Do More Good Deeds!

Words are our Best Weapon Against the Lies of History (Truth in the Root of the Word).

Social Security Wars

Don’t take the bait.


As a  researcher, investigator and Emissary for The People I  travel to tell the stories of those long forgotten by Time, History, Family and Friends. And although they are remissed by their love ones; never are they forgotten by their enemy. He will always make a movie, write a book or build  a monument to them, to tell his version of their story.


Holocaust Memorial in Baltimore Maryland

You Should Not make light of this information. All debt is being called-in, transferred, voided, and Cashed-out!

The Numbers Game

Those who partake of the system become voluntary slaves of the state. The holder of a social account number is, in effect, a WARD OF THE STATE.

See “Wards” under Corpus Juris Secundum, in Bouvier’s Law Dictionary of 1914.

“Ward” comes from feudalism. A seaman is a ward of admiralty. A seaman applies for his seaman’s papers (Birth Certificate), and upon their issuance, the seaman becomes a ward, eligible for all of the benefits accruing to a seaman.[This is why I DO NOT have a Birth Certificate.]

Pay Attention to What Is Going on Now— Because Its About To Get Real!

What use to be done covertly, is now done overtly in the open and in your face.

This feudal system has been extended inland, and is being applied to the natural person by and through the social security program. The law of “Wards of State” provides that when one has become incapable of caring for himself, whether young or old, crippled, insane, infant, feeble, or otherwise incapacitated, his total estate escheat to the state on liquidation of the cost of that care and ward.

Therefore, all holders of social security numbers, as a matter of state”s law, forfeit the ownership of their total estate and are reduced to bring trustees in equity over that property, their own property. They receive benefits in exchange for governments using their land. Thus keeping them dependent and enslaved.

***DO NOT sign anything! DO NOT use UCC Codes.  SIMPLY DO NOT Say a Name. 


More to come.


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