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Ultima Thule -The Glow of Love

Once upon a time there was a lady named Chanyee who lived in a region in the far north that went by the name Thule. Unlike the rest of the inhabitants, she had come from a place outside of space and time. Chanyee often had visions and dreams of many worlds, understanding her connection to them. During the long winter months she told stories of this place to the children, sharing imagery about a magical land where anything could happen and people lived in love and light created by
The Great Crystals.

Happy Chanyee

That day Chanyee read them a poem called Ultima Thule – linking Thule with The Quest – based on the creative imagination of a poet named Henry Wadsworth Longfellow as he pondered the journey of humanity.

With favoring winds, o’er sunlit seas,
We sailed for the Hesperides,
The land where golden apples grow;
But that, ah! that was long ago.

How far, since then, the ocean streams
Have swept us from that land of dreams,
That land of fiction and of truth,
The lost Atlantis of our youth!

Whither, ah, whither? Are not these
   The tempest-haunted Orcades,
Where sea-gulls scream, and breakers roar,
And wreck and sea-weed line the shore?

Ultima Thule! Utmost Isle!
Here in thy harbors for a while
We lower our sails; a while we rest

From the unending, endless Quest

(Longfellow predominantly wrote lyric poems which are known for their musicality and which often presented stories of mythology and legend. He became the most popular  poet of his day.)

One night a white light appeared in Chanyee’s igloo,
the Ancient One manifesting before her. And  showed her igloos forming a stargate grid as auroras floated above.

“Behold the sky,” he said, “for when the northern lights

are affected by the mighty forces of the sun


great change returns to the Earth.”

Chanyee remembered.

The Ancient One showed her Thule as it once
existed in another time and place in Ancient Atlantis.

Chanyee saw herself living there,
when Thule was not covered in ice.

The land was fertile and there existed a highly evolved society.

The heavens were different – as were the seas.

And life centered around the Great Crystal Temple.

 It was there she lived as a healer using crystal harmonics to balance the energies of all sentient life forms. When the great destruction fell upon Atlantis and the Earth cried out in a mighty roar – she could no longer heal those who came to her – for that reality would cease to exist. The Ancient One had come, as he does when one story ends and other begins. He showed her the image of what we call the swastika a vehicle that moves between time and space. She saw a connection to a man named Adolf Hitler and a group of people called the Thule Society. Hitler was looking to control the next evolution of humanity at a time it was struggling to be spiritually free. He was searching for a way to create the ancient Atlantean root race as an answer to his folly.

To protect the DNA codes of the ancients, they had been
frozen within her crystal matrix, which Hitler could not access

the knowledge stored for the next evolution of consciousness.

In the second decade of the 21st Century, the swastika would reverse – spiraling backwards – merging with the Atlantean grid – HER crystal knowledge released so humanity could understand what was about to happen in the cycles of existence. Once again the sun would speak as the lights from the north opened a stargate to the place called home.


 Glow of Love / Change

Flower’s bloomin, mornin dew and the beauty seems to say
“Its a pleasure when you treasure all thats new and true and gay”
Easy livin and were givin what we know were dreamin of
 We are one, havin fun walkin in the glow of love….
walkin’, oooohooh…

Smilin faces, goin places, its a wonder, its so clear
By a fountain, climbin mountains, as well hold each other near
 Sippin wine, we try to find that special magic from above
As we share our affair talkin in the glow of love
Yeah, yeah, in the glow of love, oooohooh…ooh

Here in glow of love
 (You’re a shinin star)
Here in glow of love
(No matter who you are)
Here in glow of love, here in glow of love
 (So I want to let you know you move me, yeah, yeah)

There is no better way to be
(Hold me, caress me)
I’m yours forever and a day
(We are a sweet bouquet, oh yeah)
Seasons for happiness are here
(Can you Feel It all around you)
Reason were filled with cheer is
We’re in rapture in the glow of love….
Oh, yeah

Finding meaning while we’re dreaming
Of the splendor of it all
We’re surrounded and abound
It’s summer, winter, spring and fall

All the people meeting people
 Laughing, danc’in till the dawn
And we’ll always be like this
Glowing in the glow of love

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
In the glow of love

Here in glow of love
(Gotta let you know you movin’ me, yeah)

  (You really, really do, yeah)
Here in glow of love
 (I gotta let you know you movin’ me, yeah)
Here in glow of love
(Oh, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, ohh yeah yeah yeah)

There is no better way to be
(Honey, I love you)
I’m yours forever and a day…….
(We are a sweet bouquet)
Seasons for happiness are here
(Happy were so happy, yeah)
Reason were filled with cheer is
 We’re in rapture in the glow, of love……..

Never lonely with you only time will always be our friend
Reaching far to find a star, our destiny is Heaven sent
Making on this lovin tone, well never part, the two of us
We will always reminisce kissin in the glow of love….
In the glow of love…

Flower’s bloomin, mornin dew and the beauty seems to say
“Its a pleasure when you treasure all thats new and true and gay”
Easy livin and were givin what we know were dreamin of
 We are one, havin fun walkin in the glow of love….



14 comments on “Ultima Thule -The Glow of Love

  1. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    March 17, 2015

    Sun, Moon, Stars… Polaris
    Polaris- in motion, emotion
    Polaris, In Motion-Emotion

    Keep on dancing!!!

    See, The Coming Race

  2. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    May 7, 2015

    “…whether created from moisture of womb, magic , or machine I deem them Free from any implied ownership.”


  3. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    May 11, 2015

    Ports are trade agreements for moving cargo, vessels and products from one port to another. Passports (pass, enter the port (shipment) for commerce) is your agreed participation to be used, shared and exchanged. A vessel.

    Quickly get up to speed, so you can get away from them!

    We (The People) Don’t Need YOU!

  4. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 6, 2015

    Compassion the New name of the Game

    Listen to the terminology they use.THIS IS KEY
    When asked, “Do you want to buy (purchase) something?” Tell them , No, I want it for free.”

  5. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 12, 2015

    The dollar has already collapsed. Their system is operating on auto-pilot.

    You must claim yourSELF, and create your own Sovereign Community (see, CEASE and DESIST). Everything is Free and has been reclaimed, you just have to act on it.

    (image: the fare box on the bus illustrates that, the dollar is crossed out, and the coins show no amount on them, and the image is very, very, very light.

    Tell the driver, “Can I get a ride to…” He is oblige to say yes. Why?Because you own your communities, you just have not Stood-Up yet!

  6. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    September 9, 2015

    I Declare FREEDOM!

    I won’t let you down.
    I will not give you up.
    Got to have some Faith in the Sound, it’s the one good thing that I got!

    Their Rules are for another Person, Everyone’s got themselves.
    I don’t belong to you, and you don’t belong to me!

    Jamaica Hospital Medical Center
    Held me under a false identity and refuse to correct their records to be in compliance with their states (U.N.) court orders which illustrate I AM not a part of their Jurisdiction, I AM Sovereign, I AM Indigenous and I AM Stateless. See: Joint Commission

    All We have to do is take these Lies (History) and make them True (Expose).
    That’s What YOU Get!

  7. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    October 10, 2015

    “The Universe operates off laws. It is the violations and absence of law on this Planet that has allowed these things to happen. People must be reinstructed on universal law, and remove themselves from this lawless system.”

  8. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    October 12, 2015

    While I was being held Against My Will at Jamaica Hospital, I was asked who was my next of kin, not emergency contact but next of kin. It was clear they knew what I was saying was true and were attempting to circumvent a way to prevent it.

    Public Record – Public Notice:
    “I, Denderah Cherokee Washitaw Brothers El, do not have a next of kin. Thus, anyone claiming to be my family (Facebook, any other social media or document), should be avoided. Only those who are Indigenous, Stateless, and a Non-Person do I claim as family. All others are agents for the State and Citizens.”

    This movie shows how the Indians were conquered through Religion (and discord).

    Set in 1634 New France (North America) during the period of conflicts known as the Beaver Wars, the film begins in the settlement that will one day become Quebec City. Jesuit (Church/ State) Missionaries try to encourage the local Algonquin Indians to accept Christianity by using deception and conflict with other tribes.

    400 years later their tactics have changed very little. They use the same methods to conquer- Religion, Entertainment, Education and Medicine.

    Raise Your Frequency and all Spirits will work with you to Re-establish Justice.

  9. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    October 30, 2015

    Movie: Thank God It’s Friday
    “A movie that shows how truly splendid man can be when he is Free and Natural.”

    Find those that are like you vibrationally. Live together, support one another.
    This is the mass culling because They can’t take your frequency.

  10. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    November 22, 2015


    Whether you vote for something, or against it. Your action of voting means you are in agreement. They do not want you to know you consent to your own mistreatment.

    See Related Article for details:

  11. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    December 25, 2015

    (Chart) Is it Really about taxes? In an attempt to combat the increasing U.S. renunciation, the State Department has raised their fee from $450.00 to $2,350.00!

    The Fraud, the Birth Certificate

    Collapse The Trust-Nobody Can Be You

  12. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    February 24, 2016

    IMPORTANT: Stand Up Heirs to the Land (hidden inside other peoples families)

    I have been conducting a fact-finding weekend into how the governments (States) usurped the land from the original land owners. l discovered many of their agents married into the family of the land owners and stole the land through agreements. An example is the state-issued name on the Birth Certificate. The birth NAME is an agreed-upon lie by people working on behalf of the State to help them claim land. Your physical body is also property. Like a Title Loan the all caps YOU is the collateral borrowed against for State Operations. Your particpation is required for them to take the land and you through your State ID (Passport, Driver’s License, Social Security number).

    Do NOT Vote —Stay Out of Their System!

    You may have to separate from family members that have agreements with Governments.Family members will work against you for personal gain, benefits and profits. Just because you were raised with/or by someone does not mean they are your family and are like you. It has to do with the heart vibration.

    We Stood-Up!
    I need your help to get the below document out, with the first few pages of the U.S. Embassy (Norway) Affidavit Dec. 22, 2011 found at American Relinquish IMPLIED U.S. Citizenship to Save Lives to all court houses and tell them TO FILE. They will give it a miscellaneous file number in their court records. The complete document was also hand delivered to the United Nations Indigenous Issues Dept on April 20, 2015.

    Help Us To Stand Together

    Send it to all county court houses by Fax, Email, Certified Mail, or Return Receipt. Especially those small impoverished southern towns like Dillon County, Scotsland County, Marion County, Mullins County in South Carolina and North Carolina.

    stateless document return land to The People

    Take A Stand…Its Your Land

    All Constitutions Are Trust!

    You are not alone anymore


  13. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    June 23, 2017

    InnerSTAND yourself. The Last of one Kind, the beginning of another
    Xanadu (1980), and LOST HORIZON (1937) and (1973). Lost Horizon has a very interesting and complex story (mystery) surrounding it – A three (3) hour movie cut down to 80 minutes in later years. Missing (destroyed) first two reels and the director Frank Capra, said he doesn’t recall what was on them. All thou he describes Lost Horizon as his best film out of all his other directorial masterpieces.

    Recalibrate the Land, A Return to Eden.

    Someone please upload the movies so everyone can See them. Thank you!

    Xanadu Film Page:
    Lost Horizon Film Page:

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