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Divine Destiny- The Seven Hathors


dendera_hathors2a(The Seven Hathor’s playing their tambourines and sistrums)

The Seven Hathors are present at the birth of a child, when they pronounce its fate. There is an Ancient Egyptian tale of when the hero of the story was born, the ‘Seven Hathors’ disguised as seven young women, appeared and announced his fate. They seemed to be linked with not only fortune telling, but to being questioners of the soul on its way to the Land of the West.

Some of the depictions show them wearing a patterened “saddle-cloth,” a sun-disk, a double curved plume, and a menit necklace.

The Ancient Egyptians viewed reality as multi-layered in which deities would merge for various reasons, but retain there different attributes and legends. The number seven has been a magic number throughout history, and in  Ancient Egypt. Repeating an utterance or action seven times gives it extra potency, and thus a seven-fold of goddesses will make it extra powerful.

The goddess Hathor is associated with love, sexuality, motherhood and all things feminine

Predestination was a theme which  appeared in royal birth legends, as depicted in the temple of Hatshepsut, in which the god Amun impregnate the queen-mother with a child which is predestined for kingship.

The Ancient Egyptians used many methods in spirit and magic to influence the fate they sort.

The Mysterious Xdenderah

X is the unknown variable. It signifies something that is unknown, undefined and  genetically unpredictable.

X symbolizes Christ and is the missing figure in an equation.

An X is an ancient symbol for change or transformation.

It is the genetic force most written about but little understood .

It is the X in the breath; the Chinese call it Qi and the Ancient Egyptians called it Ka.

X can only be described as Chaos and Magic.Magical Necklace


The depiction of Hathor’s sacred menat necklace details the heavy semi-circular pectoral that hung from four sistra pendants. Chains attached to these pendants linked the necklace with its counterweight that hung down the back of the wearer. The necklace on the wall probably reproduces the actual necklace worn during the temple’s holy rites and one of the most important objects stored underground.

The Body of Hathor The Temple of Hathor

Egypt is home to  many ancient temples and mysteries. What is known of their historical significance can be found on the  walls, tombs and latter-date scrolls.

Hathor’s Temple at Dendera, north of Luxor, tops them all as the best preserved.

The artwork that runs throughout the structure is impeccably well-kept, despite being more than 90, 000 years old.

The image above was taken during the removal of the soot – showing the striking difference before and after.


Half of its ceiling was cleared of a tar-like substance that covered it, revealing details and color that were 100% intact. The ceiling portrays the Earth’s sky and is considered one of the temple’s true masterpiece.


The temple was built to honor  the Ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor, who personified feminine love, healing, and motherhood. Columns were carved to bear the face of the goddess, complete with cow  horns she  is typically shown to bear.

Dendera is filled with magnificent scenes  of people moving through the cosmos in boat, as  well as the gods themselves traversing the sky – the hieroglyphs on one translates as “Even I, I know the way to the stars.”

Songs to the Hathors

As the Daughter of Ra, Het-Hert has a protective aspect as the uraeus encircling the sun disk. However, in Her role as a solar deity in Her own right, She is called the female version of the sun, the Atenet, sailing in Her boat across the sky with Her Ennead. This title is used in the following hymn to Her from Her Temple at Dendera:

Adoration to You, Het-Hert, Mistress of Iunet, the August One in the Sanctuary of the August One.
The One Shining as Gold in the Sanctuary of Gold, the Atenet,
eldest child of the Aten.
I adore Your Majesty with Your heart’s desire, I exalt Your Ka
to the height of Nut.
I praise Your Manifestation to the limits of the rays of the Aten;
I serve Your Majesty in Your shrine.
The Powerful One, the Great One, Mistress of Fear, Great of Terror
among the Netjeru.
The Horizon-Dweller, Mistress of Heaven,
the Brilliant One who creates the rays of the sun; the Netjeru rise early in the morning to pay You homage

Your beautiful face is satisfied by the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two Lands, beloved of the Great Het-Hert, Mistress of Iunet, the Eye of Ra.



The Mistress of Names in the Two Lands, the Unique One,
Mistress of Terror
among the Guardians of the Netjeru, the Uraeus on the horns of Atum:

The Netjeru come to You prostrating, the Netjerut, bowing Their heads.
Your Father Ra adores You; His face rejoices in hearing Your Name.

Djehuty satisfies You with His glorifications and He raises His arms to You, carrying the sistrum. The Netjeru rejoice for You when You appear.

You illuminate the Two Lands with the rays of Your Eye.

The South, the North, the West, and the East pay You homage,
and they make adoration.

Het-Hert, Mistress of Iunet, Your beautiful face is pleased
by the King of Upper and Lower Egypt.



I Need You to Believe in the Ways of Magic

Sweet wonderful you,
You make me happy with the things you do,
Oh, can it be so,
This feeling follows me wherever I go.

<p><a href=”″>The Unseen Real (You Make Lovin Fun)</a> from <a href=”″>New Beginnings</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

I need you to believe  in miracles,

I’ve got a feeling it’s time to try.
I need you to believe in the ways of magic,

I’m beginning to wonder why.
Don’t break the spell
It would be different and you know it will,
You, you make loving fun,
And I don’t have to tell you you’re the only one
You make loving fun

You make loving fun.

Source: from the Sanctuary of the Temple of Dendera #1

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  1. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    April 11, 2017

    A very nice tribute video to the 7 Hathors

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