Philippe Aziz (1976)

Nazi doctors Mengele, Oberheuser, Brandt, and Kremer among others had free-reign (reign meaning, the exercise of sovereign power) in the concentration camps to experiment in any way they wished. They removed organs and limbs, transfused blood from one into another. Burned, castrated, froze, smothered- women, men and children with no anesthesia or mercy.

Sterility issues of Aryans1-1
Sterility issues of Aryans

Sterility issues of Aryans-2

Beginning of Lebensborn

1935 Himmler officially begins the Lebensborn Program.

The Lebensborn (Spring of Life) program was created about the same time as the Reich, it said it was to help mothers and illegitimate children in need. However  the truth behind them were very, VERY different.To be accepted into the Lebensborn program, pregnant women had to have the right racial characteristics— blonde hair and blue eyes. They had to prove that they had no genetic disorders and be able to prove the identity of the father, who had to meet similar criteria. Black’s Law Dictionary 9th ed: German, Having the same parents or grandparents; closely related. brother-german, cousin-german, sister-german. Germanus, Roman law, 1. Having the same father and mother. 2. A whole brother; a child of both of one’s own parents.“The state demanded there should be no Jewish ancestry. It was traced back I don’t know how many generations to see if there was any foreign influence.”-Herta Repp (Lebensborn Nurse)


In the above linked clip, the narrator describes these Lebensborn child being in their 50 and 60’s (and older). This information is in-line with the people in Norway doing attacks. I have often described them as white, mid-aged, grey hair, and hateful gaze (eyes). If not directly involved in assaults, you will often find them somewhere in the background orchestrating. 

The Factory: Making the Perfect Aryan ChildNazi Eugenic Projects-1940s-Creating the Perfect Aryan Child
The Lebensborn Children

A secret Nazi program…after World War II, the evidence was almost erased from history

Image never seems to convey the chilling stories behind Nazi Germany. Lebensborn means “spring of life” (source of life, fountain of life) was a project of the most secret and the most terrible.  

I hope this isnt a marriage, she doesnt look happyThe purpose was to get the largest possible number of children of Aryan race in order to ensure the procreation of that gene. There were two methods for this purpose, one was to encourage German officers and men to impregnate Aryan women who wanted to have children, in addition to ensuring that women or wives of soldiers gave birth to their children in good care and comfort .

With a shortage of men to marry, women were impregnated out-of-wedlock and with little or no opportunity to wed these unions resulted in abortion. Instead of condemning men and women for sexual relationships this program encouraged extramarital and premarital sex, for the necessary breeding of the master race.

Genocide: Is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group.

Eugenics: A movement in the early 1900s which focused on the idea of racial identity and purity. The movement involved a small community of scientists who studied both evolutionary theory and human heredity, which became synonymous with attempts at “increasing the quality of human stock”.

Aryan: The term Hitler used to describe his master race of people. This master race would be German elites with pure Nordic blood. The Nazi’s believed that mental and physical superiority could be intentionally bred; Aryan’s would have blue eyes and blonde hair, but also be loyal, strong, smart and determined.Nurses holding Lebensbon children
Lebensborn was the brainchild of SS Leader Chief of the German Police and Minister of the Interior, Heinrich Himmler. Devised in 1935, the Lebensborn scheme operated on different levels to provide ‘Aryan’ children for the Nazis eugenics schemes, whose goal was to reach 120 million Nordic / Aryan German settlers (pure race).

Heinrich Himmler was obsessed with his experiments to breed ‘pure white’ chickens while running a poultry farm, Himmler was intent on doing the same with humans after rising to the very top of the Nazi hierarchy.

Kidnapped Children

nazis kidnap childrenGerman soldiers were instructed to take children in occupied lands that fit the Aryan prototype.

In one first-hand account a man tells how at the age of 4 he had been chosen to be part of the new ‘breed’ of supposedly genetically superior German beings, who would replace millions of the ‘impure’  –  Jews, gipsies, homosexuals, blacks  –  after they had been exterminated in Hitler’s death camps.   

He recounts how he was taken by SS officers to a German medical institute, where doctors measured every part of his body, checking for any ‘Jewish aspects’  –  for example, dark hair, large nose, circumcision  –  before he was declared suitable.

Lebensborn-2Along with stealing of “blond” children from families in occupied areas, another part of the scheme involved special ‘breeding clinics’ where pure German SS officers were told to mate with suitable German women.

And in occupied Scandinavian countries, such as Norway, where blonde hair and blue eyes were (thought to be) part of the local genetic make-up, SS officers were encouraged to father children with local women, even if they were already married.

Lebensborn-1Scandinavian women were prized for their ‘Viking’ roots, and they were either coerced or offered gifts to mate with Nazi officers who were stationed there.

Under his direction children were born in Norway and Germany in government controlled facilities.

Lebensborn had facilities in the following countries:

  • Germany: 11
  • Austria: 3
  • North-Eastern occupied Europe (Poland): 3
  • Norway:  as many as 15
  • Denmark: 2
  • France: 1 (February, 1944 – August, 1944)
  • Belgium: 1 (March, 1943 – September, 1944)
  • The Netherlands: 1
  • Luxembourg: 1

About 8,000 children were born in Lebensborn homes in Germany, and another 8,000 in Norway. Elsewhere the total number of births was much lower. For more information about Lebensborn in Norway, see War children.

(This program continues to this day. The Germanic birth rates has been on decline since the 1930’s and today have reached below replacement levels.)

Report: A  200-Billion-Euro Waste: Why Germany Is Failing to Boost Its Birth Rate:

“Everything-eating, drinking, sleeping, it was all done under duress. It was all banging, bending and breaking and the human aspect was always sacrificed. My name “Folker” comes from the German “Volk”, which means nation.” –(Lebensborn Child)

Some of these homes were also a place for “superior” children from other countries to be “Germanized”.  Most of these luxurious estates/ mansions used by the Nazis for the Lebensborn Project, Educational Schools, and Private residence of SS Leaders were the abandoned properties of the Jews, who succumb to pressure or fled the country without selling.

Eugenics Program-2
The children who had the desired racial features would be taken from their homes and parents and sent to these homes to become German citizens. they were often told that their parents abandoned them. In the Lebensobrn homes, the children would take classes in German language, history and geography for many hours every day. They would go through many medical inspections each day. The children would truly believe that they were German and that these homes were the greatest place to be. Even so, many of the children were beaten if they resisted the German way of life.

(image: Baby Lebensborn at Bavarian hospital in 1945. Notice they are siting up, very different from the  behaviour of normal Nazi Eugenic Projects-1940s-Creating the Perfect Aryan Child-3babies. Their heads are Round and oversized. Too heavy to keep in an upright position for extended periods for a normal baby. Also, you will never see them sleeping but always alert and looking around-speaking of the “toddlers” in Norway.)


“Image thirty babies in one room, where the nurses are instructed not to answer signals from the babies. As a baby you would utter certain desires, the desire to be feed, the desire to be cleaned, the desire for warmth, for cuddling, for whatever. Your desires would not be answered.  That was programmed.  It wasn’t that they just forgot, it was a program to break your will.” — (Lebensborn Child)

Being in this program impacted many of the children later on in their lives. Most of the children born in the homes were born in Norway, and not Germany as one might think. At the end of the war, most mothers and staff left the homes and the children. It is estimated that 250,000 children were kidnaped and taken to Germany, up to 100,000 were from Poland and only about 25,000 [so they say] were sent back to their families after the war because many of them were either too “Germanized”.

As the war proceeded,  the number of “Inns” was growing and spread over 10 countries in addition to Germany, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, France and Denmark. It is estimated that 16,000 Lebensborn babies were born in Nazi occupied territories between 1935-1945.

 [Note: Many of the accounts (and estimates) are given to the public through their literary network of scholars and scientist. However you must always dig deeper than what is offered to you as the Truth. See The Worst Truth Imaginable below.]

“Most Children, born in the homes, were not kept by their birth parents. Most of them were farmed out, out into foster homes, some would be adopted.”—Larry Thompson (U.S. Naval Academy)

“I remember these people coming into a room where  there were around 30 of us children lined up like pet doges to be chosen for a new home”, says Folker, now 67. During the Nuremberg Trial in 1947, of the Lebensborn staff and officers, they testified that all documents of kidnapping and parenting had been destroyed and lost in fire.

LebensbornParents-babies automatically became property of the state(image: Lebensborn adoptive parents, Babies became immediate property of the state.)

Bloodlines, DNA, and the Nazis Übermensch Projects

Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party ascribed to the concept of the “Master Race”. This ideology held that the Aryan Race represented a superior and “pure race”. An ideal member of the Master Race was referred to as an “Übermensch”, or a “Super Man”.  Although the Lebensborn programs functioned nation-wide and involved many countries, the narrow racial factors for participants lead to an unexpected issue. And thus The Nazi’s one major problem…the Aryans were sterile.

and so begin a Nazi quest to discover the origins of the super gene.

Stem Cell Research, Gene Therapy, Blood Work,
Human Harvesting

Tuskegee Experiment-1930's

The Holocaust, Tuskegee Experiments. A Precursor to the Human Genome Project

Excerpt from The Immune Deficiency Foundation: A “stem cell” is a type of cell that can divide over and over and produce more stem cells as well as descendant cells that turn into different types of cells. Embryonic stem cells, for instance, can make descendants that turn into any tissue in the body, like skin cells, brain cells, heart cells etc.

 Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) is the treatment for several severe forms of primary immunodeficiency diseases. Progress in cell manipulation, donor selection, the use of chemotherapeutic agents, and prevention and management of transplant-related complications has resulted in Nazi Propaganda Film clipsignificant improvement in survival and quality of life after HSCT. In some forms of severe primary immunodeficiency diseases, gene therapy may represent a valid alternative for patients who lack acceptable stem cell donors. Traditionally, HSCs were obtained from the bone marrow. This process was called “bone marrow transplantation.” However, new methods now obtain HSC from peripheral blood, or blood taken from the placenta at birth (“cord blood”). Source:

“Paradise is like that…I had it very good here, materially. We always had the best cars, gardeners, cleaners, everything. Its impossible to really explain to anybody else what’s going on inside you. Everything here was artificial, all a lie. I lacked personal affection. I missed that too” –Folker Heineche (Lebensborn Child)

By definition the word genocide refers to the systematic killing of a racial or cultural group. 

In the 1930’s the Tuskegee experiment begin. The Tuskegee syphilis experiment was an infamous clinical study conducted between 1932 and 1972 by the U.S. Public Health Service to study the natural progression of untreated syphilis in rural “African-American” (Indigenous American) men who thought they were receiving free health care from the U.S. government.

The men (in the study) were given free medical care, meals, and free burial insurance. They were never told they had syphilis, nor were they ever treated for it. According to the Centers for Disease Control the men were told they were being treated for “bad blood”, a local term for various illnesses that include syphilis, anemia, and fatigue.

margaret-sangerMargaret Sanger was the founder of the American Birth Control League in 1921 (later renamed, Planned Parenthood of America).

At first blush, it may seem striking for a progressive to ally with the Ku Klux Klan.  However, Sanger’s eugenic ideas aimed at “inferior” unwanted minorities appealed to the Ku Klux Klan.  Moreover, the Ku Klux Klan’s anti-Catholic, anti-immigrant auspices aligns with Sanger’s project to progressively control birth.

The following is from  1932 Margaret Sanger, A Plan for Peace, published in
Birth Control Review (April 1932, pp. 107-108):

First, put into action President Wilson’s fourteen points, upon which terms Germany and Austria surrendered to the Allies in 1918.

Second, have Congress set up a special department for the study of population problems and appoint a Parliament of Population, the directors representing the various branches of science: this body to direct and control the population through birth rates and immigration.  

Article 1. The purpose of the American Baby Code shall be to provide for a better distribution of babies… and to protect society against the propagation and increase of the unfit.
Article 4. No woman shall have the legal right to bear a child, and no man shall have the right to become a father, without a permit…
Article 6. No permit for parenthood shall be valid for more than one birth.Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood.

*Sanger’s Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau operated from a New York building from 1930 to 1973, which was the height of  the eugenics programs.

A German female of Nordic features that the Nazi race scientists described as the purest form of the Aryan race, shown in contrast to the face of a Jewish male representing the inferior racial characteristics.

A German female of Nordic features that the Nazi race scientists described as the purest form of the Aryan race, shown in contrast to the face of a Jewish male representing the inferior racial characteristics.

Scientific racism is the use of scientific techniques and hypotheses to support or justify the belief in racism, racial inferiority, or racial superiority, or alternatively the practice of classifying individuals of different phenotypes into discrete races.

As a category of theory, scientific racism employs anthropology (notably physical anthropology), anthropometry, craniometry, and other disciplines, in proposing anthropologic typologies supporting the classification of human populations into physically discrete human races that are asserted to be superior or inferior. Scientific racism was common during the New Imperialism period (c. 1880s – 1914) where it was used in justifying White European imperialism, and it culminated in the period from 1920 to the end of World War II when it was finally considered discredited.

Since the later 20th century, scientific racism has been criticized as obsolete and as historically used to support or validate racist world-views, based upon belief in the existence and significance of racial categories and a hierarchy of superior and inferior races. According to the United Nations convention, superiority based on racial differentiation is scientifically false, morally, condemnable, socially unjust and dangerous, and there is no justification for racial discrimination, in theory or in practice.

Dysgenics Debate Dr Welsing and Shockly-1974(Dr. Welsing and Shockly Debate: Dysgenics (video)

“Eugenics is not really a science, although it had scientific underplays, it was basically a notion, an attempt to somehow enhance human genetics. The scientific framework to allow that to be done practically, didn’t exist.”‘

—Dr. Gregory Stock (Program on Medicine, Tech, & Society, UCLA)

The German Fader of Positive (Artificial Insemination) and Negative Eugenics (Sterilization)

The supreme commander of Auschwitz and all Nazi concentration camps was SS-1 Heinrich Himmler. He received broad instructions from Hitler which he would then interpret as he saw fit; and  known to issue direct orders to concentration camps commanders, bypassing all other chains of commands.

Initially, concentration camps were not a free enterprise zones, they were for human medical experiments only. The concentration camps operated under the secrecy of blood oaths to keep the experiments private, controlled, and completely  bound to Himmler and the SS. Access to human “in vitro” material was through permission only from Himmerler himself. Himmerler was uncannily shrewd, he hired out the SS medical corps, its experiments, and inmates to research pharmaceuticals and universities; not only to profit but to control it and direct science towards the goals of National Socialism-Aryan Supremacy and Racial Genocide.

Josef Mengele had been a highly decorated soldier, which placed him in a special class of respect among the ranks of the SS. He proved to be loyal and duty bound to the Teutonic Knight of the Blood Order of the Black Sun.

Survivors would tell how as children in Auschwitz they were visited by a smiling “Uncle Mengele” who brought them candy and clothes. Then he would have them delivered to the medical laboratory in trucks painted with the Red Cross emblem to undergo his experiments.

Noted for conducting the most significant experiments and being the most germane to the Nazi’s breakthrough in artificial insemination was Professor Dr. Karl Clauberg.

Unlike Josef Menagele, Karl Clauberg was openly ambiguous, contrary to Himmler’s fervent policy of Blood Oath Secrecy. Clausberg was already a renown university professor, prior to working with Himmler. He had published numerous peer review papers and books on the gynecology. His open ambition may have been an individual fatal flaw in his barging with the SS, Himmler and the Knights of the Black Sun.

The Nazis Ideal AryanShaping their Future

Education was central to Nazi ideology. School children were taught about the superiority of the Aryan race, and that the Reich would dominate the world for a thousand years. They were to be the future political leaders, ¨they were destined for the top jobs in industry, that was the schools goal.

The boys were learning to be sophisticated. They were taught multi languages and where told,  “you are nothing unless you can speak 10 Arabic dialects without a trace of German accent.”

“Toughness was the order of the day, any display of weakness was despised. There was no pity.”

One of the many problems that Hitler and the NAZIs faced in creating a military that could dominate Europe, was that Germans were only a small part of Europe and declining in relative terms. The birth rate declined substantially after World War I. This was largely because of the transition from an agrarian to an industrial society; and World War I,  the Depression did not help.

German families in the 1930s were more likely to be one- or two-child families. Efforts by the NAZIs to increase the birth rate had very only limited success and were undermined by the War.

In the above clip you will notice these very young boys being pinned with the cross of malta just before being placed on the battlefield. This seems to suggest a ritual offering.

NAZI Concern

The Nazis was planning war and the repopulation of Europe, thus  the birth rate was of immense importance. For the NAZIs who were obsessed with race, the birth rate was a very serious matter. It not only had military consequences, but in their perceived race war, a declining birth rate meant that NAZI Aryans would be operating under an increasingly numerical disadvantage with other countries and races.

Falling Birth Rates

Germany had a rapidly falling Geburtenstatistik (birth rate). A substantial decline at the turn-of the 20th century. This followed a rapid period of industrial expansion in the second half of the 19th century. The rate began another steep decline after World War I (1914-18). Since World War I, the German birthrate had rapidly fallen from 894,978 in 1920 to only on 516,793 in 1932. [Statistisches Jahrbuch nur das Deutsche Reich 1941/42, S. 66.] Other data shows that the German birth rate had been falling since the 1880s). The birth rate by 1930 had reached extremely low levels.

Norway in Occupation

The occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany started with the German invasion of Norway on 9 April 1940 and ended on 8 May 1945, after the capitulation of German forces in Europe. Throughout this period, Norway was continuously occupied by the Wehrmacht. (image: SS Flag on Parliament of Norway Building in 1941.)

Balkenkreuz-WehrmachtThe Wehrmacht (pictured: Balkenkreuz) ‘defence force’ was the unified armed forces of Germany from 1935 to 1946. It consisted of the Heer (army), the Kriegsmarine (navy) and the Luftwaffe (air force). The designation Wehrmacht for Nazi Germany’s military replaced the previously used term, Reichswehr, and constituted the Third Reich’s efforts to rearm the nation to a greater extent than the small armed forces the Treaty of Versailles permitted.

Civil rule was effectively assumed by the Reich Commissariat of Norway which acted in collaboration with a pro-German government, while the Norwegian king and legitimate government continued to operate in exile from London. This period of military occupation — usually referred to as the “war years” or “occupation period” in Norway — had defining significance for Norwegian society.

Norway was the most heavily fortified country during the war: several hundred thousand German soldiers were stationed in Norway, in a ratio of one German soldier for every eight Norwegians. Most German soldiers considered themselves fortunate to be in Norway, particularly in comparison with those experiencing savage combat duty on the Eastern Front.

The Nazi authorities enacted legislation that supported its actions and policies, banned all political parties except NS, appointed local leaders top down and forced labour unions and other organizations to accept NS leaders, and suspended the Constitution.  Although there was much resistance against most of the Nazi government’s policies, there was considerable cooperation in ensuring economic activity and social welfare programs

Approximately 6,000 SS troops were stationed  in Norway during World War II, under the command of Wilhelm Rediess. Most of these troops were under the authority of the Waffen-SS and the SS and Police Leaders for Norway.

In Norway the German Nazis soldiers were encouraged  to have children with women of “Viking” blood. (as noted below, the descendants of the Old Vikings.)

The Program Lebensborn

Throughout Germany:

Doctors were being trained in “race hygiene.” They were identifying and zealously reporting those in their communities who had any of the so-called genetic diseases and would be candidates for sterilization. The Nazis and Nazi doctors also were promoting the eugenics strategy of “selective breeding” as a way to rebuild the nation’s population, specifically its Aryan population.

In the six years before World War II, the Nazi doctors sterilized some 400,000 people, mostly German citizens living in asylums. Hitler’s Rassenhygiene-race hygiene-program was in full swing. “The ‘racial’ health of the German people took precedence over the health of any given individual.”

Message from Hitler to School Children
“I will never understand how they came to do the kind of things they did. Convinced they would get away with it.
They were even thinking they could rule the whole world. Convinced they would get territory for the  Master Race, which was the government world.”–
(Lebensborn Child)

Norwegian Courts and Government EmptyNorwegian Government Shutdown
Northern Lands (formerly Oslo, Norway) — February 13, 2015 Norwegian Courts and Government Empty —
The shut-down of an Artificial Construct.

By the late 1930s, the Nazi government was using propaganda movies to persuade the public that those who were hereditarily ill and, therefore, dangerous to the health of the nation should be exterminated rather than kept alive as “neutered beings.” The targets for extermination were objectified as “beings of lesser worth,” “life unworthy of life,” “ballast existences,” “useless eaters.”

In the autumn of 1939, Hitler approved the Aktion T-4 program, which authorized specific doctors and officials to carry out mercy deaths-euthanasia-of those the state deemed unworthy of life. Fifty volunteer physicians coordinated the program from its headquarters in a villa in Berlin located at number 4 Tiergarten Street (hence the name T-4). Again, physicians at hospitals and psychiatric institutions throughout Germany identified and recommended candidates for euthanasia.

Nazi used Darwinism Science to Justify Hate which lead to the Murder of MillionsAt first, in accordance with the T-4 program, the physicians murdered 5000 congenitally deformed children. The children were given lethal injections or were starved to death at six special asylums that had been remodeled to accommodate the killings. The T-4 program expanded to include adults, who were taken to killing asylums as well. Death certificates were sent to families of those who were killed, falsifying the reasons for their relatives’ ‘sudden deaths.’

At the end of the Holocaust twelve million people were dead and a great deal more were drastically changed by the policies of the Third Reich and Hitler’s plan for mass extermination of Jews; the effects of which are still felt today. In the last couple of years children born through the Lebensborn project have emerged to provide an interesting perspective in the aftermath of the Holocaust, reminding society that the extent of victims affected by this horrific event is enormous.

The Worst Truth Imaginable
Nazi Genome Experiements

In 1942, Himmler’s SS Lebensborn natural procreation and racial annihilation paradigm wasn’t producing the mass results as rapidly as he had hoped. So, he finally sat down with Dr. Clauberg to discuss another way from a scientific and laboratory perspective. Dr. Clauberg’s proposal to promote eugenic reproduction by scientific research and development of artificial insemination, impregnation and in duality sterilization began to make a great deal of sense.

In 1942, Dr. Clauberg held a series of top secret meetings with Himmler, SS doctors and other high officers of the SS involved in management of concentration camps setting forth his eugenic theories and experimental plans. Finally on July 8, 1942, Dr. Clauberg finally obtained the backing, funding and vast resources from Himmler, the SS and the THRID REICH to have “…at his disposal the necessary [human] material for all experiments he wished to undertake.” He was bound to make regular reports of his progress to Himmler. Everyone involved in Dr. Clauberg’s experiments were to be bounded by blood oath secrecy.

In August 1942, Dr. Clauberg moved into the notorious human medical experimental cell Block 10 at Auschwitz. At Block 10, where from 800 to 1000 women were regularly maintained for SS medical experiments. Dr. Clauberg always had about two hundred women permanently at his disposal to use as he wished particularly for experimental artificial impregnation. In most cases, successfully artificially impregnated women and the babies were put to death. After sperm experiments, bodies were dissected and reproductive body parts- uteruses, ovaries and fallopian tubes were sent to various institutes for detailed study and analysis. As his victims died off or killed, Dr. Clauberg sent out the Garrison Physician Sturmbannführer SS Dr. Eduard Wirths to choose replacements when a new convoy of prisoners arrived.

Dr. Mengele regularly visited Block 10 to monitor the development of SS human medical experiments and also conduct his own individual infamous macabre against humanity. The amount of collaboration that took place between Dr. Clauberg and Mengele in Block 10 was secret and still remains unknown and off the record. In fact, Dr. Clauberg and Mengele’s research mission had been similar.

Mengele’s stated mission at Auschwitz was to perform research on human genetics. Even his work had been fully funded through a grant to the SS that Professor von Verschuer had secured through the German Research Council in August of 1943. The goal of Mengele’s work was to unlock the secrets of genetic engineering, and to devise methods for eradicating inferior gene strands from the human population as a means to creating a Germanic Super-Race.

Of the reports from survivors rescued from Auschwitz and Ravensbruck at the end of the war, Dr. Clauberg’s artificial insemination experiments involved an unknown sperm or hormone substance. The little evil sadistic genius often taunted his victims by telling women that he had put animal sperm inside them and that they had beasts growing in their bellies. Whether it was truly human sperm or animal sperm is unknown.

March 18, 2015: This article is currently being worked on…
Thank you for all the visits today. I am currently adding material to this article. However in the interest of time I will share my notes:
* The Nazis were having problems with their experiments, most notably the coloration of the children (which some came out too dark (eyes, hair), and they had to be exterminated).

* The Women of Lebensborn were Aryan (as noted in many reports), however they were not white. These Aryan women of Lebensborn were of the original stock, the ancient root; the “sperm”  used to germinated the fertilized eggs were not Aryan.

*The women of the Lebensborn Program were not housed in Inns and Mansions as reported in official records, but were in fact Prisoners at Concentration Camps. Most notably Ravensbruck Concentration Camp, which was call “The City of Women”.

Beger conducting anthropometric studies in Sikkim-1938Searching For the Original Aryan Root:

The Ahnenerbe was an institute in Nazi Germany purposed to research the archaeological and cultural history of the Aryan race.

Founded on July 1, 1935, by Heinrich Himmler, Herman Wirth, and Richard Walther Darré, the Ahnenerbe later conducted experiments and launched expeditions in an attempt to prove that mythological Nordic populations had once ruled the world. (image: Beger conducting anthropometric studies in Sikkim (Tibet).

The name Ahnenerbe means “inherited from the forefathers.” Originally, the official mission of the Ahnenerbe was to find new evidence of the racial heritage of the Germanic people; however, due to Himmler’s obsession with occultism it quickly became his own occult tool. Formally, the group was formerly called the Study Society for Primordial Intellectual history, German Ancestral Heritage (Studiengesellschaft für Geistesurgeschichte‚ Deutsches Ahnenerbe), but it was renamed in 1937 as the Research and Teaching Community of the Ancestral Heritage.

Measuring the Sikkim Tibet featuresIn 1937, Himmler decided that he could increase the Ahnenerbe’s visibility by investigating Hans F. K. Günther’s claims that early Aryans had conquered [a global family empire in] much of Asia, including attacks against [ancient] China and Japan in approximately 2000 BC, and that Gautama Buddha was himself an Aryan offshoot of the Nordic race. Walther Wüst later expanded on this theory, stating in a public speech that Adolf Hitler’s ideology corresponded with that of the Buddha, since the two shared a common heritage.
[above edits are mine] source:
sikkim (Tibet):

The Women of Ravensbruck,
Camp of Extraordinary Women

A report by the guardianreminds us how difficult it is to know why the history of Ravensbrück, a concentration camp only 50 miles north of Berlin, could remain “on the margins of the story” of Nazi Genocide History. Even when Heinrich Himmler, the prime architect of the annihilation, took a special interest in its creation, and his mistress, Hedwig “Häschen” Potthast, mother of his two children, lived a normal life close to this configuration of inhumanity.

Note: Information relative to Ravensbruck is only being presented now by mainstream media because of the overwhelming remembering caused by the planetary change in frequency- and the Root Race involved. However please bear in mind,  they will only share so much information without incriminating themselves. Many of  the eyewitness accounts and “survivor” accounts presented by the mainstream media are coming from the SS prison guards, and supporters as ALL prisoners were killed. They were not rescued, nor spared. These women where hysterical, as one source reports, because they knew the horrid experiments taking place. The SS and their Allied Partners  would not risk sparing anyone’s life (outside the blood-oath inner circle) that knew  the true operations of the camps, this was the only way to for their operations to survive and continue  in secrecy to this present day.

Role Reversal: The Inmate, the Guard and the NurseRavensbruck Concentration Camp-The Holocaust

Ravensbruck Women’s Concentration Camp, known as City of Women

This section is being tampered with, please ignore the font change.]

Irma Grese-Prison Guard at Ravensbrück Concentration CampIrma Grese was convicted for crimes against humanity committed at Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, and sentenced to death at the Belsen Trial.
Irma Grese, tortured and killed women prisoners at Nazi concentration camps who were more attractive than herself. She believed she would have a career in the movies once Germany won World War II .  She was nicknamed by the camps inmates “the Hyena of Auschwitz” (die Hyäne von Auschwitz)..
 Vera Salvequart (November 26, 1919 – June 26, 1947) was a nurse at Ravensbrück Concentration Camp from December 1944 to April 1945.Born in Czechoslovakia, but of German background, she was arrested in 1941 for having a relationship with a Jew and refusing to divulge his whereabouts to the Gestapo. As a result, she served 10monthsinFlossenbürg Concentration Camp in Bavaria.
Then in 1942, she was arrested again for another relationship with a Jew; this time she was sentenced to two years in prison. On December 6, 1944, she was arrested a third time; this time on charges of helping five detained officers escape. This resulted in her being sent to the Ravensbrück Concentration Camp for women in Northern Germany. Owing to a shortage of personnel, the SS frequently used German prisoners to supervise other inmates. Due to her pre-war training as a nurse, Vera was chosen to serve in the camp’s medical wing. Her job was to fill out death certificates for the dead, and inspect their cadavers for gold teeth, which were used to help finance the war effort. After Ravensbrück was liberated by the Soviet Union in April 1945, Vera was captured, along with the others who had served there, and held in custody for military trials. The Hamburg Ravensbrück trials were a series of seven war crimes trials held by the British military authorities at the Curiohaus in the Hamburg quarter of Rotherbaum.
The first Ravensbrück trial was held from December 5, 1946 until February 3, 1947 against sixteen Ravensbrück concentration camp staff, including 27 year old, Vera Salvequart. It was claimed at her trial that from February 1945, she assisted in poisoning the sick inmates in the medical wing. One witness testified that she was present when Salvequart gave her friend a white powder and the friend died in her presence. Salvequart was also charged with having administered injections to sick prisoners, after which the victims died a horrific death. Former inmate Lotte Sontag, whom Salvequart called in her defence, ended up helping the prosecution by confirming testimony of other witnesses thatSalvequart administered poison to sick prisoners.

According to Sontag:“I was told by Vera Salvequart herself that the women were partly killed by poisoning with a white powder administered by her and partly murdered by injections which were administered by the SS men Koeller and Rapp.”Sontag testified that the prisoners were suspicious of receiving treatment from anynonprisoner staff, but sinceSalvequart “was herself a prisoner with a kind voice and apparently friendly to them they took the powder thinking they were taking medicine.”

VeraSalvequart denied giving poison, either as a powder or as an injection, to any prisoner. At her trial she only confessed to her earlier duties, filling out death certificates and inspecting cadavers for gold teeth.
She went on record stating:

“I remember that the sick had no trust in the beginning because they thought that I took part in the mass murdering. I must say that in their place, I would have had the same impression. I was locked up continuously, couldn’t go anywhere alone, and all they knew about me was that I lived there where they murdered so many people. Additionally, in the case of Schidlausky (an SS doctor) the prisoners saw me enter the washroom [with him], they heard the woman scream and therefore assumed that I was part of the murder.”

In her defence, she claimed that she had acted in a benevolent fashion towards the prisoners, and described how she saved some women and children from death by substituting their camp identification number with that of those already dead. She claimed to have kept one infant hidden and had male prisoners bring food and milk for him.

Additional good acts were also attributed to Salvequart. A former male inmate testified that she asked him to help her steal medicines, food, and wood for the patients. They stole the medications from the SS pharmacy. This same witness testified that Salvequart told him that her patients in the youth camp sick barracks were in very bad condition and she asked him to help get as many necessary items as possible.

For suspected insubordination, Salvequart claimed the SS had threatened to kill her until several male prisoners, who appreciated what she did, disguised her as a male prisoner; a guise she kept up until the end of the war.

She left Ravensbrück still disguised as a male on a transport of 1,000 male prisoners to an American transit camp for refugees. In the transit having relationships with two Jewish men.

As for the white powder she allegedly gave to the inmates in the sick bay; she denied giving it to them.  The powder was not identified. It’s only the witnesses at her trial who claimed it was poison. Without knowing what the white powder was, the claim that she was murdering the inmates in the sick bay by poisoning them is just speculation. she assisted with the medical care of the refugees.

Salvequart appealed for clemency on the basis of having stolen schematics for the V-2 rockets being produced at the camp prior to 1944, hoping to smuggle them to the British.
She was granted a temporary reprieve while this was taken into consideration. However, clemency was denied and on June 26, 1947, she was hanged by Albert Pierre point on the gallows at Hamelin Prison, aged 27 years. In the case of Vera Salvequart the death penalty is hard to justify. She was not a National Socialist. Before she was sent to Ravensbrück she had broken the Nazi race laws by having relationships with two Jewish men. [if you have not guessed it, it was because she was Jewish]

As for the white powder she allegedly gave to the inmates in the sick bay; she denied giving it to them.  The powder was not identified. It’s only the witnesses at her trial who claimed it was poison. Without knowing what the white powder was, the claim that she was murdering the inmates in the sick bay by poisoning them is just speculation.
[Note: March 26, 2015
Look into  The origins of the City Ravensbruck. The  Baltimore Ravens origins (timelines, events in the world ). Why the term Ravens Mother is used to this very day in Germany to denote a “bad mother”. ]
More to come…

The Irony of Phrases…Chickens have come home to Roost

When you have to face the consequences of your actions, bad deeds— which is what he above idiom means.

I was recently asked, who are your sources? Most are surprised when I say, You ARE! The information is sourced and leads back to them. I impose upon them, It is possible some feel remorseful about the events, and will not work (in a coordinated effort) to conceal them. Such as:

Philippe Aziz in Doctors of Death

-Dr. Clauberg mission in the SS was to establish research on reproduction where he could cure the sterility issues of the Aryans, and perfect a simple and discreet means of sterilizing all other people.

Nazi reproduction focus took a radical turn from Lebensborn (sexual unions between pure Aryans) to laboratory research genetics and development.

-The goal of Dr. Mengele’s work was to unlock the secrets of genetic engineering and device methods for eradicating inferior gene strands from the human population as a means to creating a Germanic Super-Race.

Philippe Aziz went further by adding experimentation went on behind the scenes. Aziz reported in 1947 “We regret the shameful acts of German doctors which have brought suffering to the helpless victims of German dictatorship, and which have horrified the whole world.” Aziz also added his own opinion: “The German nation was not the first and only one to carry out such criminal medical experiments.”

People like this should be commended for their heroism, and doing what so few do.

 The irony of phrases-2

Fast forward…present-day.

The Original Aryans were ‘black people’, indigenous people. The white Aryan did not come into existence until around the 1920s-1930s, when they took information from Madame Helena Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine, learned about the Aryans and usurped (stole) themselves a heritage.

Heinrich Himmler once said of the Aryan children, “We  are convinced that our philosophy and ideas will reverberate in the spirit of these children who racially belong to us.”

Scientist Creating Clones, Gene Mapping
In Norway there are a lot of young people and children that just cannot be accounted for. The region is densely populated, and the populous is aging. Those that are of child-bearing age are either career-oriented or not interested in the other sex. So where are all these toddlers and young people coming from!!!!?

Modern-day Nazi factions are attempting  to convince the Public, they are ALL Clones. This is NOT True. If that were the case, there would be no need for Camps, Non-Lethal Weapons, Prisons, or Laws used to control people- do not be fooled.

Mind-Mapping Duplicates: exact memory, facial-recognition, everything the original being had…except for one thing.

What they are doing is nothing more than reanimating a dead body. Once the soul leaves the body, it is an empty vessel. These vessels are used to implant the memories of the original person, but the essence (and overall character) will not be the same; they will now seem cold, dead, emotionless.

I forgot to mention one thing…
These Nazi factions (and their secret society members) have kidnapped millions of children, men and women. Many are housed in underground facilities and cities. So do not be persuaded into thinking you are a clone, synthetic, or some other configuration of theirs. Many children were raised in these underground facilities, or born there from kidnapped parents. If you do not like harming or killing, and you feel compassion and love for others- then You Are NOT them! It is as simple as that. I

t all has to do with what YOU call yourself, and feel in your heart.

Related Articles: Human is a Form, Not A Race, and The Germ that Infected the World

Appearance or vocal recognition (over the phone, radio, etc.). You have to rely on Your Feelings, Your Senses. Does it feel like the same person to You. Have their principles changed drastically? Are they able to hold a serious conversation without becoming hostile, insulting, or violent? When they speak to you feel their words, resonate within you as truth, honest, caring, loving? You will just know, do not be persuaded by appearance.

What are they trying to accomplish? To find out  you only need to look at the raw elements, their fascination with immortality,  creating many people with a shared consciousness.

This tells us that there must be something these original, soul-bearing people are doing or capable of doing, that these Nazi factions wish to emulate through their cloning.

The simplest answer usually is the right one.

This is what happens when you intentionally breed love out of a Society

Special Note: December 3, 2014

Saami PeopleI have been receiving considerable pushback, more than usual, since the posting of this article, as well as information relative to the REAL Vikings and Indigenous People of the Lands, Eire, Erie…Sherie Irie!

Why is that? (you ask). Because if they are not the indigenous “Aryan” phenotype portrayed in their history books (and it is actually You) then they have no legs to stand on. Not Aryan, Not Viking…then what the hell are they!

From challenges comes Songs!??? Confusing as it may sound its true. While enduring some serious opposition a song (out of the blue) popped into my mind, “Don’t Give Up On Us Baby”.  Yes, that don’t give up on us baby from the 1970s (I had to look it up)by David Soul of Starky and Hutch fame. [if you’ve seen my I NEED Candy video you will probably know why]

I guess Truth was (is) REALLY Written in the Stone.

Challenge Their Sovereignty!!!

They will tell you, but will send it straight to video and you will never hear about it again. Best movie review ever! (questions asked are answers):

Additional Information:

[Note: The Lebensborn first hand accounts which were included had to be removed as it was not possible to preserve the integrity of the report through translation. Please see the actual accounts below.]

Nazi Eugenic Projects-1940s-Creating the Perfect Aryan Child-2Wégimont, la fabbrica belgadel perfetto bambino ariano
  Walter Beausert, uno dei bambini nati a Wégimont, in seguito al progetto Lebensborn

Los niños Lebensborn/
Julia (deaf ears shaking ignorance)

Superior Gene Expression:
Excerpt: RNA Isolation, Globin mRNA Depletion, & Amplification. Human whole blood samples (3 mL) were collected into Tempus Blood RNA Tubes and equivalent collection/stabilization tubes from Supplier P (2.5 mL). Triplicate samples from the same “donor” were either processed immediately (Day 0) or stored at room temperature for 5 days (Day 5) before RNA isolation. Read more at:

First genome transplant changes one species into another:
Excerpt: For the “first time”, scientists have completely transformed a species of bacteria into another species by transplanting its complete set of DNA. The achievement marks a significant step toward the construction of synthetic life, with applications including the production of clean fuel in as little as a decade.
Read more at:

Bill filed in House to compensate victims of eugenics program
Excerpt: Up until the 1970s, victims of the program were forcibly sterilized A bill has been filed in the State House that would compensate victims of North Carolina’s former eugenics program. Read More at:

Sterilizing the Left’s Eugenics History
“While no amount of money will ever make up for the fact that government officials deprived North Carolinians, mostly women, of the possibility of having children, and officials did so, in most cases, without the victims’ consent or against their will,” Governor Bev Perdue announced Tuesday, “we must do something.” Read More at

First genome transplant changes one species into another
For the first time, scientists have completely transformed a species of bacteria into another species by transplanting its complete set of DNA. The achievement marks a significant step toward the construction of synthetic life,

Read more at:  see article: Human is a Form, Not a Race)

DNA Learning Center Blog: (Everything you never wanted to believe…)
Excerpt: So-called “designer babies” have generated fervent discussion in recent weeks, sparked by the latest online dating trend: a sperm and egg bank with the goal to make beautiful people. For some, genetic manipulation is a moral necessity, for others it is an ethical outrage. We are reminded of the eugenics movement.

“Better Babies” contests, originally conceived to promote child welfare and physical development, were the first eugenics contests run at a state fairs (the first held in 1908). By 1920, “Fitter Families” contests were also held at state fairs, where human “stock” was judged alongside cows, pigs, and produce. Read More at: http: //

Date on which each State inaugurated its eugenical sterilization law
Among the victims was Lewis Reynolds, who was sterilized at age 13 because he was wrongly believed to have epilepsy. He ended up serving his country in two wars and retiring from the Marine Corps after 30 years.

Approximately 7,600 residents, many of them poor and African American, were sterilized there between 1929 and 1974. The list of alleged offenses was long and included epilepsy, alcoholism, criminal behavior and promiscuity.

Artificial intelligence societies exist in many countries throughout the world.

Hitler’s ‘master race’ children haunted by their past

Turanid race:

Doctors of Death, Philippe Aziz (1976):

‘Lebensborn’ Victims Head to Court: Children of Nazi Program to Sue Norway

Norway's Gerd Fleischer awaits the Lebensborn hearings  at the European Court of Human Rights in StrasbourgThe children bred in Himmler’s so-called “Lebensborn” program to breed an Aryan master race are suing Norway in the European Court of Human Rights for decades of discrimination. Many have been ostracized since birth and some even locked away in mental institutions.

Because the “Authorities” refuse to address the Lebensborn program (and its TRUE implications) so they made a movie about it.

Press Release Beforeitsnews:

Darwinism and the Nazi race Holocaust
Leading Nazis, and early 1900 influential German Biologist, revealed in their writings that Darwin’s theory and publications had a major influence upon Nazi race policies. Hitler believed that the human gene pool could be improved by using selective breeding similar to how farmers breed superior cattle strains.



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    PRESS RELEASE Norway Loses $860 Billion Sovereign Wealth Fund to Indigenous Land Owner

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    The video is very tampered with, sound and image…but the proof is in the pictures- A Worldly Presence.

    Not JUST American, But a Global People- Indigenous to All Lands

    Article: The Germ That Infected The World and Pretended to be Everybody Else.

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    If you don’t know, and I can’t see how you could not THE INVASION HAS ALREADY HAPPENED!

    I alluded to it in the article, I Would Be Remiss If I Didn’t Mention this, but NOW YOU HAVE TO ACT LIKE YOU KNOW.

    They feed-off Your energy (Lifeforce)! they feed-off the energy of your children. This is the reason behind most of those backpacks and luggage. You must look into those bags…DONT LET THEM DO THAT TO YOU!

    You CAN SEE THEM, Don’t Be Fooled. They Always give themselves away because they can Only mimic behaviour, it isn’t innate, and plus they look guilty as sh#t.
    Just ask yourSELF the question, why are so many people wearing watches while carrying cellphones. What are they REALLY used for?????

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    You are going to have to work Double Time! They are trying to Hide, Do Not Let Them Hide!
    You know when you are on to something when they start pulling movie trailers, replacing movies with fake ones. Go To imdb to see real movie trailer with English
    Transfer (2010) to overSTAND what they are doing.

    The above movie was linked to (a year ago) in the article, Your Eyes Wont Believe What Your Mind Can Conceive.

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    They will tell you, but will send it straight to video and you will never hear about it again.
    Best review ever! (questions asked are answers:

    Janteloven (Law of Jante)
    These laws became social customs in the Nordic countries right around the time of the rise of the Nazis.

    Back in 2012, someone translated them to me. While she read them, I asked her who was Us? She said that it referred to everybody, the people. I asked her, to read them again…this time slowly. Once she finished, I noted that You seems to refer to everybody, but Us seems to refer to someone totally different.

    The Ten Rules state:

    1. You are not to think you are anything special.
    2. You are not to think you are as good as us.
    3. You are not to think you are smarter than us.
    4. You are not to convince yourself that you are better than us.
    5. You are not to think you know more than us.
    6. You are not to think you are more important than us.
    7. You are not to think you are good at anything.
    8. You are not to laugh at us.
    9. You are not to think anyone cares about you.
    10. You are not to think you can teach us anything.

    These social customs (unspoken laws) where modeled after the book, A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks (1933) by Aksel Sandemose.

    These ten principles, or commandments, are often claimed to form the “Jante’s Shield” of the Scandinavian people. In the book, the Janters who transgress this unwritten law are regarded with suspicion and some hostility, as it goes against the town’s communal desire to preserve harmony, social stability and uniformity.

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    *The Germ that Infected the World
    *Hate Me But Love My Genes

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    The video will be re-edited and broken down into segments, as there are a few issues at play (though they are related).
    1. Why are these Nation-States interest in the Arctic Circle, and it is NOT for Fishing rights.
    2. What is the connection between Sovereign Wealth Funds and Oil?
    3. What EXACTLY is Oil/Gas? What are the base elements, and what are the methods used to “refine” it?
    4. Why are they so interested in locating the origins of the Ancient race?

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    Exposing Historical Lies…Don’t Let Them Hide!

    Last year somone asked me, “when are you going back to America?” I was so tired of this question by random People I just said, “How do you know this isn’t America!”.

    Well here is an excerpt from a book, 1814-2014 Norwegian Constitution. American Inspiration (Red, White and Blue)

    In the Westerns there is frequently a scene in which one of the heroes walks into a bar, prompting a couple of scary-looking men to stand up and say: “You guys aint from here, are ya?” From then on our heroes need to let their fist do the talking.

    This scene took place for me personally when, as a young employee at the Norwegian Embassy in Washington, D.C., I was in meetings in the Midwest. A co-worker and I were on our way to meet some colleagues at a bar, which turned out to have the same name as a truck-stop bar on the outskirts of Minneapolis. This resulted in the cab leaving us in a neighbourhood where it was not a good idea to be late at night.

    As fine Norwegian adventurers, we thought that we might as well drop in for a beer before we left for home. It was then that we heard the famous line from the Western- just as ten tough-looking men rose up from their stools. It was obvious to us that two men in suits didn’t belong there. What we didn’t expect was the answer we stuttered in response in reality proved the opposite: “No, we’re from Norway.”

    (Cont’d from book) Who are these Norwegian Americans? My grandfather’s Brother was one of them. He first settled in the Norwegian District of Brooklyn, in Julekake (Christmas cookie) Avenue. Much was unknown. He was especially anxious about Meeting those he caleled “burned Stavanger boys”, who today are known as African Americans.

    Who is a Bodhisattva Warrior? You Are!

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    Can you handle a challenge that teeters on the borders of strange, ambiguous and downright unbelievable?

    Then tag…you’re it!

    The Secret Master

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    January 15, 2015

    Stranger Than Fiction…it is presumed this recent attack (see note at end of Press Release) is the result of a discovery I made when researching a comic book, see The Secret Master for details.

    The fictional writing, Hellboy, gives very graphic plans issued by the Germans during World War II; as well as influences and discoveries made by the U.S. and Russia post-war.

    It outlines a project called, Lebenskraft, an army of artificial men and a ‘War on Frogs’.

    Although written with a fictional nature, the similarities to the Nazi Project, Lebensborn cannot be overlooked, see The Aryan Question….I think not!

  12. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    January 17, 2015

    You cannot fight them on their terms, using their methods; war, dissention, bestiality, perversion, lies – all things they used to build their society.

    You have to Go Where They Can Not Go…The Heart!

    Lone Feather 144,000/ Between Worlds
    “…so this time we are trying a different approach. No more prophets, saviors & avatars that they can use to create religions. This time we are sending in thousands – actually hundreds of thousands – of ordinary light beings with only two assignments:
    1) Stay in your heart. Regardless of what happens, stay in your heart.
    2) Remember who you are, why you are here and what this is all about.”

    They cannot hold on to that frequency! I was listening to love songs as I was working…then all of a sudden creepers started leaving. Where the Hell are you going!??? I guess love must be a yucky feeling for them. Is it a cure? Sure does seem like it. See, Found A Cure!

  13. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    January 22, 2015

    Norwegians Trillion-Dollar Oil Problem just got Deeper. Norway Ordered to Stop Drilling!

    Northern Lands (formerly Oslo, Norway) – January 21, 2015

  14. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    January 28, 2015


    Indigenous Land Owner Repossess Norway

    Northern Lands (formerly Oslo, Norway)– January 26, 2015

  15. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    January 29, 2015

    It allows them to hide.

    (print, email and distribute in your communities. YOU must Make it an Issue, if not they will continue to hide.)

    Norwegians Trillion Dollar Problem Just Got Deeper
    Indigenous Land Owner Repossess Norway

    The Hague, International Court of Justice

  16. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    February 13, 2015

    Norwegian Government Shutdown-February 13,2015 (Pdf)


    Northern Lands – February 13, 2015

    FINAL DECISION: All courts of law, government offices and legal structures administered by the Norwegian Government cease operations. Must Be Shared.

  17. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    February 18, 2015

    New Roles for Norwegians-16Feb15 (Pdf)


    Northern Lands – February 16, 2015

    Sovereign Crown Denderah, issued new roles for the Norwegians to follow for continued land use.

  18. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    February 21, 2015

    Please, pay attention. As strange and simple as it may seem,
    You MUST Dance!

    See Article: Time Has Come At Last!

    You MUST REMOVE THEM! Knights of Malta, Secret Societies, Nazis, Military and Police all working for Hidden “People” and Invading energy forces who All Hide Behind Technology. You MUST REMOVE THEM!

  19. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    February 22, 2015

    Northern Lands – February 20, 2015 – From Beginningless Time

    “You must remove yourself from their concept of “Time”, that is a Trap.
    Their cycle (Time) is over!”

  20. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    February 26, 2015

    Click on the playlist and download the videos.
    It ALL starts with Lebensborn (The Holocaust, Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments); and what they set-out to Create. The Real birthing centers were in fact underground.

    Worlds Deadliest Drug – Used to disorientate you, make you more compliant.

    Remove (Flush) Toxins from the Body – Protect yourself
    Meta Gene – Know who you are, and fight them

    Hate Me, But Love My Genes – Secret Birthing Centers. Millions of toddlers and teens (world-wide), yet no parents

    Weapons Disguised as Headlights – Used to immobilize. Particle discharge

    It ALL should have Started with The Aryan Question. They use cellphones (advance technologies) to track you, harness your energy, and Hide.

    Don’t Let Them Do That to You!

  21. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    March 20, 2015

    Sun, Moon, Stars… Polaris
    Polaris- in motion, emotion
    Polaris, In Motion-Emotion

    Keep on dancing!!!

    See, The Coming Race

  22. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    April 4, 2015

    On March 26 thru March 30 I was kidnapped by the Norwegian Police who were trying to (once again) align me with the artifical (ALL CAPS) person, which is the state property passport.

    [Note: I was held and moved all through the use false documents. They created a passport under the fraudulent ALL CAPS character, l heard them say photoshop and passport. The officers involved were from Gronland Police station, Immigration and Trandum. They were working in tandem for the Schengen agreement, which is in part a commerce (goods) based agreement. So why would they break their own laws. Because I am worth a lot, and so are You!]

    During the time I was being held (hidden and moved) I was grabbed and thrown (Knocking my back out of place and lying on the floor unable to move for about 28 Hours.) I was assulted, grabbed and beaten by these “people”. In one incident, one of the male Schengen (agreement) agent told the two women agents to leave.Once gone he kneed my stomach repeatedly by bracing himsellf between two head rest, lifting himself up and raming his knee into my stomach over and over and over trying to force my back to bend into the car seat, while the other male agent held my arms.

    They took me by plane to JFK, and left me there at 1:00AM
    . No phone, no money, and I dont know anyone here. An officer at JFK was nice enoght to make some suggestions that got me a safe ride into the city, but once here I still had no place to go.

    Why would they do this?
    Because I AM the Original Land Owner of ALL Lands, A Global Empire. As I said before, if one of Us is Free from their system We Can Stop Them!

    *Two factors of particular importance: Is the nationality in question acquired automatically, or through some form of registration;– If nationality is acquired automatically, then the person is a national regardless of documentation status.-

    THIS IS KEY: If registration is required then the person is not a national until that has been completed.

    In other words, certain people can NEVER be a national or citizen because they existed before the construct of nations, states and were the grantors that gave foreigners permission to establish colonies (Trading post, Commerce).

    If you are Free you can stop them! They rely on your agreements and participation in their system.

  23. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    April 11, 2015

    Where are you (you ask)?

    IMPORTANT See article: CEASE and DESIST

    I will update Cease and Desist first, then the other 3 articles, No Inheritable blood, secret societies biggest fear, meta gene, later if I have a chance.

    Where I am at

    June 1 (End Time)

    6:00pm, still at the elevator, skywalk, the ones in the back. Please note, when I give my location, these creepers will often times crowd the area to push me. Just know that I am usually near by still trying to work.

    I NEED some food, and girl things… There is a Walgreens at 14580 Farmers blvd. Jamaica Queens. I will be there at 7:30pm. If there is not a waiting area, I will sit inside the nearest visible food place in the area.

    May 27 (End Time)

    Last night I had to sleep outside on a bench because everywhere I went there were men (paramilitary) following, as I recounted to someone later. Special Thank you to the people who offered me something warm to drink and eat this morning. I really appreciate your loving kindness!

    I REALLY need hotel accommodations made for me. As I don’t have a means for people to contact me (other than coming here to JFK in person), I will ask someone to please arrange accommodations at the JFK Hilton for me, Sovereign Crown Denderah. These are preventive measures that should be adhere to, as the lawlessness of these people have been shown and well document in the Press Release-Public Notice, Public Record. I will check with the hotel often until it is arranged and will post a picture when I am safely in doors. Thank you.

    At present, Term. 1 Food Court Starbucks working on a computer tablet. They close at 10:00pm and open at 6:00am. Need computer with wifi to get articles out! And, candy, instant coffee, chips and popcorn…(dont ask, just taking orders from the gut).

    May 28 (End Time)

    Had a pretty bad night (no place to sleep, cold and nothing to eat).

    At Airport Plaza, working at counter on computer tablet. After talking with two girl empolyees who came to me and asked about my work. I was told by security I had to leave. Ahhhh, the wonders of being Sovereign.

    Now, at the Jamacia Central Library (adverse reposssess) in Jamacia Ave Queens.

    May 29 (End Time)

    I slept outside again, creepers ever present. Will attach video.

    At the Starbucks food court, term 1. Only 30 mins free wifi so cannot update until I move elsewhere. Will be at Jamacia Central library later today last stop on bus Q3. AMITUOFO!

  24. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    April 12, 2015

    Remove the false construct (destroyer mode) ALL article updates will cease…..except one.

    DESTROYER: In naval terminology, a destroyer is a fast maneuverable long-endurance warship intended to escort larger vessels in a fleet, convoy and defend them against smaller powerful short-range attackers.

    Renunciation, IT IS A MUST!

    Vi (We) Kings

  25. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    May 7, 2015

    “…whether created from moisture of womb, magic , or machine I deem them Free from any implied ownership.”


  26. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    May 10, 2015

    Ports are trade agreements for moving cargo, vessels and products from one port to another. Passports (pass, enter the port (shipment) for commerce) is your agreed participation to be used, shared and exchanged. A vessel.

    Quickly get up to speed, so you can get away from them!

    We (The People) Don’t Need YOU!

  27. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    May 18, 2015

    The Smithsonian and many other colonist institutions know the truth behind those original heirs to the land. They will never admit it, but their behavior speaks volumes.

    Two year ago I attended meetings on Land Restitution held in the Northern Lands. The series of meetings dealt with Land Reform taking place in South America. See some of the brief notes I was able to save in the comment section of Six Nations Joint House Resolution 331 and They sat-down (Shutdown),YOU Stand-Up. It talks about how these governments /corporations are trying to hang-on and continue to leech-off you by issuing new agreements for land development, and maintenance of the infrastructure.

    Recently I noticed China’s name looking a little ‘Amended’. Now appearing next to their ‘flag’ is Hong Kong SAR China.

    What is SAR? (you ask)
    It is them coyly ADMITTING they have no claim to land (and its resources). As I have said on numerous occasions, THEY HAVE TO GIVE IT BACK!

    Hong Kong SAR (Special Administrative Region) is the unique name given to Hong Kong city and surrounding region. Macau is also known as the Macau SAR. (Macau SAR). The name reflects each region’s semi –autonomous relationship with China, where they retain control over domestic and economic affairs but China controls foreign policy – at least that’s a basic summation.

    Special administrative regions of China are effectively separate countries with their own local administrations. They remain governed by Beijing on matters of foreign affairs and national defence. China currently has two special administrative zones – also known as SAR, Hong Kong and Macau, and Beijing has suggested that if Taiwan returned to Chinese rule, then it too would be made a special administrative region.

    Return to Chinese rule? That would imply…They are FREE!

    It is the same everywhere, you just have to Stop operating under their imagined system where as State Property it is Legal (in their perverted minds) to kill you and molest children.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: They cannot claim SAR either because I (as the original ancient root race to this planet) have claimed All Land and declared the People Are Free and protected by my sovereignty, from them attempting to use people as collateral, or make a deal with. Even if people are still confused and are not aware of what is taking place they cannot be harmed or moved off planet by them.

  28. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    May 27, 2015

    You are being lulled to sleep! DO NOT ‘KEEP CALM’. Notice this phrase around you.They are using many methods, you must pay attention. The music is hypnotic, and the singing (chanting) repetitive (goes into your subconscious). Sleep inducing odors. IF YOU NOTICE YOUR SELF GETTING DROWSEY JUMP UP AND MOVE YOUR ASS!!! They must tell you, by Universal Law. They are now describing themselves as ACTORS. All Nations-States,governments, military, paramilitary, guerrilla actors. They even have an area called FDNY Emergency Stagging (at JFK).

    (wiki) In United States law, a state actor is a person who is acting on behalf of a governmental body, and is therefore subject to regulation under the United States Bill of Rights, including the First, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, which prohibit the federal and state governments from violating certain rights and freedoms.

    There is a part in the movie Dreamcatcher (Stephen King) where the military man (Morgan Freeman) mentions children and animals he almost whispers it. Where they are the host…

    They will tell you in the form of “entertainment”. Use those elements to find coroberating evidence in their records usually in house (Senate/Parliament minutes) meetings, bills passed, etc. See, Public Law 105-85

    This is NOT Entertainment, this
    IS disclosure. Pay attention to any details surrounding children in the movie.
    “Mommy why did that girl look at me like that?” I was on the train and one of these creatures was asking a million questions a minute. I was soooo tied of their cutesy (everybody look at me) act I gave him the Billy Idol/stinky face look. What happened to the good old days when children use to get a beating for asking stupid questions!?
    Key to note, Their crying is FAKE! They are just doing it to get noticed. You will NEVER see them sleeping or playing with toys or other children; and rarely eating (when this is done, it too is just for show).Take out a camera and watch their reaction or the reaction of the ‘parents’.

  29. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 12, 2015

    The dollar has already collapsed. Their system is operating on auto-pilot.

    You must claim yourSELF, and create your own Sovereign Community (see, CEASE and DESIST). Everything is Free and has been reclaimed, you just have to act on it.

    (image: the fare box on the bus illustrates that, the dollar is crossed out, and the coins show no amount on them, and the image is very, very, very light.

    Tell the driver, “Can I get a ride to…” He is oblige to say yes. Why?Because you own your communities, you just have not Stood-Up yet!

  30. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 18, 2015

    IMPORTANT: Haiti / Dominica Mass Culling, You Must Stop Them!

    I don’t watch television, nor do I follow the news, but yesterday I caught a glance of what they are trying to do in Dominica.Please be aware, there are agents in your communities, whose job it is to collect souls, through persuasion or intimidation.

    YOU MUST STOP THEM- from Beginningless Time.
    It is 12:30pm and as soon as I type Dominica, an agent showed up. Why? Because they are scared you will wake- up and not go along with the program.

    Its the same land, same people. What’s wrong with you!
    They are attempting new agreements for the rights to your biological material. They need your body, but need your consent to give it to them.(Please Note, No matter the attempt, ALL PEOPLE WERE DECLARED FREE. See Announcement)

    One Island, Two Worlds: Conflict between The Dominican Republic and Haiti film Cristo Rey 2013.

    (Please stay tuned in, I will attach an affidavit.If you have already registered for residency, you need to simply Rescind offer and Void request (documents), and return them with Affidavit of your true self (and not an artificial commodity, i.e. Citizen)

    Its a Spirtual war, no violence necessary. Because you are God, and that is what he does not want you to know.

    (Cristo Rey, directed by Leticia Tonos Paniagua, 2013)

    Many of the current problems between Haiti and the Dominican Republic are based on the fact that millions of Haitians are currently living in the Dominican. Even though some of them were born in the DR, the police and the general public still mistreat them.

    ALWAYS look past the propaganda to the truth. Why are these people so despised? Could it be they possess a secret strain of melanin that stops the beast.

  31. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    September 10, 2015

    I Declare FREEDOM!

    I won’t let you down.
    I will not give you up.
    Got to have some Faith in the Sound, it’s the one good thing that I got!

    Their Rules are for another Person, Everyone’s got themselves.
    I don’t belong to you, and you don’t belong to me!

    Jamaica Hospital Medical Center
    Held me under a false identity and refuse to correct their records to be in compliance with their states (U.N.) court orders which illustrate I AM not a part of their Jurisdiction, I AM Sovereign, I AM Indigenous and I AM Stateless. See: Joint Commission

    All We have to do is take these lies (History) and make them True (Expose).
    That’s What YOU Get!

  32. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    October 9, 2015

    “The Universe operates off laws. It is the violations and absence of law on this Planet that has allowed these things to happen. People must be reinstructed on universal law, and remove themselves from this lawless system.”

  33. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    October 12, 2015

    While I was being held Against My Will at Jamaica Hospital, I was asked who was my next of kin, not emergency contact but next of kin. It was clear they knew what I was saying was true and were attempting to circumvent a way to prevent it.

    Public Record – Public Notice:
    “I, Denderah Cherokee Washitaw Brothers El, do not have a next of kin. Thus, anyone claiming to be my family (Facebook, any other social media or document), should be avoided. Only those who are Indigenous, Stateless, and a Non-Person do I claim as family. All others are agents for the State and Citizens.”

    This movie shows how the Indians were conquered through Religion (and discord).

    Set in 1634 New France (North America) during the period of conflicts known as the Beaver Wars, the film begins in the settlement that will one day become Quebec City. Jesuit (Church/ State) Missionaries try to encourage the local Algonquin Indians to accept Christianity by using deception and conflict with other tribes.

    400 years later their tactics have changed very little. They use the same methods to conquer- Religion, Entertainment, Education and Medicine.

    Raise Your Frequency and all Spirits will work with you to Re-establish Justice.

  34. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    October 28, 2015

    Movie: Thank God It’s Friday
    “A movie that shows how truly splendid man can be when he is Free and Natural.”

    Find those that are like you vibrationally. Live together, support one another.
    This is the mass culling because They can’t take your frequency.

  35. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    November 22, 2015


    Whether you vote for something, or against it. Your action of voting means you are in agreement. They do not want you to know you consent to your own mistreatment.

    See Related Article for details:

  36. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    December 25, 2015

    (Chart) Is it Really about taxes? In an attempt to combat the increasing U.S. renunciation, the State Department has raised their fee from $450.00 to $2,350.00!

    The Fraud,the Birth Certificate

    Collapse The Trust-Nobody Can Be You

  37. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    February 22, 2016

    IMPORTANT: Stand Up Heirs to the Land (hidden inside other peoples families)

    I have been conducting a fact-finding weekend into how the governments (States) usurped the land from the original land owners. l discovered many of their agents married into the family of the land owners and stole the land through agreements. An example is the state-issued name on the Birth Certificate. The birth NAME is an agreed-upon lie by people working on behalf of the State to help them claim land. Your physical body is also property. Like a Title Loan the all caps YOU is the collateral borrowed against for State Operations. Your particpation is required for them to take the land and you through your State ID (Passport, Driver’s License, Social Security number).

    Do NOT Vote —Stay Out of Their System!

    You may have to separate from family members that have agreements with Governments.Family members will work against you for personal gain, benefits and profits. Just because you were raised with/or by someone does not mean they are your family and are like you. It has to do with the heart vibration.

    We Stood-Up!
    I need your help to get the below document out, with the first few pages of the U.S. Embassy (Norway) Affidavit Dec. 22, 2011 found at American Relinquish IMPLIED U.S. Citizenship to Save Lives to all court houses and tell them TO FILE. They will give it a miscellaneous file number in their court records. The complete document was also hand delivered to the United Nations Indigenous Issues Dept on April 20, 2015.

    Send it to all county court houses by Fax, Email, Certified Mail, or Return Receipt. Especially those small impoverished southern towns like Dillon County, Scotsland County, Marion County, Mullins County in South Carolina and North Carolina.

    Help Us To Stand Together

    stateless document return land to The People

    Take A Stand…Its Your Land

    All Constitutions Are Trust!

    You are not alone anymore


  38. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    April 6, 2016

    Collapse the Trusts, Transfer the Deeds.

    I do not have a “Mother” or a “Father”, both are terms to denote State citizens and property through the Birth Certificate. I AM Stateless and the Indigenous Heir to the Lands and all its resources.

    Share this,

  39. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    April 11, 2016

    It is said, the last stone you unturn holds the key to it all.

    I don’t know if it is the last stone but I am where it started, in the land of flowers, Florida.

    Since I am in Cocoa Florida conducting this reseach, please send the above Court Document noting my stateless status (with a copy of their U.N. State agreement, which recognize the freedom of all indigenous people whose land they occupy. Found Here) to all county court houses throughout the region. THANK YOU!

    Public Notice-Public Record
    “I, Denderah Cherokee Washitaw Brothers EL, (or any other misnomer used by State Citizens or agents) do not have a Mother, or a Father. I do not have a Birth Record, Certificate of Birth or Parent which denote state property, (i.e. Ward of the State).

    As a Flesh and Blood (Non-Christian) Divine Being, my parents are the elemental forces which creates all life.”

    I AM the indigenous sovereign authority to the land, and heir to all its resources. –Sovereign Crown Denderah Cherokee Washitaw Brothers El

    Please See:Press Release-Public Notice-Public Record

  40. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 4, 2016

    This information Must Be Taken Serious. And ACT!

    You Are Being Replaced in Record Numbers, stealing eggs to manufacture their people. These creatures and those that help them must be Destroyed.Pay attention to these overly smart Toddlers.

    They are created in underground basements and special areas of hospitals.

    See: Stealing Eggs the new way to conceive?

    Human is a Form, Not a Race

    You Must Say (Invoke)
    “Anything that was created using my essence (blood, urine, feces, eggs, sperm, energy, etc.) without my full knowledge and consent Must Be Destroyed. Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust They All Fall Down! So It Is.”

    All Their Efforts Are Futile, THEIR FUTURE ENDS HERE.

  41. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 12, 2016

    (Note: This article is heavily tampered with. The below video was removed from YouTube. It will be replaced back into the article shortly. Thank you.)

    This is what happens when you intentionally breed love out of people.

  42. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 24, 2016


    Worldwide Announcement: Landmass formerly known as the United States, is offically called Morena, Sovereign Land.

    The People of the Land Morena renounced their United States citizenship and stayed on Sovereign’s Land. Read more:

  43. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 26, 2016


    Recently I have been told to leave property I have occupied for over a month. The person had full knowledge of my Landowner status and Stateless/Sovereign standing. Thus it is important to send the below linked announcements, and the following notice.

    America Reclaimed BY Indigenous Land Owner-
    I Claim Jurisdiction Over the United States –

    Royal Decree-The United States Forfeits Land-

    Please send by Fax, Email, return receipt or express mail to all Foreign Departments, State Departments, Local administrative offices, Courts, Bailiffs, U.N. Dept of Indigenous issues and the Dept of Interior for filing under Public Notice-Public Record. Thank you for your prompt attention.
    Affidavit of Fact

    Adverse Repossession By Landowner and Sovereign Authority.

    I, Sovereign Crown Denderah- Cherokee-Washitaw-Brothers:El, adverse repossess the land dwelling, fixtures and furnituring at 35.28376 latitude and -80.865773 longitude respectively.

    Repossession becomes an act of necessity and is a “self-help” type of action in which the party having right of ownership of the property in question takes the property back from the party who took it possession of it (or its acting representative) without invoking courts.

    [Note: Courts cannot rule or make judgments when they lack jurisdiction.]

    Fee Simple Definition: Land ownership status in which the owner holds title and control of property. The owner make decisions about the land use, sell the land without government oversight.

    As the Indigenous Heir to these lands whose history and inheritance is tied to the land I claim these lands and property. Property repossessed by the indigenous landowner is both legal and lawful.

    Thus, Adverse Repossession measures as interpreted by courts, states and state citizens are not applicable to landowners. Landowners simply possess the land or declare their property as informed consent.

    [Decreed on June 24, 2016 From Beginningless Time]


    To acknowledge the contribution of the Iroquois Confederacy of Nations to the development of the United States Constitution and to reaffirm the continuing government-to-government relationship between Indian tribes and the United States established in the Constitution.

    Whereas the original framers of the Constitution, including, most notably, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, are known to have greatly admired the concepts of the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy;

    Whereas the confederation of the original Thirteen Colonies into one republic was influenced by the political system developed by the Iroquois Confederacy as were many of the democratic principles which were incorporated into the Constitution itself;

    Reaffirms the government-to-government relationship between the United States and Indian tribes.

    Reaffirms the trust responsibility and obligation of the Government to Indian tribes, including Alaska Natives.

    Read the full Resolution: house resolution 331

  44. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 28, 2016

    Thank you all for standing by me,

    On June 27, 2016 [End Time] the above press releases were given to the City Clerks office to file. It is noted on their website they serve as the historian to the community and their history goes back to the 11th century (1200’s). So It was equally as important these documents get filed there.

    Initially I was told maybe it should go to another department. But I knew from the information on their website it was the right place as it pre-dates current history. In the end I left with stamped copies and they had theirs in hand as I walked out the door.

    Next I met with the Recorder of Deeds, and spoke to their supervisor. She read over the Affidavit of Fact and assisted in getting it immediately in their records as Public Notice.

    The documents consisted of the Affidavit of Fact, the first page of the Affidavit of Truth from June 27, 2011, and the above Press Releases. So it is in their system and is Informed Consent.

    I will update this information to the Press Release- Public Notice-Public Record. Thank you all for your help in getting this information out and to the general public. .

    The People of the Land, Morena. Borderless, Countryless, Stateless. A Land of Sovereign Communities.

  45. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    September 27, 2016

    Accessible and Free For All.

    Ancient history should not be limited to a select few. It should be available for all, and Free For All.

    The indigenous people of this planet have been left in such a dismal condition they lack the knowledge of their True Roots, former brilliance and potential.

    Investigating history is a right that must be expressed by all. It is a tool that can be used to pull indigenous people out of their current condition; and awaken them to the truth of who they are.

    I am not a political activist, not a Muslim, or any other terminology used to separate people. I am simply a Sentient Being practicing the Bodhisattva Way.

    I will leave you with this interesting note. A comedian noticed two Native Americans sitting in the audience while delivering his stand-up routine. He said (addressing the audience), “Hey we got some Native Americans in the audience tonight.” The two people turned towards the audience, waving and smiling (Yes, we are Native Americans). The comedian continued, “Can I ask you a question. “What was America called before it was called America?”

    The people known as Negros were not from “Africa”, they were from here. I like the below speech because it asks the listener to question the world around them.

    To raise the vibration of this planet we all must help. Pass along any information you find on this website. Print it and leave it for others to read, question and awaken. Thank you.

  46. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    September 27, 2016
  47. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    October 5, 2016
  48. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    October 16, 2016

    There are many out there helping. Our inner-chi is much stronger and faster than any technology they can create.

    Simply Create a Better World For Everyone. Where needs are met without agreements (i.e. social security/ insurance) and without the need for money. From the movie Beautiful Green, No More Buying, No More Power. What Could the Police Do. [They Cannot Force You To Consume]

    The “Green Planet” belongs to another solar system.

    Earth is considered too polluted and too dangerous, and no one wants to volunteer to go there. Except one lady alone, who goes there to help.

    Beautiful Green In Spanish

    Beautiful Green, in French (with Budapest subtitles)

    Youtube has removed the English subtitled version. Please continue to upload this film on Youtube and other video channels. Thank you, Amituofo!

    A Place where there’s Peace, Quiet, and Serenity

  49. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    October 16, 2016

    The Planet of Amnesia, Earth. YOU ARE THE PEOPLE OF THE LEGACY.

    The masses are not the ones. It is those that are conscious. They ARE the most precious. The Conscious Are the Few… that will Inherit the Earth.

    When he asks, Do you remember? Please say Yes. You cannot make a liar out of yourself. All knowledge is Within You. .ALL NATIONS CONSTITUTIONS ARE TRUST.

  50. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    October 24, 2016
  51. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    November 4, 2016

    I Need You to Believe in the Ways of Magic

    Break Their Spell – Change Destiny!

    Divine Destiny – The Seven HathorsI Need You to Believe in the Ways of Magic

  52. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    November 10, 2016

    When I first arrived in the Northen Lands (so-called Norway) , I was so overjoyed and excited! I remember saying outloud to myself, I’m back! (Eventhou I had never been there before).

    A few months later I started my research into the Vikings. After a year or so, the evidence was so overwhelming (to the true identity of these people) I begin to mention it in passing to those who asked, What Are You Doing In Norway?

    As my research became known, the question quickly changed to, So when are you going back to America? By this time I had already become Stateless, and reclaimed my Indigenous status. And subsequently begin reclaiming my inheritance. (As all governments know, to be considered sovereign you must have Land, Natural Resources and/or Funds).

    The Norwegian Government Caught A-tude
    Oh Hell No! “You’re not going to come to my “country”, claim land, take our sovereign wealth fund, Sue us, say the Vikings were American Indians (Blacks!)…Niggers from the Bronx no less.” (They tried to beat the living hell out of me).

    Freyja – Norse Goddess… One of her names is Valfreyja, the “Lady of the Slain” (or “Freyja of the Slain”). It relates to her role as chief of the Valkyries, and keeper of Sessrúmnir, her feast hall in Fólkvangr. This is where half of those slain in battle are sent. The others are sent to Odin to reside in Valhalla.

    Freyja Goddess in Norse Mythology, Het-Heru (Sekhmet) in Egyptian Mythology and countless other Legends.

    Your ancestors never intended to let you down. They left clues so you could find yourself.

  53. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    November 20, 2016

    “You don’t understand what is going on. You don’t understand what is going on. This is over.”

    The above was spoken by an old white man (about 70 years old) to his wife as he learned the Open Door was closing. He seemed in quite dispair. I wondered why. Its just a Catholic worker house serving food, blankets and other items to the homeless, or is there more?

    The Open Door is closed, The Phoenix has Risen.

    Article: The Message

  54. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    December 5, 2016
  55. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    December 20, 2016

    Keep Chanting!!!

    I am on the move. It is soooooo cold here in (so called) New York.
    The ones left do not have a heart and soul, except for a very small few. I have a place to sleep for the moment at a “relative” house, but I must leave early every morning. I walking around noticing the empty buildings and lack of people- and being hounded by the police (and their agents). They don’t like me very much. Ummmmmm I wonder why?

    See articles:

    * I would be remiss, if I didn’t mention this

    * Lone Feather, 144,000

  56. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    December 29, 2016

    PLEASE PAY ATTENTION. They (police, agents, citizens) are searching for soul-bearing people. Please be aware of the activity and planning going on in your neighborhood.

      (Note: They will point their cellphones against (or towards) your Back or Touch, Bump, Tap to tag you. Be aware of any uncomfortable energy in your stomach or back.)

    If you are taken Do Not Assocate Yourself to THE NAME -The All Caps Fiction on the Birth Certificate. Nor do you have a social security number. Family, Friends, Associates will work agsinst you to preserve themselves so you may not be able to count on them in a time of need.

    Stay Strong and DO NOT GIVE YOUR CONSENT. If taken Do Not Sign ANYTHING!, Do Not Make (Offer) a plea. They cannot hold you, nor convict you without a NAME. They need you to announce a NAME. REMAIN SILENT!

    IMPORTANT: If you are taken, know the car will be dosed with a compliance drug, like Scopolamine. Whatever is asked of you, Do nothing, Say nothing; Or Do The Opposite! If they ask you to sit. STAND. If they ask, Are You _______. Say nothing. When you comply, in their eyes you agree. And when you agree, you agree to whatever they have planned for you.

    If you do sign, answer questions, go to court- you will not come back. Is that clear?

  57. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    January 2, 2017

    They Do Not Claim the (ALL CAPS) NAME.

    The Highest Law of the Land are its Treaties-for Flesh and Blood Living Beings. Maritime Law (Admiralty Law) is the law of the Sea for those who are lost at sea…and dead.

    See Related Articles:
    Da Vinci’s Frog
    The Year of the Lord’s Favor

  58. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    January 9, 2017

    BE Good.
    when I’m good I’m bad…Know this!

    2 years ago I asked, Who is the Sovereign of “New York”? There was silence. No one spoke nor laid claim.

    It wasn’t until I begin explaining to someone the number of companies; investment banking firms, pharmaceutical companies, law firms, advertising agencies, did I realize it was me.

    As I told them, “I have worked in every industry in this “city”. They should have never let me in.”

    The Year of the Lord’s Favor
    You Must Not Forgive Them.

  59. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    January 16, 2017

    INTERNATIONAL NOTICE Reestablish Sovereign Republic

    Immediate Release

    There is a 30 day period within your government between the election of your president and their term ceremony, whereby someone with historical continuity to the land (the original Republic) gives notice to your government to inform them the land has been reestablished by an heir to the land who is in their proper status and standing (Indigenous and Stateless). I AM here today to give such notice. —Sovereign Crown Denderah


  60. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    February 21, 2017


    Global Economic Reset, Reclaim Your Inheritance.
    As many of you know, in 2014 I attended a series of meeting in the Northern Lands (“Norway”) on Land Restitution. (See the comment section in Six Nations). During the meeting Nation-States proposed methods to continue their use of land (and resources).

    I suspect this is what their Global Economic Reset is all about.

    The below affidavit although written while in the Northern Lands (“Norway”) reflects all Nations, States and their respective governments. Documents were also given to their courts along with their Court Order pertaining to my Stateless status and Indigenous standing. These documents are also housed at the United Nations Department of Indigenous Issues.


  61. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    February 22, 2017


    Since going public with the Empty Building /Missing Persons report I have been having trouble updating material on this website, and others unable to access it.

    My Website Needs to be Mirrored. Please be weary of any registration that is required of you. Like, Donors Registration on your Drivers License and Voters Application which registers you as an Organ Donor.

    Do Not have I.D. it gives Consent! Or like the man in the video DO NOT SAY THE NAME! (You are not the name!)

  62. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    March 21, 2017

    ARE YOU A DEBTOR OR A CREDITOR? (It Matters Now More than Ever)


    “In international law, statelessness is the lack of citizenship. A stateless person is someone who is not considered as a national by any state under the operation of its law.”

    *The United States is one of a small number of countries which will allow its “citizens” to renounce their citizenship even if they do not hold any other.

    Read More:

    *See, Renunciation, It Is A Must!

  63. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    March 30, 2017

    The End Of Big Business
    Information is being exposed faster than they can cover it up. So Big Corporations have pulled advertising off some youtube channels.

    In celebration of the latest news here are some clips of more Truths cloaked as entertainment.

  64. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    April 16, 2017


    See, Divine Destiny

  65. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    April 26, 2017

    Untold amounts of Indigenous People of “America” were murdered, lynched and threatened to never speak about their heritage, and connection to the land.

    Many present-day incarcerations, premeditated set-ups by law enforcement, and murders are committed to keep these true land owners unaware of their inheritance, and dependent upon state and federal subsidies for their survival.

    Their story has never been told…


    We all must face the lies that formed this crumbling society, and return these rightful heirs (those to whom you call Black) to their proper position without state intrusion.

    Some of the Crimes committed by Federal agencies, State agents, and their citizens against these indigenous heirs include: Killing for land, Forced sterilization, Medical experiments, Missing men, women and children, Human organ trafficking.


    The Hauge
    (International City of Peace and Justice Working towards a Better World)

    International Court of Justice (World Court)
    Peace Palace – The Netherlands

    Inform them of the situation in “America” – Missing People, Killing for Land, Forced Displacement (Human Trafficking)

  66. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    May 18, 2017

    THIS clip is graphic (Mature Content) but you need to know this is what is happening to our people…ALL PEOPLE in these underground military bases, FEMA Camps, “Superstore” basements. (see, No Inheritable Blood. and The ORDER to REMOVE ALL MILITARY and POLICE.)

    The Women are being held in places like this. These creepy-ass “toddlers” are what they’re using them to create. These are Birthing Farms and Rape Facilities, “Processing” Plants for the Elite. The judge that was recently killed and body found in the Hudson river was investigating a Cop that was involved in these kidnapping and sex trafficking rings, who was caught raping a 13 year old girl.

    Do Not Sign ANYTHING! Do Not Give Them a NAME. Do Not Go To Court. (They Cannot Hold You longer than 3 months without these things which equal consent – Signature, Birth Certificate NAME). If you give them a NAME or Signature, they will write it on an order to sentence you to these camps. They are using their court system to hold these people in these concentration camps.PLEASE PRINT THE TWO ABOVE ORDERS AND POST THEM IN YOUR COMMUNITY AS PUBLIC NOTICE- PUBLIC RECORD.

    *Notice How IlSA looks like USA.

  67. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 4, 2017

    InnerSTAND yourself. The Last of one Kind, the beginning of another
    Xanadu (1980), and LOST HORIZON (1937) and (1973). Lost Horizon has a very interesting and complex story (mystery) surrounding it – A three (3) hour movie cut down to 80 minutes in later years. Missing (destroyed) first two reels and the director Frank Capra, said he doesn’t recall what was on them. All thou he describes Lost Horizon as his best film out of all his other directorial masterpieces.

    Recalibrate the Land, A Return to Eden.

    Someone please upload the movies so everyone can See them. Thank you!

    Xanadu Film Page:
    Lost Horizon Film Page:

  68. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 22, 2017

    Demand Accountability

    Congress, Senate, and Local Government Arrests

    Through research and investigation it has been determined State Politicians and Community Leaders involvement in Child Pedophilia Rings, Sex Trafficking Networks, Slave Camps, Body-parts and Organ Harvesting. This network is being held accountable for the disappearance of Millions of Missing Men, Women and Children.

  69. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    July 4, 2017
  70. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    July 14, 2017

    Share this Everywhere!


    The security of “Israel” (Isis, Ra, and El), the Children of the Sun, is an enforceable action under the Law of Ma’at and must be upheld by “Nations” “States” and “Countries”.

  71. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    August 7, 2017
  72. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    September 15, 2017

    Public Notice – Public Record – Public Filing

    Sovereign Empire (formerly known as New York) – September 14, 2017 [New Beginnings]


    The question remains, can they exist without killing and living on the lifeforçe of others? Do they need technology to sustain their appearance, and life?

    We need to be certain the Anglo-Saxon race and their artificial people can survive off their own biological energy without the use of their devices, cellphones, and technologies to harness others lifeforce.

    Too many communities of people have been killed and gone missing for the World not to notice who and what is behind it.

    Your ”Nation-State” “citizens” deserve a resolution on this dying breed; which kills to sustain its own life.

    United Nations sanctions won’t stop them. There must be a clear and decisive plan of removal.

    Sovereign Crown Denderah-Cherokee-Washitaw-Brothers:ÈĹ

    END of STATEment


  73. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    October 15, 2017

    Jump! Timelines!

    We got to reverse it! Go back in time… Create your world. No Flag, No Countries, No Police. Just Communities of neighbors.

    *(I had no idea how must I remembered until she started naming Songs!)

  74. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    November 23, 2017


  75. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    December 29, 2017

    Thank you World!

  76. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 23, 2018

    Please note: There is an order for evacuation and removal of Citizens and Residence that refuse to publicize the information ordered. Please send the above announcement to Community Houses worldwide to have placed on Community Bulletin Boards.

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