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Words are our Best Weapon Against the Lies of History (Truth in the Root of the Word).

Da Vinci’s Frog


You must not let religious dogma lead you into conventional interpretation of this material. It is not that easy. In fact, it’s easier.

I will write this article in segments.

It is not everyday that you spend every waking moment on the move. But that is the case when you do investigative research. In particular historical research  which is contrary to history western society was built upon.

We are witnessing the finale. The final moments of the game that tells the whole story.

Fear Not, into temptation, deliver us from evil for I AM the power and the glory. [Amen. Insert your name]

“They became fools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible

God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds,

and four-footed beasts, and creeping things.”–Romans I:22-23.


I have traveled Europe for many years and one thing that kept me going back time and again  was the conversations.  These people were not just smart, but original thinkers; where  every conversation became its own personal revelation.

On one such evening while attending a holiday dinner a man inquired, why do people believe in the Bible. He said, …like a bibliotheque there are many books and many stories.  The Bible is just one book of stories.” 

In every land and every space there are the same stories being told. Many share common themes and are composites of the same story. Some are parables of moral behavior, others are myths and legends; all are encoded messages to liberation.

The Unopened Box

the-puzzle-box-hell-raiserThe mind has many levels, feelings, emotions, and energies. Put together they lead an individual on his personal journey to Christhood.

The Jesus story tells of a man’s journey towards self discovery. It gives an account of his trials, tribulations and testimony but it offers very little insight into the darker aspects of his journey. What happens to the soul  on the brink of enlightenment?

Religion is a political tool used to keep people enslaved, fearful, and seeking  salvation outside of themselves.

As Empires fell one man’s god became another man’s demons and devil.

To find salvation reverse it. Go into  the Dark,  Taboo and forbidden areas of belief systems.

 And let’s not forget who came for whom. You opened the box – I came.

THE BLOODLINE FROM HELL leviathan-absolute-free-for-self-determination

I have such sights to show you, but first you must detach from the flesh and become pure evil. 

Someone asked, “How do you know all this information? Do you see ghosts?” No. I see dead people.  Was my response.  People who believe the history, religion and  worldview  of those that conquered them, thus dead. I never believe anything I am told. “How do you know what to believe then?” She asked. I just know. 

Where do your ancestors go when they die? They live inside of you.


Our genealogies are living systems, which are constantly expanding and correcting. We work with others on the World Tree to create the most accurate droplines we can, and correct as we go, breaking brick walls and lopping off obsolete branches. The tree continues to grow.

The Tree of Life
Our personal genealogy is a process of self-discovery and self-knowledge with its own procedures and measures of ‘truth.’ It seems ironic that technology is allowing us to retrieve such essential aspects of our own humanity. Curiously, genealogy is the second most popular online subject, second only to sex, much like sex precedes procreation.

Your family tree is an encyclopedia of human nature. Genealogy doesn’t give our lives context; it is the context and material ground of our existence. The Tree of Life carries the evolution of the world, gives life to the universe, and understanding or consciousness. Life originates from and disappears back into the Tree. The Kabbalistic Tree of Life is a symbol of the process of creation and inner wholeness.

Jung said that, “The tree of life may have been, in the first instance, a fruit-bearing genealogical tree, and hence a kind of tribal other.” It was a central symbol of spiritual unity, wisdom, beauty, love, strength, and the power of the Universe rooted in the divine. Nietzsche pointed out that as with both people and trees, “The more one seeks to rise into height and light, the more vigorously do one’s roots struggle earthward, downward into the dark, the deep — into evil.”

The tree is an early symbol of spiritual development and our own immortal character, the living structure of our inner self — transcendence to lofty heights. Below the surface, the subtext remains, “Who is this person having these experiences?” We are literally and symbolically the “fruit” of the Tree of Life. We need a powerful new story for our relationship with the Earth: we are, indeed, part of nature and not separate from it in any way. Genealogy helps ground us in this paradigm and helps develop our sense of deep time and rooted in contemporary life with a global perspective.

The serpents in our Tree are the individual lines of descent from various common ancestors. They lead us to question who and what we are, what we know, and what we thought we knew about our roots. They offer us Knowledge. They are part of the larger truth — that we are born and we die — and we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. Yet, Jung said we fear our serpent as we fear the numinosum. He concludes, “All we have to give the world and God is ourselves as we are.”

Good and evil unite in the growth of the Tree. It combines masculine representations with feminine nurture and growth. We are the serpent of wisdom, the union of good and evil, in our own Tree. Genealogy is a ritual in which we climb up and down through the branches of our tree in deep remembrance, an exercise in ‘time travel’ that expands our consciousness.

Mircea Eliade and Joseph Campbell wrote on this Sacred Tree as the center of the world, a vertical World Axis or dimension that symbolizes the capacity for non-ordinary experience, including shamanic trance that reinforces community links with cosmic consciousness. The Sacred Tree as such a center is potentially everywhere. The drum, like the heartbeat of the community is a means of climbing the tree and contacting the spirits. Campbell called the cosmic tree a wish-fulfilling, fruitful symbol of fertility, regeneration, and immortality.

We need to know that we have a history of continuity that is profound. Our bloodline is our connection to Creation. We follow the steps created by the bodies and minds of the past. Our artform goes back to antiquity and is the measure of man. In this way we penetrate our own unknown origins and the culture of our ancestors. We think, feel, remember, and imagine. Memory is  a form of imagination.

As powerful as science or religion, genealogy can expand our worldview and help us weave our own coherent narrative. It helps us unravel our emotional inheritance. Sometimes what the forebearers did somehow becomes our story. We can re-imagine the whole planet as our ancestral lands. It helps us grasp how we are holistically embedded in a vast seamless web of life, a world alive with cosmic spirit, as counterpoint to death, tragedy, destruction, and despair.

Reading our genealogical lines is ultimately a heuristic process — one requiring deep research and circumspect interpretation. But, connecting with the vitality of our lineage — the living sap of the Tree — elevates the mind and sublimes the thought. It is less about a “me generation” story than a grand “story of us” that ranges beyond illusions of time, space, and ego. We can cultivate the Elysian Fields of our ancestors to good effect. Thus, genealogy can be a transformative art. The Grail is a Mystery and the search for it a Quest for self-actualization, a way of initiation.

If we are too literal about it, we see only a string of corpses. But if we truly assimilate our heritage, we alter it creatively and give life to it through our individual understanding. We can bring our genealogy into meaningful dialogue with artistic and cultural disciplines. Genealogy is arguably one of the most “grounding” activities in which we can participate. From this fertile ground springs the acorn of the soul. It’s an old Platonic and Jungian idea that the soul picks the father and mother of the child…and thereby the direct ancestors.

The ancestors are the symbolic and material ground of our being. Psyche is not in us; we are in it which is everywhere. Jung pointed out in Letters Vol. II that without psyche we can neither know nor believe. We learn to center, reflect, and listen to voices within. The Great Work of genealogy is a small price to pay for turning the unconscious lead of uprooted into the psychological gold of knowing one’s true origins.

We live in relative autonomy but remain enmeshed in the epigenetic memories of our particular family. Our rich descent is about NOW, as much or more than it is about what has gone before. Our personal mythology is shaped in our formative years. The ancient myths live on in the stories we tell about our own lives. The old gods are there in spirit in our triumphs and struggles. Myths pertain to the primordial gods and goddesses, while legend is about historical human heroes.

Our life stories are personal myths that emulate the characters and themes found in old myths. We act on mythic archetypes without knowing we are doing it. We choose our identity as well as the shape and direction of our lives through such scripts. When we resonate with our ancestors, it helps us make sense of our own lives.

We are cast in the natural form and semblance of those who came before us. We must each answer the call of the Ancestors to the adventure of self-discovery in our own way. Group approaches generally devolve into the lowest common denominator, as Jung describes. We can approach our lineage in the spirit of individuation. In the genealogical matrix of personalities, each ancestor has a potential effect on our consciousness. Naturally, that potential will not be realized in full because many of our ancestral lines will stub out sooner or later in the dead ends of unknown individuals and lost family lines.

Personal Mythology
In The Interior Dialogue (2009), Stanley Krippner describes personal mythology as “… an approach to personal transformation using the development of participants’ personal stories about existential human issues for self healing and personal growth. There are also cultural, institutional, ethnic, and familial myths which influence our personal myths.

We use our stories as personal myths. Often they can be found through our dreams, where we are often informed long before we know intellectually. There are four factors that influence personal myths: biology, culture, interpersonal experiences, and transpersonal experiences and how to work with them. By identifying, evaluating, and transforming dysfunctional myths, beliefs, and worldviews, and working with them you can transform them.”

In one sense, all these lives are yours, but not in the individual new age sense of past lives. You will meet characters of all psychological types, and perhaps re-member your passed lives: villains and heroes, the famous and infamous, saints and sinners, priests and warriors, fair maidens, bastards and bold knights, kings and queens, genius and psychopaths, and a host of supporting ancestors. And they will all be your great-grandparents.

We may judge, deny, or reject some ancestors while having an instinctive rapport with others. They help us reveal our shadow traits as well as self-actualizing capacities. In most cases they lived in a far more challenging world in which to survive, much less thrive. Their lives can inform and inspire us. The trail back through history can be followed in our lines of descent. History becomes personal. Your sense of time, depth, and intimacy expands. Our whole being, our whole body is an intergenerational as well as personal memory down to the cellular, genetic, and epigenetic level.

Ancestral links
Our ancestral lines braid together through marriages and migration. Our histories are woven together in cross-cousin and foreign marriage bridges. Long royal genealogies include nearly every war and clash of cultures throughout history. You will have progenitors on both sides of many battles. There will be persecutors and victims, even genocides. While bordering on factual our historical gleanings may or may not be accurate.

Your Genealogical exploration is a  journey during which you travel back into the worlds inhabited by your ancestors. Some people are rationally motivated to find and preserve their lineage for the family. Others are emotionally driven by conscious and unconscious needs.
We can often not put a face to our ancestors, but we can give them back their names, and thus face our ancestors in the most direct way possible, with honor and respect.


The Blood of a Jackal

(The Omen)


Bloodlines from Antiquity are bound together Eternally

Background on the Lost Tribe of Dan.

In 1945, ‘Project Paperclip’ was started. This program was run by British Intelligence and the American organisation called the OSS (Office of Strategic Services). Paperclip involved bringing the leading Nazi scientists to America and Britain after the WWII.

From this the CIA was created two years after by the American National Security act of 1947 to handle the massive number of covert projects that were born from Project Paperclip. The NSA is the sister organisation to the CIA and is now a more powerful entity.

A year later in 1948, a genetic bloodline study was started in Britain to locate gifted children to be used for espionage by the intelligence community. This was called ‘Project Anvil’ but changed its name to ‘Project Oaktree’ in the 1950’s. Oaktree was under the command of the NSA and was being run from Harwell genetics laboratories in Oxfordshire. It was connected to all the major hospitals.

Project Oaktree was actually set up to locate the descendants of the ‘Tribe of Dan,’ which is the so-called ‘Lost Tribe of Israel’. These middle-eastern people were of “white skin”, and the descendants are not actually lost but kept secret.

Some people may have heard of the ‘British Israelites,’ and Gordon Brown is heavily into this school of thought. The Tribe of Dan travelled from Dan (‘Kaish’ in Hebrew) just below Mt Hermon and went up into Greece around the time of the Exodus. In Greece, they were known as the Spartans. From Greece they travelled to France where they were the Merovingian Priest-Kings and other French Royal lines. From France they travelled to Scotland, Ireland and America. They were known as the ‘Tuatha De Danann’ in Ireland and Celtic clans, such as the ‘Campbells’ in Scotland. They were worshippers of the Goddess of energy, such as Asartes and Ishtar and were heavily into animal shamanism, such as bird and snake symbology. The eagle is one of their symbols, and the eagle on the American coat of arms and the NSA symbol represents the Tribe of Dan.

The owl is also another of their symbols, which represents the ‘angel’ Ishtar.

This is a very holy bloodline with powerful PSI abilities. The Luciferian religions believe that by abusing children and people of this bloodline, they are directly attacking God. The Watchers had good and evil amongst them. Archangel Michael is named as a physical watcher in the Middle East in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The battle between the ‘Sons of Light’ and the ‘Sons of Darkness’ is mentioned in this work. This battle still rages today. Some say Project Oaktree was ultimately looking for the human descendants of the Watchers. We have to ask ourselves why are the 12 tribes of Israel so important, and who physically ‘seeded’ these bloodlines. The answers we are given by the religious institutes of the world, such as “They are God’s chosen people,” will not suffice anymore. People ask why are they called the Watchers. The answer seems to be because of their ability to project their consciousness out of the body and perform an ancient form of advanced remote viewing.

[Now you know what government agencies are doing to people they have aversion to. They call them terrorist and other such names so the public will not see what they (governments) are actually doing.]





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  1. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    December 1, 2016

    [Note: Because of the religious and historical implications of these articles; I will note all police (and agents) harassment in the comment section below.] 

    Just a moment prior to starting this article (and gathering the necessary material for it), a man came over and waved his high-powered flashlight in my eyes…as a joke.

  2. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    December 3, 2016

    [12/03/16 [End Time] at 5:52pm. Two white undercover officers, license plate# DHG 9440. I have discovered that Linda A. Campbell and her involvement with the police (and black budget operations) is receiving money to keep me on the street and away from family and on the street. Or surrounded by strangers. And if you know anything about wartime tactics it is always the stranger that is at risk.]

  3. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    February 2, 2017

    February 01, 2017 [New Beginnings]

    I am still trying to finish writting this article. However since exposing the underground kidnapping and trafficking network conducted by members of your state (The Missing: Its An Underground Network) it has become increaingly difficult to get online without push-back.

    I am currently looking for a place to be while I complete this writting project. Thank you for all your well wishes and I will keep you informed.—-Do More Good Deeds!

  4. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    March 16, 2017


    The whole world is watching to see if the so-called African-Americans (American Indians) will wake up in time.

    [Please Note: I am being harassed and threatened by the Police for exposing the Slavery Lie. Please share this Link. Thank you.]

  5. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    April 16, 2017


    See, Divine Destiny

  6. DoMoreGoodDeeds
    November 5, 2017

    Isle of Islay
    Isle of Islay
    Islay, Scottish Gaelic: is the southernmost island of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. Known as “The Queen of the Hebrides”, it lies in Argyll [Campbell. The Original Heirs]
    See, Moors of the Highland, My Race is Royal

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